Hip-Hop Rumors: Wiz Khalifa Recruits Juicy J to Taylor Gang?!?

And the roster expansions keep coming! Today (November 28), it was announced that one half of duo Three 6 Mafia, would be joining Wiz’s brand as its newest member/artist. This news comes, coincidentally, on the same day Juicy J released “Stoner’s Night Part 2,” which features the Taylor Gang head honcho himself, Wiz Khalifa.

Check the song below. Not only is Juicy’s new mixtape Blue Dream & Lean set to drop shortly, according to him, so is a Taylor Gang collaboration album. Juicy told DJ Scream, “When you hear it, you’re gonna be like ‘wow.'”

Do you think this is a good move ???

  • therealest1

    I doubt this is really significant news.

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  • RickJamesSon

    that song is ASSCHEEKS. f outta here with wiz trying to be the skinny mogul version of rozay. 

    • MrTroyMercy

      cosign fam , that shet was trash…Wiz needs this his beats cause he can make some nice tracks but triple six mafia is horrible . Just think they had Crunchy Black in they group lol, La Chat , Gangsta Boo and the list of wackness goes on . As for Wiz he jack Currency style and ran with it now a$ap Rock done took his ish and ran with it . I liked the Kush and OJ ,Wiz but not this skeltor with a fro looking mainstream Wiz. You would think dude would buy weight . That cat is frail as hell but homie is banging bad azz Amber Rose . She prolly draining dude bank account as we speak lol. Wiz use to make good music but now he trash . Don’t blame amber blame wiz . Currency is way better anyways.



    THE END????

                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

    • Orignal Clova

      Nigga U Crazy 2 say The South is Weak..Dem Rappers U mention Is Wack,But The Souf Got Sum Spitters and Been Having Spitters…EveryRapper That Been Comin Out Sound Like The South And Pays Homage and Thats Real Nigga Shit

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  • Papi Peligro

    Juicy J ain’t no rapper he’s a producer that raps. WIZ DON’T HAVE NO WHERE NEAR THE AMOUNT OF MONEY Juicy got.  Its not even close.  Dat juice man is legit been legit in the rap business for 20 years. Wiz showed up last week.  He might be down with Taylor Gang. Hypnotize Minds makes more than Taylor Gang on residuals.  What happened was these dudes turned into Junkies and don’t have time for the Studio and kept burning people with contracts. They had no more artist in the staple and they were burning lables. Didn’t get hungry until somone turned the lights out.    He needs Wiz to get access to the outside.  That’s it.

    • Fizzy Womack

      id hope that hypnotize minds makes more than taylor gang when it comes to residuals since they started back in the last 80s and taylor gang didnt become a known production company until 2010….n considering that wiz made over 12 mil last fiscal year i think he will catch up to juicy within the next five years….but yes juicy needs these young dudes like wiz n lex luger to bring him back from obscurity because people born in the last 20 years only know him for that mtv show they did a couple years back

    • Fizzy Womack

      late 1980s*   we trippy mane

  • count_210

    get off the south nutz, i’m tired of the stupidity ,you name a region, i’ll give you the good,bad,and ugly as far as artist go, but i’ll tell you what if you define the south with the waka’s and soulja boys, i’ll define new york as red cafe and jojo simmons, get off that dumb shit asap, now wiz khalifa must be mute, first you sign lola monroe, then juicy j., and now talking about amber rose doing music, you must be smoking some super high powered, don’t get me wrong i’m a three six fan, but as solo acts project pat the only one worth ink.

  • i heard this & was like WOW….he is more offbeat than wiz

  • dominicancoke

    SO BEANIE SIGEL DIES  and ya have nothing on it? for the people who did not know beaniegel died today after a car crash rest in peace beans

    • Dre Thompson

      bro i just looked that ish up and i found nothing you sure he died ?

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yo you dumb jackass Sigel ain’t dead smh . The car accident happened in 09, get ya stats up stupid . You know damn well if beanie was dead …it would be on every hip hop outlet ,just like when a stupid azz pointless nobody like rosemo got murdered. Stop spreading rumors like a female. I swear some of you nikkas need the smack from hand of Zues . Take it personal . I don’t care because I’m tired of sissified cats like yourself spreading death rumors about people that is still alive dumb son of b*tch .

      Now if Beans is dead , I won’t apologize cause you look a flaming flamingo anyways b. You look like you navigate through rainbows riding purple unicorns and shet b. Stop spreading rumors fruit cake . Like I said if beans died r.I.p but I doubt he is cause you look like a gossip spreading fruit loop troop . If EL Bark ain’t mention yet then I know it’s prolly none factual . I just hate when flower barriers spread rumors about people dying . Chump , you lipstick and mascara rocking flaming flamingo.

    • MrTroyMercy

      Now before you get all tough b…. remember your smut azz up on a hip hop site spreading old azz news like this site already do . You a ole 5 day ago type cat . I can already tell . Soft azz yellowback azz nikka . Yeh I. Taking personal cause nikkas trying to live and suckas like you killing them . Lame .

      If beanie is dead ( which I doubt cause it came from the deligate fingers of a rumor spreading flamingo in a fitted ,with lipstick on) r.I.p but gets ya facts right before ya start gossiping like a broad about some old shet. Smh

    • Tril Beats

      Beanies not dead lol… he was just injured, that would be a big deal fam!

    • Casor_Greener

      Who is this clown?

      • MrTroyMercy

        dont know fam can you tell me ? lol …he mos def a court jester . lol

  • Dre Thompson

    so let me get this straight juicy j signs to a young artist who just got his feet wet and he got a grammy #WTF? juicy j joining taylor gang is the equivalent of bust rhymes singing to cash money not a good look these O.G.’s wanna be hot so bad its sad blame the economy !!

    • NorthDollasTX

      i think them old mf’s is just trying to secure a couple more checks before its OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW … er’body over 40 didnt get the JAY-Z treatment to still be somewhat revelant after 40 and still UHAUL units and clinging to the closest HOT young nigga might mk these niggahs LUKE WARM (ie: RAKIM signing with AFTERMATH) but they shine still LACKLUSTER so ultimately aint nobody checking for “RAKIM 15 YRS AFTER MIC FIEND” “BUSSA BUSS since his Janet Jackson collabos” and/or “JUICY J – ever” but they got kids to feed and hustling up another joint venture, record deal, endorsement deal, etc… rather they get shelved or not is still MONEY IN THE BANK …ultimately thats what they all chasing

  • 7yoyo7

    I liked Rubba Ban Business 2 but this news is not relevant to me…
    Real talk? I only clicked on this news to check out the two b*tches on the main picture.

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  • johnblacksad

    WOW… a whole new rumor page… for this?

    extremely lame news…


    Where do yall get this shet from.

    Sigel is alive & well ( mu voice)………

    confirmed via text message 8:25 am est.

    And i hate when mofo foreshadow or say/ type shet like the above rumor.

    Yall be cool like how yall be cool
    I me & the crew bout to go ham.

    Wake up in morning 9:00 o’clock wasted.
    In my guccci bag.

    Thinking i feel like the jag today…. Lol

  • yahemi!whoafieldz

    It looks like a good move on paper but well see


    Juicy J been coming strong lately that Rubber Band Binezz mixtape produced entirely by Lex Luger is bang’n. I think it’s a win win. Wiz who really dose not have that veteran presence on his label can benefit from the senior leadership of Juicy J who has been extremly successful for a while now and on the other side Juicy J gets to tap into a younger fan demographic, so yea I think it’s a good look.

  • Hydro Capone

    dat nigga krazy rappers should neva sign to rappers….guess the money must be rite….. but i would think juicy j would have more dough then wiz to begin wit…. who knows???

  • This is a good look! Just what Taylor Gang needs , a grown man calling himself ” Juicy “.
    Cedric the Entertainer Voice : ” I ain’t calling no grown man delicious!”

    Couldn’t read the rest of the comments about Benie Siegal’s death rumor…after reading Troy Mercy’s rant on the person who dropped it.

  • ilovehiphop1972

    I’ve heard worse.  I like the track and the sample. Lyrics need to be stepped up and the hook is wack but like I said, I have heard wacker tracks in the last year.  I’m from Memphis so I may be biased. I call it like I hear it. What I dont get is how Juicy J go from bein a boss to a worker. Dont make no sense to me.

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