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Hip-Hop Rumors: A New Notorious Movie? Has Rick Ross Lost One?


I have not a clue how this would work. But I am hearing there is a sequel to “Notorious” that is in preproduction! How does this happen since clearly Biggie dies in the first one? I have no clue. Maybe it will deal more with the Junior Mafia early years? That has been suggested to me. Nevertheless, there are appears to be a new version of the Biggie’s saga about to be told.


According to, Pill may have been dropped from Rick Ross’s bubblin’ roster at Mayback Music Group. This isn’t official, but it certainly is a rumor and this site is big to be saying as such. I don’t think rappers actually get “dropped” these days…but maybe? KC says he’s not wearing his chain anymore either!

Here is what he said recently, according to

“I’m just getting back into the swing of things and trying to get things back popping the way they’re supposed to be,” he tells The BoomBox. “I don’t have no shots for anybody who’s ever worked with me. I’m just doing me. I’m doing my thing right now. I got a second cover of XXL, I’m on the BET cypher, you’ve seen me overseas in London with Mark Ronson, you’ve seen me on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ twice, you’ve seen me on ’106 &Park’ twice. You’ve never seen that before I had a management issue.”

There has been no comment since.

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  • NorthDollasTX

    i light weight phuck with PILL off the strength of last years XXL Freshman Freestyle over that dirty money track … on mama’s though – i knew that niggah was gonna get dropped cuz he aint have enough momentum plus ross seemed to have focused attention to wale/meek millz which further pushed the nigga to the background – im sure he gonna take that minimal 250k he rec’v from that contract and get back to his rap hustle – what he was doing prior to maybach

  • MrTroyMercy

    Who got dropped from who cause noone care if who you speak of got dropped cause nobody knos who dude is because who is he ? With lackluster sales and big budget the whole damn label gonna be dropped .. def jam is in a major hole almost a hundred mill … they spend more on advertising bogus artist than promoting the good artist . Def Jam promoting none NY lyirics who snitch on themselves , talking bout selling dope on his iphone …fakery and coonery had ruin def jam , but back to the subject at hand …. a nikka named pill got droppd , to me he was was maybach versiion of young buck anyways … Meek Mill won’t sell wit his hollating and shouting azz and after wale the rest of them niggasb are like pennies with holes in them…other write off..

    Tell me this who gonna buy a gunplay, torch , maybach dice ,bangem smurf , domination , masspika spike( or howw ever you spell that ish) or a pill album???? Smh .

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  • yahemi!whoafieldz

    Look like Ross goin for straight glitz and glamour and dropping da gutter off of MMG.


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  • The Truth

    Pill don’t never put anything out anyways,

  • Mos High

    Pill not relivant, maybe he does his own thing. Its the music business a very cut throat business. Just because hand ful of people may like a rapper doesnt mean they are good for business. 




                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  • That whole label gonna lose its distribution deal if summin dont sell for them, Wale there biggest artist besides ross and he aint even close to shining a gold plaque, Ross better hope Meek Millz Pops off or MMG is in trouble

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  • Akwahman

    always thought pill was wack anyways

  • Thursdaynite

    Hood Goin Ham is still dope as hell. I was surprised when Pill linked up with the CO anyway because he had said in the past that he couldn’t see working with a cop. Good move though, it was always a bad fit

  • BIG sequel?
    Maybe it’s about how Puffy exploited his : ” LIFE AFTER DEATH “.

    I know if BIG had been in the studio as much as Pac , he would still be dropping albums.

    Fat RIP shout:
    BIG , TUPAC , Heavy D
    Let’s Get it On:

    >>>Never heard PILL

    Meek Millz been ripping shop since he was 15 , travelling to the Bronx to roast top notch MC’s , & obviously been doing his thing long b4 that & since….but think his Maybach Music time will drag him down & last shorter than the CAR’s time….& end for the same reasons.

    Probably made more wacker $hyt on MM , than he made his whole life unsigned…..probably made more $$$ off his skillz there too , so ??????

    >>>>Has a ” Zee To Tha ” moment
    >>>> E Shrugz like ICH as heask John Blackstad for a Black Troufle , Trussel, etc. ( Fug A Spell Check ) <<< Has ISK moment



  • Romia Blue

    all I wanna know is who is the chick dumb enuf to let the asshole put a gun to her head? by the time i finished tearin off into HIS ass…

    • Thursdaynite

      You know that’s Lil Cease with rubber bands in his hair right?

      • Romia Blue

        LMAO NOW I DO!!! HE LOOKS LIKE A CHICK! Bad fashion sense dude lmao

    • JT

      thats nochick its lil cease

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    Maybach music.

    Is on its last train to miami……

    Wale moved 170,000 was a good look.
    But his number are dropping fast.

    10,000 years ago, that first week
    Number alone would guranteed a gold plaque. And the second single would got sent to radio to begining going for spins. And the label would go on an blitzkrieg.

    Shet i remember nore did them numbers and held down the summer of 98 and went platinum.

    Now these labels dont care about making albums.
    Just a single or two. They save money by not promoting the artist and marketing cost.

    Fuk up thing bout wale, his single the way, which was the reason he did numbers is off of ross group album. Which prolly means ross got a good portion of the rights to the single.

    Also i think the DMV, went to back for wale this time around and would bet he did 60, 000
    -80,000 alone ih that market.

    Meek the same thing. Ross took his songs,
    Tupac back, ima boss. And put it on the group album.

    Yeah meek
    Making a little papper, but having two hits on another album,
    Dont help you much…

    Also meek, i though or was lead to believe was hotter in the streets then wale was.
    So its was funny to me why wale album drop first?????

    Prolly cause wale was already establish artist and is more versatile then meek.

    Who is getting the rep of sounding the same on every record.

    I think the labels are still not sold on him. Also when your in a group,
    Such ass MMG, with 3 hot songs getting major radio play,
    Bet award performance, and your solo does more then a group
    Album, that was suppose to combine 3 fan bases …..

    Something is really really wrong.

    Wale has to be thinking, i dont need ross my number are better with out him.

    If i was meek, i will pay attention, to those numbers also……

    Ross might hurt them more in the long run, then help them.

    “I was always told show me the people you associate with
    And i will tell you what type of person you are”

    Wale never was a gangster. And i was quite shock
    That meek aligned himself with such a fake person….

    Then i realized, i watch like most of the hood did him,
    Come up since he was 15. He is just a rapper like ross.

    And he selling an image….. I think in the long run

    Meek sold himself short. 4 the fame and money……

    He wanted to be famous so bad, he put principal
    That i know are in him aside. Lol

  • King Cold

    Notorious two??? Nahhh…doubt it

    If pill is dropped from dick floss label then good. He can do better on his own.

  • JT

    look at the dude on the left of big staring at him like biggie was a frozen meat sickle on a hot day
    that dude? 

    that is the gay friend in biggies crew woordlife

  • wtf is Pill?