A “Luda-Crisis”: Does Hip Hop Hate Women?

“Every woman in America/ Especially Black/ Bear with me/ Can’t you see/ We’re under attack?”

-“White Man’s World” – Makaveli (Pac)

Tyanna Johnson wasn’t sure how she got there. Three months ago, she moved from Mississippi to Atlanta for a better way of life. But when the crappy economy forced her company to shut down, she found herself standing at the intersection everyday holding a cardboard sign that read, “Please Help Me!” Every day, she just stood there trying to hold on to her last piece of dignity. Then, one day, a gold-toothed rapper rolled up in a new Maybach and asked her to “do sumthin’ strange for a little piece of change…”

Last week, Hip-Hop superstar, Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges released the 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape. While much of the Hip-Hop buzz has centered around his disses of rival rappers, little attention has been paid to the disrespect of his primary target – Black women.

A few years ago, the song “Do Sumthin,” where Luda and Rick Ross trade verses about the freaky stuff that they would make a starvin’ sista do for a Klondike Bar, would have just been written off as another strip club anthem. But with people facing dire economic situations, the song takes on added socio-economic significance. With single mothers in the real world strugglin’ to feed their kids, millionaire rappers promoting ho’in as a viable option is done in extremely bad taste.

Do rappers hate women that much?

While the disrespect of all women is a problem for all cultures, the disproportionate economic suffering of Black women plus the fact that they own most of the booties that are seen shakin’ in Hip-Hop videos makes this issue more race specific. This is compounded by the jacked up relationship between Black men and Black women that has been promoted by the entertainment industry for the last couple of decades.

Black men dissin’ Black women is nothing new, as its roots can be traced back to antiquity. Chancellor Williams in his classic work, “The Destruction of Black Civilization” wrote that the problem goes back thousands of years in Africa when foreign invaders raped Black, Egyptian women, causing the sons to hate their mothers and identify with the nationality of their fathers, the conquerors.

So the seed with which we are dealing today was planted eons ago.

Of course, this is not to say that White men have not exploited Black women, as this has been well documented for centuries. South African, Saartjie Baartman, was paraded across Europe as a freak show attraction because of the size of her badunkadunk almost two centuries before Nicki Minaj appeared on the MTV Music Awards.

Nor can the disrespect of Black women be totally blamed on Hip-Hop, as Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones were singing  “Brown Sugar,” a song glorifying the rape of a “slave girl,” and “Some Girls” a decade before The Bad Boys dissed “Veronica” and Slick Rick “treated ’em like a prostitute.”

But that does not give Black men of today a pass. Especially grown men with young daughters.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing gave a psychological reason for rap’s virtual rape of sistas in The Isis Papers, when she wrote that, “Black males engage in this activity out of their imposed frustration and sense of political powerlessness and inadequacy.”

However, some have pointed to a more insidious reason; a conspiracy to turn Black men against Black women and initiate them into a secret society known as the “Hip Hop He-Man Woman Haters Club.”

If what Immortal Technique alleges in his song , “Natural Beauty” is true – that “men who don’t even like women control the business.” This is not only possible but probable, as they take enjoyment from the gender war between Black men and Black women.

As noted historian J.A. Rogers wrote in his book, Sex and Race Vol. III, the deadliest form of the conflict and process of extermination within a civilization lies in the conflict between the two creative forces – Sex (woman) and Intellect (man).

Now some may argue that Luda is telling a true story and there are really women who act like that. But there are also women who act like Ida B. Wells, Assata Shakur and Kathleen Cleaver. Why are these stories not being told? Not to mention the story of the OG ride-or-die chick, Mary Turner, who, in 1918, along with her unborn child, was murdered and mutilated by a lynch mob in Valdosta, Georgia, for reppin’ her husband who had been murdered by the same mob.

Some may consider the actual details of the horrific event, like how one of the members of the mob removed the fetus from Turner’s belly and pounded it into the ground, too graphic. However, they are no more graphic then the acts rapped about on Luda’s CD or in songs being played on the radio about Black men riding around with “choppers” in their cars hunting other Black men like prey.

Perhaps, if rappers were taught this history, they would be less likely to make misogynistic songs.

Personally, I think that a group of brothers should find Luda and kindly “escort” Mr. Bridges to the Folsom Bridge, the spot where Turner was lynched, and leave him there until he reconsiders his position on Black women.

Either way, this madness has got to stop.

Like Nas said in “Black Girl Lost,” “Say men are all the same?/ What we need to do/ Is break this chain.”

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott represents The Militant Mind Militia. He can be reached at, on his website at, or on Twitter at @truthminista.

  • regal84

    Funny…while i don’t disagree with what he said, at some point you are eventually responsible for your own behavior…i haven’t heard of one single rapper putting a gun to a chick’s head and tell them they had to be hoes and groupies… these freaks disrespect themselves daily and expect everyone else to respect them… watch shows like bad girls club, basketball wives and love and hip hop to see what i mean… and couple that with the fact that they choose the sorriest niggas to lay down and reproduce with, its a recipe for disaster… to MOST black women intelligence, ambition, and self respect is not even a factor when choosing a someone… the main factors for them are money, swag, street cred, etc… they won’t even look at a college dude or a brotha with a career… they look for the nigga posted plan the block… once they get used up and disrespected by those niggas, and get poked with multiple babies to take care of by themselves, its the black man’s fault? GTFOH!!!! What happened to being responsible for your own actions? You have to become the changes you want to see… if the disrespect of women in hip hop is so bad, shouldn’t it be the women to stand up for themselves and say, ” us women in the hip hop community will not continue to be treated like this and until we start seeing better treatment, we will not appear in your videos, magazines, etc…” But you would never hear that from these freaks cuzz they enjoying the gravy train as well and they know there’s another young hungry hoe waiting to take her spot…

    • bs_hater1

      Preach brotha! You speakin’ the truth!

  • thumpa

    you are reading wayyyyyyying too much into the song

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  • Good article as usual!
    Glad ahh allowing it to be showcased.

    Good comment by Regal84 , who definitely shed’s light on a different perspective of the same topic.
    Both perspectives actually intertwine with each other , & walk hand in hand through out the community , the only difference in the two , is that one is institutional , while the other is the subliminal effects of the institutional program.

    Do beyiotchez have a right to be ho’s? Of course ,but the focus should be on why would she want  to…or be forced too….economically.

    Personal responsibility is 1st , then educational opportunities. ( Goes back to personal responsibility , to a large degree )

    Can’t hate on Luda , but I do wish he would be more positive.
    +1 for Truth Minista Paul scott
    Another banging read to get me thinking!
    +1 to ahh for having the courage to print it!

  • Romia Blue

    don’t confuse the word WOMAN (women) with FEMALES. Just because you have a vagina don’t make you a woman and just because you have a dick sure as hell don’t make you a man. @regal84, please note that to the black woman, 100% of them are looking for intellect, ambition and self respect. Don’t mass us together with the chicks who weren’t taught that, didn’t have a strong woman as a mother figure, or having the intelligence to know that even though the faults of our heroes, it ultimately wasn’t that young girl or young females fault that things happened the way it did. Hip Hop has  PREJUDICE against women – it’s not a hate. The prejudice being that when a black MALE rapper has money, they can make a chick (NOT A WOMAN) do anything strang for a piece of change because nine times out of ten whatever little chump change they throwing, she makes.

    Although I agree with your statement on the lack of respectable female represenation on tv nowadays (which is why I do not watch), you don’t know every video chick’s story or female on the street. A single mother of a 14 yr old pregnant girl who was impregnated as the result of a gang rape throws her child out into the street because she didn’t believe her. So what do you expect that 14 year old girl to do? I learned more about being a woman through my mother’s FAULTS than from any video hoe, tell-all-book, or baby mama jump off any day.

    I’m 32, single chick working on a relationship but this dude prides himself on calling himself a “real nigga”. What the phuck that’s supposed to mean? I still don’t know but he doesn’t feel like a man. Being a nigga doesn’t make you a Man either. Although I’m trying to support him on his quest on finding a job, even with a high school diploma, some college, a CDL, AND military experience, he’s trapped before and still thinks he has a shot in the music industry. He doesn’t have money, swag OR street cred like that but I’m still trying to stand beside him…a woman.

    So please get your definitions of a woman vs. a female (or a video freak, hoe, chick) and a man vs. a male (or a nigga) corrected because there’s a fine line between truth and ignorance. Ignorance is the part you (not you personally) chose NOT to acknowledge. I don’t consider Lauren London a “freak” by any means but she had a baby from one of the most promiscuous dude’s in the industry. #IJS

    • regal84

      @ Romia Blue i understand perfectly the difference between a freak, hoe and a woman… The difference is CHOICES!!! All I’m sayin is we are responsible for ourselves regardless of the circumstances… Placing the blame on rappers or even sayin rappers hate women is irresponsble…if a woman allows herself to be objectified by those rappers she obviously hates herself…so is it that rappers job to uplift her? Put her up on some real game? Try to show her a better way? No f’in way… his only job is to make good music and provide for his fam… hip hop doesnt have a prejudice or hate for women… like any other industry, it is a BUSINESS and the only thing that matters is money… the rap industry isn’t gonna hold anybody’s hand and guide them… every young girl pretty much knows that goin in our at least should know it… if not, that’s on let’s say if your dude does make it in rap, and starts to taste a lil fame and it starts to get to his head… all of a sudden he starts treating you differently… starts disrespecting you, cheating,all that ish… would you blame him for not knowing how to handle success, or would you blame hip hop? no one looks at circumstances, only results… songs like” Get low”, ” How low can you go?”, and ” she will” were made successful and popular by who? WOMEN!!! I dont hear dudes with those ringtones or blastin that shit in their Honda civics so let’s not blame hip hop…and I’m not just talkin about your typical freak or rat… professional career driven women that i work with be bumpin those same kinds of songs…songs like these wouldn’t even exist if WOMEN dont cosign them.. i bet you even like a few of those songs that display similar content… if hip hop has a prejudice against women, they sure don’t seem to mind…i was homeless at even a younger age for more than two years, and my life could have been even worse if i didn’t make the right CHOICES… so all I’m sayin is we make and create our own destiny by the CHOICES we make… we have no one to blame but ourselves… not hip hop… and as for me needing to get my definitions of hoe and freak and woman straight, i meet so of the first two and not enough of the third i’m starting to think its all the same… churches, libraries, clubs, parks, gyms, doesn’t matter…

    • achpe2


      Sister, Peace and blessings to you. 

      Men don’t hate black women.  Men become the men that we think women want.  I have been arguing this point for years.  Women will never get it, thugs are only thugs because men think that a thug is the type of man that a women wants.  We are simple, we see all the pimps, thugs, gangsters, rappers, etc. get all the women, so we become those type of people.  Sad but true.  Black women need to take responsiblity for this so called stereotype.  Being in Love (hustler and pimps telling them what they want to here) and being taking care of (Thug and/or street cred) are drugs for women.  Until they date with priority instead of preference (Props to Niecy Nash) this will always be an issue.

      You sound like an intelligent women, but sadly enough, you are a part of the problem.   You are in a relationship with a man that has no ambition but to be a rapper, a profession that degrades women, but your still standing by his side.   Obviously, that keeping it real mentally has keep you in this relationship, so why would he want more than being a rapper when you are standing right beside him.  I can almost guarantee two things:

      1. He degrades women in his songs.
      2. You are not the first or will not be the last woman that will stand by his side. 

      Black women tend to involve themselves with these types of men.  Maybe it will take a good woman to leave him to help him realize that keep it real is not keeping it right. 

  • BoldSpice

    In reality Hip Hop is a job, these guys get paid to entertain if i’m not mistaken. So therefore they have to put out a product that will allow them to put money in the bank and food on the table. If this is what people want to hear this is what they will put out. Lil Kim’s career was based off of basically being a slut, and Foxxy Brown isn’t known for dressing conservatively either is she. Are they victims? And as far as I know video girls are hired not enslaved. No it is a job for them too, portraying an image that keeps them paid. Playing blame the rappers for every problem with black people is just getting old. Parents need  to teach their own kids some of this history they speak of. Or teach them anything period. Instead of letting the world raise them and then complaining about the job it did take responsibility of your own. Quit letting your kids be stupid and gullible enough to not be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality. Teach your sons not to treat women like that and teach your daughters not to put up with being treated like that. Taking Ludacris to a lynch site isn’t going to fix it. Even if he “reconsiders his position on black women” it will do nothing more than slow his popularity and everyone will jump on another rapper’s band wagon who speaks the same way if not worse. It’s not some random hip hop artist’s  responsibility to look out for you, women, or your kids there’s a place called HOME for that.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    All this shit is just first-world posturing. 100% of these tracks are recorded in studios, far removed from the real world. They write songs in insulated environements and worry about how the track will sound on $500 headphones.

  • Ronald Allen Booher

    bad article.

    Completely one sided unfocused and out of context examples. Women are no more hated than everybody else is just as hip hop contains no more negativity than the world in general. There seems to be lack of understanding and admitting that there is hate towards men and there is a real such thing as prostitutes etc. music isn’t always litteral. Just because something is wrong doesen’t mean it should be hidden that is not the nature of hip hop.

  • freaks, hoes, b*tches, sluts, it dont matter how they referred as they still women. its not fair to raise the question “do hip hop hate women” cuz it reflect a negative vibe to not only hip hop but blacks period male/female. lets forget webbie even did Independent cuz apparently that meant absolutely nuthin. video vixens, models, & future superheads. they dont do whut they do for free but they shuld be more conscience of whut they choices & actions result to in the end. I wuldnt want amber rose giving no kind of advice to my daughter. its strange that we dont hear black female porno stars makin books & puttin the same negative emphasis on white dudes that degrade them on camera ijs. but all the focus & blame goes to hip hop. that is a even bigger problem especially when thats one of the only outlets for anybody black to be a millionaire.

    • Thats one of he BEST observations I have ever read in a Blog…I agree with Tyeree…the most degrading aspect of women is in porn by far but you very seldom hear anyone ever attacking that industry ran primarily by White men!!!! it also should be noted that the women that are spoke about in these particular songs do actually exist. Keep in mind that if rap artists were raised by or surrounded by more positive individuals they would probably not be rap artists. I find it offensive that Billy Bob Thorton can smash Halle Berry on the big screen in the movie Monster’s Ball and she can receive an Oscar for that performance and then a girl can choose to wear revealing clothing in a rap video and all of the sudden hip hop is considered the worst thing in regards to degrading women…fact of the matter is if there were no such thing as groupies, superheads, and girls who would willingly kiss Flava Flav in the mouth on several occasions on national television so that they could one day have their on show such as the real housewives of such and such, basketball wives, or love and hip hop, these rappers wouldn’t have scandalous women to talk about!!! Truth be  many of these talentless women have no other skill but to use what they have to get what they want!!! And this fact goes beyond racial barriers as well! Most of us would not know of Amber Rose, superhead, or any of these other fly by night groupies making thousands and sometimes millions of dollars from exploiting themselves with hopes of one day marrying a rich man!!! Fact is hip hop is more of a reflection of whats going on in our rundown neighborhoods and communities in it is more often than not a product of our environment. Think of it this way…if these guys didn’t have girls throwing themselves at them after every show with hopes of either getting pregnant or one day writing a book about who all she slept with in the industry they would not be able to talk about this particular topics!!!!!

  • Breakdabars

    I love this article I think it’s sad how black men and black women can’t get along. I never saw another race diss each other sex like we do and it’s sad. If it was a race war today, we would be the first race to be whip out. We have no unity as a race and it’s sad that we think it’s ok to diss each other and blah out our problems to other races instead of talking among each another. If we don’t get better then it over for us. We need to have more positive images of black relationships and learn to love one another and give each other a chance when it come to choosing a spouse.

  • Adope Femalemc

    Well-written, like that Isis Papers reference, too, been waiting to dig into that book. I would like to hear someone elaborate on this Hip-Hop He-Man Woman-Hater’s Club thing. It definitely seems as though we’re at war, though. Why are Black women target practice for rappers now?

  • LiveurlifeThisyear

    Referring to women and men who behave in the way you describe is an insult to me a BLACK WOMAN!!! Why didn’t you refer to these messed up minded people as African-Americans. Made in AmericawannabewhiteAmericans. I know I haven’t had no Black President here in America. Men who I refer to as my KINGS, Malcolm, Martin, are dead. I just wrote about what is bein’ said in raps and shown in videos. That they don’t want dark-skinned women in their video OTIS and Maybach cars and video beds. I see and hear The Message, its all about money and ain’t a damn thing funny. That’s America. Even Tupac remarked how women who didn’t want to know his skinny black-skinned azz one week was all over him the next when he became known. I think a lot of these men run down women because they fear being played or punked by them. NOW I ain’t sayin’ shes’s a GOLDDIGGER…….. 

  • rep87