Kanye West

Kanye Leads Grammy Nominations; Snubbed For Album of the Year

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Kanye West leads all artists for the 2012 Grammy Awards, with a total of seven nominations.

The nominees for the 54th Annual Grammy Awards were announced during the “Grammy Nominations Concert Live!” live televised concert, which was hosted by LL Cool J at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

Two albums by Kanye West are in the running for Rap Album of the Year, including his releases My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and his collaborative effort with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne.

Adele tied with the Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars for six nods, while Lil Wayne and Skrillex each garnered five nominations.

Newcomer J. Cole will go against Nicki Minaj for Best New Artist, while Betty Wright and The Roots were nominated for Traditional R&B Performance.

Other nominees include Rihanna, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Katy Perry, Cold Play, Christina Aguilera, Tony Bennett and the late Amy Winehouse.

Many critics will question the Recording Academy’s choice of nominations for Album of the Year.

While Adele, Rihanna, and Katy Perry are among the nominees, Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Taylor Swift’s album Speak Now, were noticeably absent from the field.

The Grammys are slated to air on February 12, on CBS.

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  • bigbugga

    Adele will win album of the year


    Yo i wish they let goons, or some real street rappers in the grammy,
    Like they used to, Back in the day.

    I want kayne to win do bad, and somebody like do an ODB move, when he rush the stage,
    And said WU was better 4 the kids. After puff won.

    I would pay top money for kayne, to get a taste of his own medicine, like he did taylor…..
    And some body rush the stage, like move over niggah.

    We fittin to drop a jewel real quick son……

    But i guess with officer ricky in the building, there wont be no interuptions.

    I would ask meek and them to do it, but they get the shaq face and lose credibility,
    4 running with a fruad……..

    Wear is that niigga Sixx at where you need him.
    He crashes everything out in LA……..

    Although i doubt kayne will win……. It will be funny as fuk to see him
    Get chump.

    • Mos High

      EL Bark most rappers are fraud!! Look how many saying they sell weight and can get it for 10 a key etc. Or that they will murder you if you run up on them!! Come on!! Thats why I no longer say anything about Ricky Ross. Its ENTERTAINMENT!! not real life, there is still real life but Rap industry has got so large its no longer about keeping it real..Well there some who like to then you see them gettin locked up like a damn fool!!!  Everyone disses Drake because he sings and isnt talkn about bussing gats etc, but so many guys cry to there girl or cant handle a break up and just pretend.  Kanye also keeps himself out there, good luck to you. That WTT tour you and Jay are doing is FIRE!!! Worth every cent!!

      • EL_BARK

        Man thats not true…….

        Some rappers are frauds. Most of the rappers that get push to the lime light are frauds, because that whats the label owners, want…… And that who the labels push, for an number of reasons…

        Its goes back to jerry heller nwa days….. When gangsta rap came to the main stream.
        U couldnt get a deal, if u wasnt cussing, talking bout banging these hoes,
        Selling crack, and bussing ya mac 11 sideways…

        same thing now. Yo got a fake blood, who never put work in the streets dominated the charts.
        Wayne grew up on TV. U got an CO telling everybody he sosa.

        Drake and kayne are the few execptions cause they have a white fan base……

        Which then leads me to the other non mainstream rappers, who dont promote fraudness, but they also dont get love…….
        Commom not fake, nor is lupe, or black thought.
        And so forth…

        The fake rappers are being push, because that the way the label want it.

        Just like in hollywood, dezel had to be crooked before he got an oscar…..

        They dare wouldnt give him one for malcolm x. ??????

        But denzel plays a low down back stabbing cop.
        And now he an academy award winner……

        Kayne fake for other reasons…….

        And regarding the WTT tour. It wasnt that good in my opinion….

        It was a bunch of white people, all waving they hands like zombies,
        To jay & ye. Lol.

        Jay has never been a good preformers and always needed help.
        He has gotten better. But the whole vibe of the show i didnt or couldnt feel.

        It felt like an rock concert more then an hip hop
        Concert. One cause tickets were so high, that most blacks couldnt afford it.

        Also i remember when a concert in philly was the place to be …..

        It hasnt been that way in a while. Before the streets came out,

        And anybody who was somebody was there. At this concert,
        And i hadnt been to a show since jay & mjb went on tour.

        Shet dont feel right for some reason…… Maybe i stuck in the past,
        But i havent seen a goid concert since maybe
        X & busta was at power house bout 10 years ago. Lol

      • Mos High

        We are in agreement overall. I shouldnt say most rappers I should of said most of the rappers who focus on the negative side of our communites are fraud over way over exxagerating.  I thought the show was good, as Ive been to so many shows where the artist is on stage for maybe 35-45min and then its done, or they have a ton of yes men on the stage.

         Nothing against white folks, but yes I felt the same way. Actaully I was saying to my wife that I was skeptical about going to concert because I didnt want to be beside a person singing a long a saying the word “nigga” I DONT give a pass to no one out our race to use the word, yes its not a good word but hearing others say it cringes my body!!!

        Thankfully I didnt really have that experience. I loved the visuals showing that KKK ..to me it showed how hate is taught to the children…Again2hr show that really rare, portion of the cost was really just to be at the “IT” thing to do. 

        Im going to a Ghostface concert this friday hear in Toronto, Ill see how it goes. Much much smaller scale. 

        My favorite show I ve been was back in ’93 hear in Toronto Wu Tang and all of boot camp..Ah man how I miss those days.

        Peace and have a blessed day!

      • churchboy2

        I was at that WU/Black Moon show!@EL_BARK:disqus 

        Remember when that random nobody from BCC dove off of the stage and everyone parted instead of catching him?

        And then he popped up at the end of the night onstage asking for his “Blood***t Adidas!” to be returned… funniest thing that I’ve ever seen at concert.

      • EL_BARK

        @ mos high

        Agreed. You hit it on the nail, 4 me. (about the show)

        Same to you as well.

        @church boy.
        Lmao yo i just seen the footage for that,
        It was on a some blooper show. On mtv..
        It was like three days ago…

        They replayed it like 5 times….
        Footage wasnt the clearest.
        But u seen everybody look up and down. Not one person, put they hand up.

    • mike malarkey

      maybe get 40 glocc lol

      • EL_BARK

        Lmao whats good….,

        Yeah, but out LA he not official enuff in them streets. According to the streets.
        Although he did pull wayne card. Wayne is terry cloth (cam
        Voice). And we know he sweet, or not built for drama.
        Think menace whip that ass…….

        I think X might put some fear into a few rappers. But cant think of no one else.

        Maybe an younger scarface. Or c-murder….

        C is a shooter, lol an indscriminant (sp) one at that.

      • mike malarkey

        lol wat up el.. yea menace got with 40 glocc

      • LouieDaSaint

        what happened to Beanie? SMH

      • mike malarkey


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  • Romia Blue

    The Source Awards is for the goons; and that other magazine O-zone Awards. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t be able to stand ANY type of award show if they let the real music get lost in bullshyt. I still think three6Mafia winning that shyt for a pimp song was some coonery but nobody can take that trophy from them so kudos.

    Adele been selling RIDICULOUS albums but I think because she’s British nobody here in the states really understands how badazz that album is. She’s moving units and unless they’re looking at the charts; Swift is selling because West made her hot; period. Grammy’s isn’t about units…I think that’s what the AMA’s are for. You actually have to have some serious writing, production, and collabos for this and as great as some people may think BDTF is, it’s been done. Same shyt, different title

  • Zom

    Congratz Kanye .. You deserve it .. to hell what these haters say


  • I’m feeling that El Bark & Romia Blue!
    ODB shutting down the grammy’s on Kanye would have been even better than last time!

    Units sold don’t equal quality.
    Quality = Quality

    Kanye does have skills though & deserves any awards he gets.
    Taylor Swift…I’ve heard of her , just never heard her music.

    Kanye / Taylor , Eminem , etc., seems like the same ole’ artist every year.
    That $hyt is getting stale!

    J.Cole? he has skills , really , they all do , but there are others as well that deserve that recognition too.

    That Emilio Rojas ” Wave a Middle Finger to the law “:

    Is probably a better song than any one featured during the grammy’s….but it won’t get the nod!
    LOL-N at Grammy’s.

    I remember the 1st time the Grammy’s gave an award for rap , it was best album & the winner was :
    P.M. Dawn

    >>>Spits out cheap beer all over keyboard LMAO
    PM Dawn? Really? 
    Over their contemporary’s?
    Rakim , Chuck D , Big Daddy Kane , KrS-One , etc?

    Chuck D ain’t a battle rapper & still wins battles without even battling!
    Public Enemy’s : ” It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back ”
    He was saying that their are millions of Black people in the nation & we are holding our selves back.

    That Album vs Everything Lil Wayne has ever made , + everything the entire YMCMB label ever put out , along with every other artist they have ,  ever had , or did have , or put out ….on or off the label!
    Busta Rhymes included….& Busta’s ( Extention Level Event ) ELE can trash the whole YMCMB label on it’s own.

    Selling out?
    Not for me to say.
    Would you don a shiny suit & dance for some KFC , along side Mc Hammer

    & Diddy for X- amount of millions? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CG9iYXLYkGM ( Soldier’s Story , German Bar, Black dude , wearing Monkey Tale )

    Wouldn’t know unless you have been offered X amount of millions & turned it down , opting to be broke & real to yourself or….got your shiny Suit on?

    Mark 8:36
    What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?
    ( Unrelated Side Note:  >>>BIG UPZ MARK:7 )

    Matthew 16:26
     What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

    >>>Gets My Bible Thumping On:
    Mark 8:35 
    For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it.

    GOD is alive within you , so is the devil , represented by the subconscious magnet within , pulling toward good or bad. Living the gospel ( See the above 2 quotes ) is better than all the worldly riches combined ,  and even your life , if you have to spend the rest of it cooning!

  • $17637591

    Doesn’t surprise me that Kanye’s MBDTF didn’t get nominated for Best album of the year. Grammy’s have a history of being biased against hip hop…unless your Eminem then you can get nominated for Best album of the year.


    • Or maybe it’s because that album just wasn’t that good…And Lil’ Wayne got nominated for album of the year, Outkast won album of the year, Lauryn Hill to, so where is the biased against hip- hop at? Oh, you mean they’re biased against half assed albums, then I would agree with you…


  • DAMN!!!!!!

  • King Cold

    Imo opinion kanye’s last album wasn’t all that so maybe they agree.

    • Chase Rush

      Eat a dick nigga his album was the best album of our lives

    • Jaymalls

      I’m not gonna tell u 2 eat a dick but I am gonna tell u 2 stop listening 2 music on laptop speakers. I’m also going 2 tell u 2 start listening 2 albums in their entirety… N not just the songs that are playing on the radio.



     THE END????             THE END????              THE END????

                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  • Albums were fire if he wins it or not. Its just something to pop a bottle about, thats all. He still got nominated for 7, not too many people can say they ever did that. It just shows his hard work. Lets just hope he dont show up drunk this time.

  • BlackGawd

    leggoo real hip hop wins again, kanye will be in my blessings kanye=best all around hip hop artist of my generation 

  • Bobby Del Bosque

    Kanye is wack…..not true rapper….7 reasons not to watch the Grammy’s.

  • Byron smith