rick ross and bang em smurf

Rick Ross Says Former G-Unit Member Bang ‘Em Smurf Maybach Music Group For Life

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Rick Ross hosted the “Maybach Music Group Take Over” in Trinidad & Tobago over the weekend to promote his forthcoming album God Forgives, I Don’t, which is on the way in 2012.

The rapper hit the stage and was happy to reveal that his music empire was expanding and that he was thankful for his recent successes with artists like Wale and Meek Mill.

“I’m proud to be able to say that as a company and as an artist I’m self made,” Rick Ross said. “We started from nothing, we started from a basement, we didn’t have no big super producers to put us on, or big record labels, we started on the corner with this MMG s**t. I suggest everybody do the same.”

During the concert, Rick Ross brought out former G-Unit member Bang ‘Em Smurf, who is working with Maybach Music Group artist Maybach Dice.

Maybach Dice, also a Queens, New York native, is working on his new mixtape Gods Plan, while Smurf has picked up a new Trinidan born MC named Primo Sparx.

Smurf is also preparing a new, 18-track mixtape called “300” being readied for release.

Rick Ross commeneded Bang ‘Em Smurf on his impact in Trinidad, as the ex-Queens native continues to develop artists in and outside of the country.

Check out AllHipHop.com’s exclusive footage of Rick Ross coming together with Bang ‘Em Smurf in Trinidad & Tobago.

52 Responses to “Rick Ross Says Former G-Unit Member Bang ‘Em Smurf Maybach Music Group For Life”

  1. Lemar Green

    “We started from nothing, we started from a basement, we didn’t have no
    big super producers to put us on, or big record labels, we started on
    the corner with this MMG s**t. I suggest everybody do the same.”

    *sigh* this delusional ass dude can’t last 5 minutes without a lie slippin from his mouth



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  3. Keith Brickz

    lol @ how rick ross is smirking like that actually means something…just another bum to sign to maybach music group LOLOLOL…jeez they are really racking up the scrubs over there…lol he signed him to get at 50…ok well 50 slayed out officer ricky’s baby moms…LOL


    Rick Ross is easily the most “delusional” artist in the history of urban music. He’s even more crazier than the “Game”. What about “Slip & Slide” or “Def Jam”?? Plus, he wrote hooks for Trina & Trick Daddy on that label for years + failed as an artist in the early 2000’s! This dude’s a total FRAUD!! Any “name” artist, that plays on the radio can go to Trinidad & get paid. He’s beyond WACK!!

  5. MrTroyMercy

    damn do this diabetic waffle seizure having cat always gotta lie about everything !!!??? Damn! He ain’t have no big lable or producer to put him on ??? He ain’t have every single album flooded with high quality features but yet to go plat ? Lies lies lies freaking lies like he selling dope of the iphone or had ten million before rap or like every memeber in his group got a maybatch…this nigga said it himself.

    As far as bangem smurf .. he gonna be deported for life …he gonna be wack for life …he gonna be a nobody for life… so nobody cares if he is on your label or any label..you prolly. The reason why Maybach gonna stop production of their cars..lying ass nikka.

    Dude acting like beats and features didn’t make his fanstasy career come true..nobody believes you lies but we love your beats and other rappers and singer on your verses and hooks!


    • WiseEnuff2no

      you are all naive to believe that any “mainstream successful rapper does what they rap about especially on the illegal tip, we are so misguided.. Question? why does rap have a double standard its ENTERTAINMENT people, why is that we don’t expect to see Denzel with two 9 millimeters like when he played in Training Day, but when a rapper says this that and the other we are upset because he ain’t real or he ain’t a real gangsta….So  what….!!!!! If we had enough sense to teach our kids that this crap is just entertainment and that rappers are for the most part actors playing parts then we as  a society would not be so screwed up… And about all this independent talk, there are very few true independent labels anymore and the ones that actually have real substance and material are so over shadowed by the “White Label Heads” that push and promote this garbage that they either survive off of a truly dedicated fan base but make peanuts compared to what these “A-List”   artist make.  So instead of attacking each other on the Blogs how about figuring out a way to educate each other and boycott the real cause of this B.S. that is continously getting worse – I could go on for days……. But I won’t ……………….

      • Laurence Blackwaterllc Easter

        cut that “its entertainment” bullshit out man! You wanna figure out the BS but u dont think a guy like rawse is apart of the problem? doubt anybody with a brain is looking to see real blood guts & guns, but you have to authentic as a MAN at the end of the day…and rawse is just not that guy! face it! nothing about him is respectable…he just got good beats…

      • WiseEnuff2no

        Well it is entertainment do you live your life by what a song says?   I hope not.   and just by the simple fact that “WE” You, me and every one else who comments are having these types of discussions it keeps these (Raptors=Rappers/Actors i know that shyt corny but oh well) relevant…. And if we wanna blame  anybody lets blame (Digidesign/Avid a.k.a the makers of Protools, and the other company’s that made access to being able to record so extremely cheap that anybody who could hustle up a couple hundred dollars could be a “recording artist” I remember a time when you couldn’t go in the studio for less than $35 to $100 and hour with 4hr minimums, and hope that you could complete a couple songs in that time frame.. And I am not questioning any Man’s authenticity, that’s something that is so far gone with even your favorite artists. do you know these people personally, do you know who they are beyond the cameras and interviews, remember,  A&R’s real A&R’s yeah thats a forgotten title right. you ever heard of media training, and grooming and images.  Thats why I said its entertainment.. And while I don’t know you I still  respect you as a man…. but let me ask you this?  Would you respect a man for providing for his family and making sure that the people he loves and respects are taken careof / Or would you respect the poor bastards. (can’t call em gangsta’s cause true gangsta’s tend to want to avoid jail and confrontations unless there is no other way to handle a situation) who has the most promising future ahead of them but can’t seem to stop “keeping it real long enough to stay out of jail and paying bond and lawyer fees with every dime of show money that they do make hence the Late and Great Tupac….R.I.P.) I know I’m long winded…… Just understand though at the end of the day how many men women and children have died at the hands of people trying to live what they hear and see.   Let’s get it together and applaud these young black entreprenuers for being able to rise from their respective situations and become millionaires hell even hundred thousandaires………….

      • MrTroyMercy

        Play boi , I respect that . Trust me the last thing. I would like to see is brothers getting raped slaves contract and all but sometimes ….they just don’t listen , even when to try to educat them and give them a lil game …not just for this music game but for life .

        They are growing up in a era where they think the know everything about everything . They don’t want to soak up as much game as possible , ya dig ? That why I spazzed on homie cause speaking from ingnorance , instead of soaking up all he can and thinking .

        But you right tho pimpin .

  6. MrTroyMercy

    fyi fucc a spellcheck ..y’all know what I’m saying ..don’t feeelin like editing my post like they don’t edit their articles!

  7. MrTroyMercy

    Cash money and no limit was self made nikka …you ..man let me stop cause lying ass nikka make my blood pressure boil..u ain’t gotta lie nomore william you are in the public eye and you got money smh

      • MrTroyMercy

        Homie Cash Money didn’t distrubute through Universal during the UNLV AND THE BOUNCE MUSIC DAYS . THEY got hot a distrubuted when the hotboys took off . They self made cause it was two brothers , who started a label independantly and the partnered with universal . Some of the Big Tymer albums and solo album , were on their budget I believe.

        richard p sickert… now tell me i aint paid!

  8. Prime City

    Yyall niggas got hate in ur blood. Yall need a check up NOW !!! when they 1st started they DIDN’T have a deal he put his OWN money behind WALE n Meek they got wit warner broad 3 months AFTER they started. smh. Stop the hate !!! Ross got a better catalogue than any other rapper 4 albums in. Maybe ever. if not then top 5 easily. y do u care about him bein real so bad when the REAL niggas get locked up n go 2 jail. smh. Yall internet niggas is hi fuckin larious !!!

    • MrTroyMercy

      first off , shut the fucck up cause you sound dumb as fucck . do you know the business ? stupid fucck .. whoever distribute puts the cheddar behind artist . if you believe this dude aint have no backing or started from the basement , then you need your feeble lil controlled mind kicked out your fuccking head. unless your independent , none of these artist are putting money out on the artist. they can sign them but as far as album budgets ,promotion, tour and pubilicity ..who the fucck you think puts up the money ? RICK ross ain’t putting money into these niggas Def Jam is cause they distrubuting ( fucc a spellcheck) and Ross is their true investment cause none of the niggas on his label will sell ..they depend on Ross to recoup they investment.

      Educate yourself instead of dickring . He is distrubuted to A MAJOR label that is indecline and despite having his own label , it is Def Jam’s cause they own his ass…

      If Ross get’s dropped all them niccas do and def jam william alay get a recoup off dude. Get of nikkas nuts and learn the buisness. Wale was on a major and meek had intrest.

      But Def Jam , contributed to ALL HIS ALBUM AND COMPLIATIONS. You might think he spending all his bread on these cats..he just signing them to his label and hoping they can help him with distribution.

      Ain’t no hate you stupid ass herb, these are facts but I bet yu are one to think that he is actually one of Miami Elite kingpins since his C.O and slip and slide days..

      That’s why half of these stupid m.o’s get jerk outta bread. Like I told only independant labels invest in their artist .. most these niggas go in debt using label loans that they own !

      Hell kayne spend 3 million of Def Jam money to MDTF ( my dark twisted fantasy) and they recoup’d that and made money.

      If Ross put his own bread into his label he would be a 100 millionare ..so shut the fucck up dicck riding bittch!

      • Prime City

        1st of all y u so tuff ??? 2nd I kno EXACTLY what I’m talkin bout. Free n Spliff is on salary, they shot all the videos n that’s pretty much all he did b4 the deal so … calm down internet rap guru guy.

      • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter

        I feel u but @ this piont in the game, his project might see the light of day due 2 the fact tht MMG has momentum, if tht changes he has no chance, but u got a point…..no homo!

    • EL_BARK

      Man i dont know what the fuk yall talking bout.

      Ross just fed ex me 10,000,000 keys of raw,

      Straight from pablo escobar himself.

      No not that pablo, the real pablo….matter of fact,
      I be back.

      Boston george calling me on my cell, right now from fort dix.

      Hold up i be back.

    • EL_BARK

      Ok boston george

      Need me to send him a quarter mill to put on his books.

      Okay back to the topic, i laugh at how some people try to pass of their lies and delusions,
      To support they favorite rapper..

      One did you really say rick fraud sign them dudes 3 months before the
      Mmg deal to warner.?????? Oh really.

      Well i got a news flash. One meek and wale can sign to mmg, but whats good is it if ross aint got distrubution. Sorry the game doesnt work like that.

      Also ross didnt put them on like u said.
      He took their song and then put tgeir song on a group album.

      I’mma boss and tupac back, are meek mill sings that are old.
      So how did he put meek on, by taking meek songs that he was already on,
      And puting them on a group album, when he is giing to see the majority of the money and publishing????? Lets really be real here. Thays why meek and jahlil beats were beefing,
      Cause them beats were given to meek on an handshake agreements.

      Two wale only got drop by warner, cause warner wanted to capatialize off his buzz,
      At the time and his fan base pick up ever since “no hands”
      And the dmv was getting behind him.

      Niggah ross aint do all that you think he did.

      Thats wale sold more then the group album did,
      And his first week sales were better. The decision aint up to ross who drops on mmg.

      Its belongs to warner bros, that why they drop wale,
      Instead of meek mills, although

      If anything ross is going to hurt wale and meek sales cause niggah not fuking with his fraud ass,
      Execpt for miami and down south niggaz. Who say he makes good music.

      Wale is cool caused he dont promote himself as a thug,
      And versatile.

      Meek loses cred, for running with that fraud. But some niggah do anything for fame and a deal…

      But hay, meek was never a street niggah. Just a rappers,
      So him and ross make sinces. Although i meek put in more work
      Then the CO, meek should had stayed patienced.

      And waited for the right deal… Ross is on the decline.
      His last album barely went gold.

      • Prime City

        They did, n u can’t tell me shit about Meek, I’m from Philly. anything u heard I heard twice n kno if its true or not.

      • EL_BARK

        Lol u from philly, so that means what exactly.

        How bout meek is from my hood and he know me and my crew very well.
        In fact, my boy battle him a while ago and destroy him,
        I know him, omelly, young pooh and everybidy else from 18th & mercy.

        So any thing you know, i know already. Let me guess you think he really got 600,000 from Ti
        To right. And i told everybody then. Lol

        So what exactly do you want debate or discuss again…..

        So you going to tell me, that tupac back, and i’ma boss werent meek singles????

        And if you know meek or anybody from south philly.

        They will tell you about the battle i am talking about…

        As far as i pic going up, naw my g.
        Why is it important for my face to be up to discuss hip hop????

        Thats not me, i could go upload any pic of anybody and say it me.
        What does that proves?????

        I not on the net like that, this is the only site i visit and comment on.
        No facebook or twitter. But you can respond if you choose.

        I dont walk around in real life with a name tag,
        So i dont feel the need, to have my face on the net with my name either.

      • EL_BARK

        Take ya bitsh ass back to twitter. And tweet something you bitsh.

        I dont get paid to comments, you cant read my post.

        Scroll the fuk past it. Its that easy. Lame…

        I noticed all you niggah with the smart comments all got twitter.
        Lmao yall all some funny style niggahs…

        Grown ass men following other grown ass men.
        Every comments and where abouts.

        Yall niggah need role models. Ole follow me ass niggahs.

        What this clear enuff for ya. Or you want to say it in spanish.????

        Pussie i prolly speak more languages then you.

        Fuk ur life…..

    • Antwon Grant

      if u think this cat is anywhere near the best rapper in the game..ur catalog of music is obviously very shallow…i can name 20 rappers better than this dude without blinking…smmfh

  9. Royal_Chiefa

    I can’t rock wit William Roberts..lie too much for me..but most mainstream cats do..that’s why I listen to old school and underground hip hop… Cats aint talkin bout nothin these days..

  10. Bless Graphics

    @primecity The kids are sick of being fooled man. Its like finding out santa aint real. Lol. I dont think all are hating. Some are just stating the obvious. I don’t know about my blood boiling but it struck me as strange when he adopted the name and background of a guy who was breathing and alive while paying no homage whatsoever. I guess the only person who should really have any beef with Rick Ross is the real Rick Ross. They say its a dirty game and even busters can fake it till they make it.    

    • MrTroyMercy

      First off turbo, my pockets is to good GARY … AYE HOWW YO BIITCHES VIISA GO…??? THE VINEGAR SMELLING HOE MIGHT JUST BE OVER THERE FOR A MIN… I RAP AND PRODUCE… WHAT DO YOU DO CAKE AZZ NIKKA .. NOT DIGRUNATAL..( fucc you and a spellcheck).TRUST ANY CAT THAT KNOW KNO HOWW I GET GET DOWN. Fyi I hope ya broad crash on the way over there , if not I hope she get allergic to a real nikka’s ways and die ..

      • MrTroyMercy

        just to let you kno lil fella… lol now sho something or shut the fucck up…go hoeteck yo wife with yo sorry ass …. talking this and that and u can’t even get a visa for. Ya broad shm ….if u not GARY then sucka dicka til you hiccup cause I BET my paper loer than urs hooe..

        Fyi I ill be in cleveland for to beat ya azz next week…I got the addy… I’m. Working wwith a cat prduction wise ho is about to make my pockets stacked ..

      • WiseEnuff2no

        HUH? Do you speaka english!!!!!! Breath !!!! its just words……………..So what are you a partime Drug Dealer/Rapper/Producer/Manager/Slash…. chill bruh I was just fucc’n with you. You are one of few people who I can truly say that you know to type your emotions……..I bet you are a real THUG!!!!!  ….Nah but fo real bruh I respect your opinion and much success in what ever it is that you do…. Long as you don’t forget about the people that help you get wherever it is you are trying to go……………… 

  11. Paco Efilrofaggin Sanchez

    There was a time in Hip Hop when people were who they were. Kane rapped like he was a “Smooth Operator” because he was nailing chics; Kool G rapped like he had the “Ill Street Blues” because he was on the block; KRS One rapped “My Philosophy” because he believed in education for black people. Can somebody please tell me why less than 5% of KNOWN artists portray their lives as they truly have lived them? Instead of Officer Ricky promoting the DAMN GOOD job he had in Corrections, he flips & sells our youth the “Hustla Mentality” that he learned from movies, tv, & 3rd person stories????? I’m like Royal_Chiefa, old school & underground only! Nukkaz can keep the Movie Rap [Imaginary].

  12. Bull City Slim

    Since when do we value Up north niggas opinion on real and fake. NY niggas is the fakest frontinest niggas in america. How do you think Cell phones and drugs and whatever else gets into prison. If he was a fucked up C.O. trust me we would know by now. He just fucke up when he tried to deny it. Rosay still top 5 definitely.

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