Ja Rule

Inside Rule #2 – Ja Rule’s Prison Journal Entry

My first night here was crazy, inmates screaming, banging, and kicking the doors calling the male CO’s b*tch *ss n*ggas & f*ggots telling the female CO’s how they gonna f*ck em, throwing plates of food out their cells onto the floor LOL. WELCOME TO THE GREEN MONSTER!  This type of sh*t would never happen upstate, at best you’d be in the box for a month at worst the infirmary. I even got into it wit these stupid n*ggas trying to assassinate  my character talkin about I’m snitching to the guards and that I’m getting special treatment. I barked on these n*ggas and set em straight cause as a man there’s only so much you can take before you snap. At first I tried to ignore there lil comments until they started talkin sh*t like they gonna kick my door and all this clown sh*t. But the funny thing is when I started screaming on them lettin them know they got the wrong n*gga they got excited it was like that’s what they wanted to bring the hood out of me. That’s when I realized that I’m dealing wit kids they can’t be n*ggas my age cause that would’ve lead to instant confrontation not instant admiration. After I set em straight they wanted to talk & ask me about the industry I could tell they wanted to be my friend but just didn’t know how to go about it. So I chatted wit them for a lil bit before letting them know I was tried and ready to lay down. But as I layed I listened to them talk telling there life stories of how one was born in a crack house and grew up selling crack to his mother and how another watched his father get murdered rite in front of him by some dudes he owed money as they robbed his house and how they were now in jail for crimes of their own one for beating his girl friend the other for a murder. One of them them is 19 the other just turned 23 yesterday. Both with kids of their own. When will we break the cycle? WILLIE LYNCH LIVES ON… DAMN!

When I got here I was happy to see some officers of the same skin color not that I’m racist or anything but in this type of situation and where I just came from you’d be happy to see some of your own too. Prejudice does still exist trust me I’ve been treated and seen it  people treated like n*ggers more in 1 month that I have my whole life I feel like a slave and even tho I haven’t heard anyone say it actions speak louder than words. As I walk through the door everyone staring like they can’t believe I just walked in cuffed from head to toe. Even tho I don’t feel like much of a star that’s all they see the star that has fallen. But as I look in their eyes I still see the love they still wanna meet me and greet me as if I’m on their own personal stage except there’s no screaming fans, fancy clothes & bright lights. Only screaming inmates me in my orange jumpsuit and little flash lights they shine in my cell at night.

It’s hard to feel good signing autographs and taking pictures in this predicament but I did it with a smile cause I love my fans and never say no, no matter what mood I’m in after the meet & greet they took me to my cell where I’ll be housed till my court date it’s not the best but it’s not the worst either they gave me some pillows and an extra mattress so I’ll live. This is my 3rd here and IA already came and got me to investigate my lil meet & greet. I basically told them to f*ck off and that those are good cops cause they really were nice to me last thing I wanna see is good people get in trouble cause they got an autograph or a pic from me. You wanna investigate something investigate the crooked Hip Hop Task Force that got me into this sh*t in the first place.

As I sit in my cell listening to their stories I think about me and my Dad and how I hated to love him for so many years and how I vowed to be nothing like him only to have my mother say “your just like your father” LOL. Which made me curious to know him and of course just as we start to get closer to one another he dies. But I have my closure I learned alot about him and him about me in the short time we spent together. Which makes me think about my kids and how I’m raising them I am a great father and I have broken the cycle even though I’m in prison the foundation has already been layed. I hate being away from them for 20 months but sh*t  could just as easily been on tour for that long. I feel compelled I wanna help other kids break the cycle. I’ve been to 5 different prisons and all I see is n*ggas and I ain’t talking about black people I’m talking about ignorance. See the problem wit most people is they don’t smell sh*t until they step in it and by that time it’s all over your shoe and everybody is tryin to get away from you. Now you have 2 choices you can either wash that shoe or throw it away. A lot of people choose to throw it away meaning they didn’t learn sh*t but those that choose to wash that shoe tend to watch their step knowing how hard it was to get em clean. I think I’ll wash my shoes this time cause this sh*t ain’t me. R.I.P William Jeffrey Atkins


Ja Rule’s new single, “Real Life Fantasy,” hits iTunes on December 13.


    See this the bull shet i was talking bout on his first letter.

    I like how you plug, hit new singles also. Smh. This shet is pathetic. I mean by all means the worst display, of promoting and marjeting yourself. I seen in a while.

    So every month for the next two year, yall guys going to post a ja letter… Come on gimme a break.
    Niggah dont nobody need a description of jail, nor do anybody care what your going through.
    They have a tv show called OZ.
    Now you a tuff guy again and bark (no pun intended) on some inmates.
    1. You need more people, so you expect me to believe that you bout this life style…
    Oh i forgot you and irv are murders, silly of me ( denise williams voice).
    You still trying to portray exactly what image again. ?????
    Shut ya lieing ass up, and face the corner. If ya ass was in general population, ur ass would be getting ya cornbread, & chocolate milk tooken every day.
    Had you been in the yard, you wouldnt had step to
    No lifers, like that……. So now you going to
    Bored us with your ganster narratives, of lock up 24/7,
    I seen the light bull shet… Niggas we dont need no update about how your bid is going every month.
    I dont even write my family every month. And JA newsflash.
    You are no longer. A rap star, a movie star. Your no longer relevant. Give it up.
    You are a c- list celebrity. You havent had a hit on radio since.?????

    Wait didnt you released “my body” ??????? Lol okay younhavent had a hit in 6 years.

    Niggah, u want write letters. Right how it feel to get crush by 50,
    And then have him take ya style lol.
    That what inquiring minds want to know. Did 50 man really stick ya sweet ass.

    Why dont you write irv, and ask him why he couldnt just be himself.
    Why did he buy into that gangster persona. You went to jail not for a gun but for stupidity.

    No one cares abour your single. No cares about your album

    No cares about your jail stories, its jail.

    Its suppose to be fuk up. Its was designed that way. Quit with the sympathy letters.
    Its 2 – years. WTF u writing letters like you on deathrow, and your last appeal
    Was denied. Irv gotti got more heart then ya bitsh ass, and he is softer then drug store cotton.
    Not once can i recollect irv writing letters filled with all this bitshassness.
    And he was indicited by the feds. Lol

    Shut the fuk up. And write preme or somebody who
    Might give a fuk. If yall dumb ass not smart enuff to figure out how you write another inmate.
    I help ya out.

    Write a letter to your wife and have her send it to preme.
    Write a book, build the white house with some legos,
    Learned how to spark a loosie with an battery.
    Go to everst college on-line. Learn how to make a shank,
    Out of a push rod toilet sword. Niggah do anything but write another fuking letter updating us

    • mike malarkey

       lol real talk tho now he goin 2 come out like he pac

      • EL_BARK

        Lol yup, and he going to go sign with some west coast niggas.

        And come back to destroy 50…….. With hit em up part 2.

        He prolly in his cell writing his album right now…..

        Never forget on irv reality show, and they was recording my body.
        And him irv was all hype like.
        Yeah we back son, you got a hit son,
        You gotta send this two radio. Lol. That niggah prolly be having nightmares,
        Of the wanksta video. Waking up shaking…..
        That part
        With 50 and tony & lloyd dancing in the streets.
        Laughing at his ass. That video was too funny.

        Damn homie. Lol. i aint going to front 50 was gangsta enuff to make that niggah stop singing,
        So he can start.

        Look ja aint nothing room for both of us to sing. So you gotta go.

        21 questions was a hit soon after and 50 aint look back. Lol

      • ajl_34

        you aren’t nothing but a big ass hater. You sure know the history of ja and 50. you must pay real close attention to ja rule to know all the shit you be talking about him. I hope i never have as much hate in my heart as your bitter ass. Probably some rapper who never made it. lol

      • EL_BARK

        Naw homie.

        I never wanted or aspire to be a rapper. I was an athlete growing up,
        Until a car accident @ 13 almost killed me. Lol

        I did dabble in the music biz after high school.
        But what i learned was cb4. Was to real .

        And these rappers and the music game not made for authentic niggaz like myself.

        So i left on my free will, on my own terms. @ 20 lol

    • Wow son! U not real at all. If u don’t respect this then don’t comment. U a Disrespectful nicca dog.

      • EL_BARK

        The term “REAL” is often mis-used and taken out of contexts

        I disrespectful, cause this niggah is using jail
        As acway to promote himself……

        You see he still had to mention, he in there allegedlly checking niggas.???

        You caught this case years ago. Why wait until
        Now, to see the light.

        Oh i get it, he writing letters not to glorify jail, but to show little boys & girls,
        That jail is a bad place, and its not a place where u should ever want to
        Be. Lol

        But why wasnt he writing letters, warning kids about the dangers & consequences of choosing the wrong path.
        Why wait until, your in jail to start with all
        This uplifting shit….. ?????? Cause the only reason he doing it is to stay relevant in a game,
        Where he is no longer a factor in.

        Aint this the same guy, who brag about a niggah getting shot on his be-half????

        Aint this the same niggah, that thought it was fun, to make fun of a niggah qho almost got tgey life tooken. Over a dumb rap beef.

        Now i suppose to have sympathy 4 him. Cause he writes two letters. Lol
        U cant be fuking serious……

        That niggah deserved every fuking day & hour and mintue,
        He in there….. Niggah got off easy if u ask me……

        And i not a 50 fan either just calling down the middle.

        I hates frauds and this niggah frauding.

        One day he a thug and gangster.
        Then he go to jail, and after one month, he ands alter boy.

        Jail turn boys 2 men.
        Some men 2 pussies.
        Styles P.

      • ajl_34

        Yeah this muthafucka is the definition of a hater. Nigga knows more about ja rule and irv than he does how to spell. fuckin idiot. lmfao

      • EL_BARK

        Sorry i am on a mobile. Fuk a spell check.

        And by the way, I didnt drop an exclusives.

        I work in music after high school, and was working in ny at this time.

        Not to mention anybody that follow the murder inc
        50 beef know i am, Not lieing…….

        Sorry but all the info i posted is known by many.
        It was all over hip hop sites & news.

    • gomer_1

      You don’t got to write your wife and have her send it. Thats too much work. you just got to boomerang it.

  • Royal_Chiefa

    I aint no Ja fan..but he keepin it real..seem like he really peepin some life lessons..keep ya head up bro

  • JustUs Samuel

    This is an incredible article. Ja has seen the light… listen to his words. He wants to free the people from this cycle of maddness. Thats whassup.

  • JustUs Samuel

    Read a book fool. You cant even spell the word Shit correct. Damn. Better yourself or End yourself. but dont waste another humans air.

    • EL_BARK

      Sorry i am used to censorship, on the old format.

      Now i was go to reply, with an insult. But your photo is by far
      More humiliating then any insult i can think of.

      Look @ ya……..

      Need i say more???????

  • This was some real shit.


    Bwaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaa! @ the article



    Oh yea…….HIM BACK!!!!

  • count_210

    your saying,     you went and laid down,  and they came in your cell to    “talk” to you ?   after a argument,

  • bs_hater1

    Some of yall niggas postin’ on here silly as hell. This nigga sittin’ in prison. Why would he be tryin’ to promote himself? This ain’t Jarule the rapper, this is a nigga tryin to do his time & come home.

    • EL_BARK


      So writing letters sending them to all hip hop
      Every month.??????? Is what then???????

      Then why did AHH mention he got a new single dropping?????

      Fool u ever been to jail or did a bid.

      What real niggah u know keep a journal and document every thing??????

      Shut the fuk up with ya dumb ass………

      This shet was set up
      With ahh before he went to prison.????????

      U cant be serious.

  • “That niggah prolly be having nightmares,Of the wanksta video. Waking up shaking…..
    That part With 50 and tony & lloyd dancing in the streets. Laughing at his ass”. LOLBut that part about the “shitty shoes” was kind of a jewel…i guess, not that i support ja rule or anything! but the truth makes sense. Damn now im droppin jewels

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  • SuPa_GeE

    I respect Rule for this shyt, yall niggas must aint neva been lock up b4. Cuz if u had been lock up b4 u would kno thur is nothin else to do but to work out,jack off,call home,eat,sleep, shyt and write.  in relp to EL BArk loose booty ass

    • EL_BARK

      Its obvious you were there and got turn out.

      What grown man refer to another man ass, and loose booty.
      Niggah get them, homo thoughts out ya mind….

      Only faggotS talk like that.

      • Casor_Greener



  • Yo let’s keep it 100%!! Ok Ja is attempting to do a good thing by doing these letters.  Key word being ATTEMPTING!!  First I respect Ja cuz I know he’s doin real time.  Unlike ya boi Wayne who did his bid in protective custody, and don’t trip like you aint know that.  

    Ja is doing what any other business man would do.  He is marketing himself and trying to get back in the public eye.  There is nothing wrong with that at all.  

    Half the hate Ja gets is cuz of what 50 did, which was a smart business move on his behalf and why I like 50.  During the whole “keep it real” movement, we’ll say that was from about 98-05, 50 made a great move by pulling all of our coat tails to the fact that Ja was singing.  Idk if you noticed, but once 50 got Ja out the way, he was a singing as nigga himself and still is!  

    At the end of the day, its about business.  So do I think that this is the “smartest” move from Ja…no. But as a business man myself I understand it.  And to be honest, the fact that we’re all commenting on this means it worked.

    • Casor_Greener

      Please STFU

  • thatcrae

    this nigga scared and he preaching to the people about shit we already know..smh

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  • hahahah i love reading articles about dumb blacks b/c the coon comments are always the best

    • rep87

      this country is fill equally with dumb ass whites as well look at what dumb ass fmr president bush did to this country 2 WARS crime on wall street bankrupt this country unemployment record high and whites have suffered just as much and not to mention that the dumb ass tea party up holding votes to tax the wealthy 1percent and not allowing votes to help 160 million working americans .so look around that trailer you live in before you allow ignorant ass racist comments come out your mouth, pick up a book and read . and if you were  in jail you would be somebody’s bitch dumb ass kevin

  • ilovehiphop1972

    Yo I am no Ja Rule fan by any stretch of the imagination.  But in my opinion, we are seeing who Ja Rule REALLY is.  You can play thug all day but when you in the midst of some real killas, lifers and gangstas, either you resort to who you are, spend your time upholding the image or take yo ass to PC. This is not a career move by writing these letters, it is a means of survival.

  • rep87

    jarule must produce when he get out. the old formula of going to jail to build street cred or getting shot is over no one is impress with dumb shit, dude bout 35 now with children he got to guide them to do better and avoid the mistakes he has made in his life

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