Profile Records Legacy Chronicled In New Anthology

(AllHipHop News) The history of groundbreaking Hip-Hop label Profile Records will be chronicled in a new double CD/digital release titled Giant Record: Profile Records Rap Anthology.

Profile Records was originally founded as a 12-inch dance singles label in 1979, by Cory Robbins and Steve Plotnicki.

The pair borrowed $34,000 from their parents to start Profile, but the label had little success in the first two years of operation.

In 1981, with only $2,000 left, the label landed its first hit via a Hip-Hop record, with the release of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’s classic single “Genius Rap.”

The record, which featured future Uptown Records executive Andrea Harrell, sold over 150,000 copies for Profile Records.

Over the years, Profile Records has released classics by numerous Hip-Hop artists, including the seminal releases by pioneers Run-DMC, who signed to the label for a $3,000 advance.

“Profile Records wasn’t the first successful rap label,” writes Hip-Hop journalist Dan Charnas in the liner notes. “But Profile’s openness to this new form of music made the company a pioneer in so many other vital ways: The first record label to produce true rap ‘stars’ who crossed over to the mainstream. The first to earn gold, platinum and multi-platinum rap albums. The first to get rap videos on MTV. The first to treat rap with the dignity accorded other genres of music.”

Artists like Dana Dane, Special Ed, Rob Base, DJ Quik, Nine, Poor Righteous Teachers, Onyx, Camp Lo, Disco Four are featured on Giant Record: Profile Records Rap Anthology.

The 31-track CD/digital anthology is due in stores on January 31, 2012.

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  • Gonna need more than 31 tracks to chronicle profiles influence.
    Needs to be a double cd with 62.

  • now people can stop saying RUN DMC was on Def Jam lls



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  • churchboy2

    Might be worth checking out… too bad they signed groups like Run-DMC to slave contracts — for life! (That’s why they never jumped label – or moved to Def Jam.)

  • therealest1

    I’m confused about Onyx, weren’t they Def Jam though? I recall their first album that came out in 1993 was released on Def Jam. I do recall they were produced by Jam Master Jay and under something of his I believe, unless JMJ had a side deal with Profile as well.

    But Profile sure did die in the 90s like after they released Run DMC’s comeback album Down With The King in 1993. I do recall Profile getting absorbed into Arista in the late 90s.

  • Sheldon Taylor

    Profile’s strength was in marketing and product placement.  Like Jive Records did Whodini, they refused to renegotiate Run-DMC’s contract and would not release them to Def Jam tying them down to long term contracts that resullted in less money for them.  Known for releasing albums every year; Profile slowed down their output. Profile had cool acts from Word of Mouth to Special Ed but they messed up Run-DMCs career….They wouldn’t allow them to record new music for the Tougher Than Leather film. A Profile/DefJam collabo would have been unprecedented in hiphop.