Billboard Names Lil Wayne Top R&B/Rapper Of 2011, Nicki Minaj Places Second

(AllHipHop News) Young Money CEO Lil Wayne will end 2011 as the top R&B/Hip-Hop artist, according to data released by Billboard magazine.

The rapper had a banner year, thanks to his hits album Tha Carter IV.

The release debuted at #1, sold almost a million copies during its first week in stores and is certified double platinum.

Lil Wayne also scored four #1 singles, along with 24 chart entries on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart during 2011 alone.

Lil Wayne was also one of the top touring artists of 2011 as well.

The rapper performed 69 arena shows in 2011, that were attended by a total of 712,000 people.

Lil Wayne’s total gross for touring in 2011 was $46,300,000.

The good news for the Young Money brand doesn’t stop with Lil Wayne.

Nicki Minaj has landed at #2 on the list of Billboard’s top artists in 2011, thanks to the success of her debut album Pink Friday.

Pink Friday spent six weeks at #1 on the Top R&B Albums and produced six Top 10 singles.

Nicki was also named the Top Rap artist by Billboard, besting Lil Wayne, Drake and Kanye West.

It’s also the first time a female rapper has topped the year-end chart since Missy Elliott landed at the top in 2000.

Bryan “Birdman” Williams, is the CEO of Cash Money, the label that distributes Young Money.

In recent interview with AllHipHop.com, Williams said both labels were ready to top 2011’s accomplishments in 2012.

“Nicki’s coming out…Tyga, Twist, Bow Wow, myself, Kevin Rudolph, Jay Sean,” Williams told AllHipHop.com. “Wayne got another album, everybody. I mean, we’re gonna drop 10 to 14 albums in the first six months of the year, so everybody’s cocked and loaded.”

Other notables on Billboard’s top R&B/Hip-Hop year end list includes Chris Brown, Miguel and Wiz Khalifa.

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  • Daddy’s Opinion

    He making $300,000 per show, so $20,700,000 total gross show money for Lil Wayne is a good year indeed. Plus another $10,000,000 gross profit for him from album sales to date, is just the icing on the cake. You know Uncle Sam getting his, management getting theirs and them kids of his, so he seeing about $13,000,000 for 2011. It as much as what Shawn Carter or Sean Combs seeing for 2011, but it’s not bad at all.

    • Edward Arocho

      u crazy,jay and puff make over 30 mill a yr after taxes,Lil Gayne – Tha Carter IV -(1,776,000)watch the throne album sales 1,103,900 a difference of 673,100,and we know birdman brought those,dont forget jay and kanye is on tour,roc a wear,sean john,ciroc,lil gayne aint in their tax bracket..gayne might not make beyonce money this year..

    • Jaymalls

      Lmao… Remind me not 2 make u do my taxes nigga! Jay & puff ain’t even in the same tax bracket as this goofnugget!

  • Congrats to Wayne. Dont believe he got an album coming in 2012 tho. Thats when itll be announced, butt hen itll be pushed back… alot.

  • This guy is a joke, Birdman purchased a lot of those albums to twick the numbers. I cant wait for this part of hiphop history to be over.

  • King Cold

    congrats. but what about the other artists who are out there bustin their asses on the come up smh they need to be checkin for new artists because these cats is played out

    • Edward Arocho

      alot of these new artist are trash tho,i like j cole,wale,meek,but alot of these tight jean wearing homo;s gotta go


    Birdman didn’t even mention CORY GUNZ! Nikki and Wayne new stuff probably gonna come out again before all them artists on the roster. Oh and BTW Tyga’s gonna sell less than 100k overall as usual!

    • Edward Arocho

      i feel cory on the wrong label,tyga is trash,i wouldnt invest money on his album

  • Edward Arocho

    Tyga, Twist, Bow Wow, Birdman, Kevin Rudolph, Jay Sean,2gether they might go double copper

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    and to this end RKITECH presents the ANTI SKINNY JEANS LP feat KEITH MURRAY BUCKSHOT LORD TARIQ SHA STIMULI ALI VEGAS STAT QUO THE PRIMERIDIAN AND MUCH MORE.. the time has come to purge hip hop of this bs.

    • Now this sounds like something I’d check for!  ^^^^

  • Okay now take a break Lil Wayne…….We all want some new faces in 2012

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  • SamuelLJacckson


  • GTF outta here. Wayne as Top R&B/Rapper??? If anything that goes to Drake, Nicki Minaj as Top RAP Artist over Kanye, Drake, and Wayne?? HELL NAW..she don’t even be talkin bout nothing that important. What is wrong with the industry besides their morals and views? I’ve heard hella better artist than Nicki.

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  • no one has anything to say about Birdman’s claim they’re dropping 10 to 14 albums within 6 months? From WHO nigga? lol He too young to be acting senile……

  • mwezzy

    stop hatin

  • mwezzy

    i hate when people talk sht just becuase the other person is on top. dont make no sence?

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  • smallpoppa24678

    obviously its lil wayne haha illuminati bro

  • $weetTouch

    Lil Wayne is  HOT