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Album Review: Gucci Mane and V-Nasty’s “BAYTL”

Rating: 3 / 10

One of the things that makes Hip-Hop so entertaining is the level of unpredictability contained within it. Thanks to music opening doors for everyone and the revolution of the Internet, there are things that can happen now that originally seemed to be unthinkable or even ludicrous. For instance, Meek Mill might not have been here if it wasn’t for Twitter blowing up Rick Ross’ mentions of him on Twitter. Jay-Z and Kanye might not have been able to pull Watch The Throne without building hype through the Internet reporting on their listening sessions.

However, for every reasonable explanation, there’s always one unexplainable item that is unable to be rationalized, no matter how you attempt to tackle it. In one of the more confusing moments of 2011, it was announced that Gucci Mane and White Girl Mob representative V-Nasty would be teaming up to release a joint-album entitled BAYTL. It sounded like a bad idea at the time, and now that the LP is upon us, that doubt is reaffirmed in almost every way.

The one single thing that hinders this album from being even a decent output is the people attached to it, or rather the females. It’s unfortunate that Gucci Mane chooses this album to actually improve his flow and his bars, because the N-word toting V-Nasty is by far the weak link, and her weaknesses easily outweigh Gucci’s rap improvements and upgrades. The songs quickly slide into the typical topics of drugs, money, girls, and more, but with the added twist of V-Nasty taking pleasure in being one of the guys in every aspect. If there was ever any doubt, V-Nasty’s first verse on the project makes it clear what her subject matter’s going to deteriorate into:

“Hide the young ones, Cuz I’m comin’ for your daughter /

If she ain’t sellin p***y I ain’t gon’ bother /

Got a pornstar, a ho, and a model /

In the club we do big sh*t, pop a hundred bottles /

We getting’ h*es wet, they gon’ need goggles /

They said get that gas, ho I’m on that full throttle /

If I had a d*ck, then I’d tell that b*tch to swallow /

Thirty in my clip and it’s letting out hollows..”

Later in the project, she even goes as far as to ask listeners how she became “more ‘hood than David Banner.” And, by this point, it’s hard to take her seriously. The cameos here (aside from Slim Dunkin) aren’t worth checking for either; Mistah F.A.B. makes a forgettable appearance on “Loaded” (capped off by the obligatory Equestrian line that Drake’s has helped to make popular), and the other features just seem bland.

As mentioned before, it’s unfortunate that V-Nasty is tied to the project because Gucci Mane really did a decent job whenever he stepped to the plate. With clever lines (“I’m not romantic, but I cook my dope candlelit”) and his switching flows rather impressively (for him, at least), Gucci Mane sadly picked the wrong time to deliver a solid performance. One is only as strong as their weakest link, and thanks to V-Nasty and company, what little replay value that’s to be had is siphoned out, due to the generic topics and the all-around unappealing idea in general.

Hip-Hop is unpredictable (and that’s a great thing), but let’s hope that unpredictability never plays into something like this happening again. Unless it’s much, much better.

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  • Terrance M Gooden

    wow!!!!…after listening to this garbage, my ears just asked me for a divorce!…..

    • TimeWillTellu1

      Please disregard this chick.  Time will pass.  This chick does not represent the real BAY AREA, CA.  

    • Tried to warn you. Curiosity will kill you, man. LOL

  • From the songs I’ve heard, I had the exact same opinion as this writer: The rhymes of V-Nasty will actually make you miss some of the more clever Gucci Mane lines.


    This review sucks.  “The n-word toting V-Nasty” is incorrect because she doesn’t say the n-word once on this album.  In fact she gave up saying it in raps once she started blowing up and was criticized nationally for it.

    I’m really tired of the fact that people don’t take V-Nasty seriously because she is a female. You treat this album like there’s no reason for Gucci and V-Nasty to team up, when the reality is that V-Nasty is hugely inspired by Gucci. To be honest, they rap very similarly.

    • Mos High

      Young Crybaby i hope you were joking.  I dont mean to be rude but V Nasty is a terrible rapper and terrible flow. Sorry just my opinion and sure many others share it. She is only known because she used or probably still uses the n word. This is wack and Gucci is wack for this shit. He is not irrelivant.. Oh my this type of music is poision to the fullest

    • Super_AMOLEDZeppelin

      You cant be serious right now… V-Nasty aint garbage cuz she’s a chick… V-Nasty is garbage cuz she fuckin GARBAGE!!!!!

    • Has nothing to do with her being a female. It has to do with her not being a good rapper.

      But to each his own.

      Also, cleared up on an earlier comment that “N-word toting” phrase was never wrote by me. I never put that in the review, someone else did.

  • Shane J

    you really sorta killed this review when you said Gucci was “switching flows rather impressively (for him at least)”, everyone who’s listened to more than 10 gucci mane songs knows that switching flows is just about his strongest lyrical asset… and that “N’ word toting” line that you said was pretty biased too.

    • If it helps, I never placed that phrase in the review. She never said “nigga” on the album, and I didn’t want to highlight that at all, but I guess higher-ups felt like I should’ve..

  • Zaytoven went in on this tape…Gucci did his thing…V-nasty…hey it is what it is…if wanna here some lyrics and ill pull up Liquid Swords in a heartbeat…this CD keeps the system knockin…i give it 6/10 wouldda been 7.5/without Vnasty on most of the songs 

  • Zom

    i knew this was gonna be wack


  • Royal_Chiefa

    Man..the few songs I heard, the beats went hard..Gucci bein Gucci..can’t say much else bout him…V-Nasty just garbage…Homegirl whole click is garbage…

  • My man got this CD yesterday never heard of her till then and i gotta say she aint that bad. And of course GUCCI kills it like ALWAYS ALBUM IS PRETTY GOOD I think she goes hard

  • damn he should of partnered up with Gangsta Boo…..

  • swiftest

    lmao how is it confusing these two teamed up, they’re like the same person. and they both kill it on this cd! “whip appeal” is dopest. this review is some lazy lazy music writing *smh*

  • at least its diffrent 

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  • CB-FTW

    I just listened to the first three songs… back at work now, but I’ll listen to the rest of the album later. So far, so good. I love clever wordplay and hard-hitting lyrics and this album won’t much of that at all. But then again the vast majority of main-stream rap doesn’t consistently deliver that anyway. And more important than the lyrics is the music overall.

    The music (beats) on this album so far are absolutely amazing. Gucci brings charisma and hard-charging swagger to the album (even if the content of his rhymes are cliche and un-original as usual)

    V-Nasty is not a good rapper. But she’s something different than what we’re used to… Even though she brings very little quality to the album, it’s still entertaining because I’m laughing at her corny ass every time she talks. It’s funny, it’s entertaining and overall I’m enjoying listening to what I’ve heard so far and I look forward to checking out the rest of the album. Might even let it thump while I drive on repeat simply because the music overall is just plain good.