Breaking News: Conscious Daughters Rapper Dies Suddenly

(AllHipHop News) Special One of the Conscious Daughters has died suddenly.

Special One, nee Karryl Smith, is an artist long affiliated with The Coup and was one of the more infamous rappers that always carried a powerful message in the music.

CMG, the rap partner of Special One, wrote a note on Facebook, revealing the death of her friend.

“Thank you to everyone for your prayers I need them. I am sick over the loss of my sister. The cause of death is still unknown but I will try to share info when I get it. Pray for me and Karryl’s other sisters Jessica and Tonya. We are all together trying to get through this.”

Friends and family have poured their condolences over social media, including Facebook and Twitter. 

Activist Dave “Davey D” Cook said on Twitter, “To those of us who knew Special One and to her family and her partner CMG who found her in her apt.. Hugs, prayers & support.”

The Conscious Daughters debuted in 1993 with Ear To The Street and they released two subsequent LP’s, Gamers (1996) and The Nutcracker Suite (2009).

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25 Responses to “Breaking News: Conscious Daughters Rapper Dies Suddenly”

  1. Ebony Whitney

    Don’t you think you not giving a rat’s ass about their music was kind of rude? seriously Special one just lost her life and all her family and fans should not have to read an ignorant post like yours. I’m simply saying think about if it were you or one of your family members.with that being said R.I.P. SPECIAL ONE!!!!!! my prayers are with your friend’s fan’s and family!!!!!

    • tlove80207

      Ditto homegirl…. That was just rude and disrespectful..  He probably sits up and post negative shit about people all day.. Plus it got to me cause I have been a fan  since day one…. Funky Expedition….. Sticky Situation…. Girl please… they go hard.. RIP Special One…

  2. YaheardSyndicate

    @therealest1:disqus  , No one ever gave a rats ass about you or your music (since im sure at some point, you thought or think your some kind of “real Hip Hopper” . To people who know what real hip hop is they definitely know about the Conscious daughters and the Coup. Just with a name like “the realist 1” shows your corny. That would be like making your name “the toughest one”. Having to announce it to re confirm it to yourself and the world makes you “the fakest one” R.I.P to all of the rappers who never promoted garbage, and negativity.

  3. tlove80207

    This is my favorite female rap group of all time…. I cant believe that she’s gone… I still remember getting a message from her on myspace asking why I wasnt singing on my page!!  I always had this fantasy of working with them..RIP Special One…  Much love and strength to the family and to CMG.  Very sad…

  4. tlove80207

    Pretty disrespectful since the woman just passed… You should have kept that one to yourself…  Im sure there’s plenty people who dont give a rats ass about you either!!  And as for that corny ass name therealest1 – I’d be willing to bet there’s nothing real about you… lolol Just a small note, those of us who are FANS… HAVE HEARD FROM THEM SO THAT COMMENT MADE YOU LOOK STUPID IN ADDITION TO SOUNDING DISRESPECTFUL!!!  EVEN THE STORY UP TOP TELLS YOU THEY PUT OUT SOME SHIT IN 09 DUM ASS…….

  5. MsRandall

    Anyone who knew the “Special One” would say that was the perfect name for her…because she was special. I had the pleasure of playing 3 years varisty softball with Karryl at El Cerrito High….
    REST IN PEACE my friend, former teammate- You will be missed!!!! 

    In your memory I have put your CDs back in my daily rotation   

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