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Hip-Hip Rumors: Canibus Disses J. Cole On J. Clone…


I saw this on Twitter yesterday and I couldn’t believe it. Canibus is dissing J.Cole for paying his respects to him. What the hell. Peep what he said on Facebook:

“Currently, new artists such as J Cole have continuously mentioned me as their favorite artist, shouted me out in articles, magazine/online interviews, and even gone as far as starting off show sets by playing some of my earlier material to warm up the audience and give off the impression that he is real hip hop and loves real lyricism. Cole might say he does this to pay homage, but in reality, by him playing my older material owned by my former label dating back to 1998, subsequently overlooking my current works and contributions which directly benefit me now, he is treating me less like an artist that has, and continues to contribute, influence, and inspire an even younger generation of MC’s coming up, and more like an artist that has physically passed on already(i.e. Tupac, B.I.G., Big L, Heavy D, Eyeda): you get the point I’m trying to make. I can’t help but to think that he is not nearly as sincere or genuine as he would like real hip hop heads to think he is because he speaks about me like I am dead. What he is doing is underhanded and disingenuous and whether it is his idea or not, I don’t agree with his tactic and I have something to say about it. Some might look to label me as an older head picking on a younger head who claims to have been influenced by me, but I refuse to let anyone including him stand on what we built, and pompously extract only the parts that suit them and their undermining intentions under the guise of “paying homage”. I’m sick of it. That’s fake, fraudulent, and misrepresents mine and others contributions, and significance to hip-hop music. After watching many many interviews of Clone, I mean Cole “pay homage”, I decided to pay some homage to him myself because I am still alive and well and ready to throw down for Hip Hop.”

Check “J. Clone” from Canibus.

I don’t agree with this. J. Cole just went gold and now this is summed up in one line. Canibus said: “…we could have recorded a track, you could give me a stack for a verse…” Cole doesn’t owe Canibus anything. This is despicable.

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  • World Wide

    this douche is doing the same thing LL did to him! What a fuckin idiot. He said LL caught feelings cause he was paying homage to him talking about the mic on his (LL’s) arm and now this dick is doing the same thing with J Cole. Funny how life repeats its self lol  douche he lost so much respect in my eyes for this.

  • Jaime

    He is a damn fool. These young dudes don’t know who Canibus is. He is introducing a whole new generation of Kids your music. STFU and say thank you Young Brotha for acknowledging me cause nobody else is….Fuckin Clown! 

    • 713Houston

      God damn.These J.Cole fans are really taking this sh*t to heart.It’s not that serious.I doubt J.Cole will lose sleep over this.What happen to the good old days when people appreciate battle rap.Hip Hop has gone soft.

      • Jaime

        Ummm I’m taking the shit to heart, but you calling me names. Okay. And yes this is the same thing ignorant ass nigga. Nothing is being taken to heart. I just think it’s stupid for these Veterans to go after the new Hot dude at the time. Your music will always speak for itself. Time will tell if any of these new dudes is worth their salt. I’m not even a J Cole fan like that dummy. The jury is still out on him in my opinion. And Beef like this over nonsense doesn’t do anything to advance the music. NOTHING. It’s ALWAYS been stupid to me. That’s my opinion you don’t have to like it. Could give two fucks and a pull out if you do. It’s not that serious but you felt the need to respond to a female and call her a faggot. Okay. 

      • simondimes

        you killed that dude,thats right you put these internet bangers in place girl………..now back to  giving two fucks and pulling out…..um,nah just kidding,keep doing your thing 

  • Jaime

    He sounds like Lil Kim’s old bitter ass coming after Nicki Minaj every damn song she releases. That’s why these young people don’t respect our generation. We keep coming at they asses sideways on some hateful ish. Stop it!!

    • 713Houston

      Shut your faggot ass up.The Kim and Nicki situation is a lot different than this considering the fact that Nicki been dissing Kim since 2003 that jacked her whole style.The situation between Canibus and J.Cole is different considering J.Cole never really dissed him.

  • oksfinest

    “tryin to make a livin offa dissin”

    Ain’t that canibus’ line? Name 2 songs from this dude. Ones “2nd round KO”

    And the other?

    Canibus is being flagrant with this yall

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  • Jeremy Scott

    “dealing with canibus you get ate up, beat down and sprayed up, just for bringing my name up”- Can-I-Bus

  • Akwahman

    Although he won’t, I want Cole to respond to this clown.

  • I dont agree with what Canibus is saying about J Cole BUT…J Cole better leavethat man alone. Canibus is the LYRICAL and will eat 99% of the rappers out right now lyric for lyric. I’m just saying….

  • I dont agree with what Canibus is saying and I think personally he’s being a bit sensitive and musguided BUT J Cole better leave Canibus alone lol Canibus is the epitome of lyricism!! He will eat up 99% of the rappers out right now lyric for lyric. He may not be able to make a goos song LOL but he will chew a rapper up lyrically.

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Yeah but nobody will give a damn

      • Who What Why When

        LOL! SMH

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Deja Vu all over again… Did’nt Canibus go through the same shit from telling L how much he idolized him? It is true. You do to your children what your parents done to you SMH!!! Gotta break that cycle.


    is this hip hop or a soap opera..  hip hop has been dissected from people outside of it. labeled by those that dont even live in the culture. there is no old school new school but there is a standard… this standard will be up held by artist like canibus myself and others.. if you dont like it then as we say lets take it to the street

  • “99 % of his fans dont exist!!” – LL COOL J ether

  • This douchebag already issued an apology, its on youtube, he’s in the video lookin like a crack fiend apologizing for saying anything about the kid

    Canibus has always been an asshole, consider the evidence

    Exhibit A – He tapes a phone call he had with LL and leaks it to the internet, even tho when you listen to the call LL sounds like he’s trying to be a man about it and Bis is crying like a lil girl

    Exhibit B – He digs up a dormant 7 year old beef with Eminem, buys some unreleased D12 vocals and sews them into his diss record just to make people think Em’s peoples turned on him to generate intrest in his album nobody was talking about

    Exhibit C – He goes on conspiracy radio and yells and screams for an hour because he doesnt like the questions he was asked about the situation with DJ Premier and Slaughterhouse, he goes on another radio show and gives the host a lecture because she asked him to freestyle and he didnt feel like it because “I’m not a circus animal that performs on command”

    Exhibit D – He disses the one young mainstream rapper who acknowledges his achievements, for no reason at all, then when he see’s that he finally picked a fight that nobodys gonne side with him on, issues a half hearted apology

    You can Youtube all this shit, I couldnt make all that up if i tried

    • Who What Why When

      LMAO!!! Damn yall gonna make Canibus kill himself!

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    MMaybe J Cole doesn’t like none of your new material, you ever think of that? I used to like No Limit in the late 90s and every now and then I’ll listen to some old Master P, but does that mean I gotta support everything urs coming out with 12 years later? FOH with that sh*t. Do your own promo and stop trying to ride the next man’s coattails.


    Dude aint been relevant since the “ripper returns”

    Solider niggah, thought i told you nigga, cross over
    Slam dunk game over niggah.

    He need to sit his old ass down, didnt dude joins the marines or something.

    LL lit that ass up and

  • Mos High

    This is a huge FAIL!!!!! This is what happens when A- you have no firends or B- your friends are yes men. How couldnt one of his friends or associates let him go thru with this someone should of said   dont put this out there it will make you look WACK!!!!!  Who cares about his appoligy its too late!!! your WACK, WACK  I dont care about how lyrical Cannibus can be, he is irrelivant and has been for years!!!!!

  • Papi Peligro

    Canibus is crazy.  Anyone that analytical is crazy. Not normal. Its because he’s so genius and he’s let his genius now out smart his talent. Look it up though people that analytical are geniunely hard to get a long with. Becuase its on or off with them.

  • David Gonz

    dope song

  • David Gonz

    wai,.. this is a fuckins awesome song……haters fall back j cole is whack

    • LOL, this is the worst diss record ever, and i dont even listen to j cole

  • D_hiloh

    sound like somebody need to sell an album

  • J-Cole isn’t the illest artist to me… And I kind of get where Can-I-Bus is coming from but say, is he on Coke? Get off the powder Can-I-Bus, but great segue into a battle record, lol.

  • Fail Blog for Canibus on so many levels.
    Str8 sucker Move for dissing J Cole ( Reasoning behind it )
    Wack Diss Track
    Pointing out that J Cole only fuggs with his old shyt…..that’s cuz his new $hyt is wack!
    ( State vs Kirk Jones …was fiyah though …but he lost all the respect he gained with that?)

    Should have just stepped to J Cole & tried to tour or record with him & be grateful for that!

  • David Gonz

    do u really need a reason to diss j cole?

  • Bennie W. Pharr IV

    Canibus has always been on my Top5 in the lyricist category, but this shit right here is a whack diss track. You just tainted your legacy my G. Know when to bow out gracious.  

  • smallpoppa24678

    hahaha nice Canibus finish this mainstream faggot