EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY: Frank Lucas Arrested On Social Security Charges


Oh oh…it looks like Frank Lucas isn’t still an American Gangster…or an American Prankster. I don’t know. The word on the street…or in the Offices of Social Security is that the former drug mogul has been charged with theft by deception for misleading the U.S. Treasury. The king of Harlem, who now lives in Newark, NJ, apparently told the Social Security people that he lost a check or two. They they replaced it. And he cashed both. Now he is trying to keep his 80-something butt out of jail.

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  • smokewinston100s

    from making millions off smack to scamming SSD checks.

    goddamn idiot 


    Yo it used to be a niggah from sugar hill.
    Who used to post up
    In here, talking big shit, about how harlem niggas, run shet.

    I believe he went by the name of fizzroy.???? Lol

    Is this what yall harlem snitches got to resort to. Lol

    Damn homie, in high school
    You was the man homie
    What the fuk hapoen to you??????

    Well my uncle didnt know frank in high school,
    But he knew him back in the gap, lol

    Its a shame my uncle past bout 2 weeks ago.
    He told me when me & this fizz dude was beefing.
    He laugh when he saw american gangster lol…….

    Now old rat lucas scamming SSI for a check?????
    Is this what yall harlem flashy niggas got to resort too????

    Lmao if frank needed a loan, he could have came to philly.
    And got one. How you in ya 80’s still scaming.

    Oh fizzroy, if u read this.
    Dont worry uncle got bury like an real “american gangster” lol

    Put yall harlem niggah to shame…….

    And shout out to any dikeaters that relays this post.

    Thank you in advance. I miss old man fizz around here.

    Nobody to beat up on, in my spare time.

    Bring back fizz

    Bring back fizz

    Bring back fizzz

    Lol okay i done……….

    Oh best believe he took his last ride through the hood also fizz,

    Something you snitch harlem niggahs cant do.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Somehow, I knew El Bark would be on here!

    Drug dealers ain’t got a retirement plan!

    On SugarHill…..Pee Wee Kirkland

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  • NYCPeruano

    Damn shame at one point in time this man was making millions a month now he trying to get over on a few hundred dollars smh !! GREED is every dealers mistake !!

  • H. U. S.

    Damn Frank, you went from Keys to bad knees!

  • My man!!! (Denzel voice of course)

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  • therealest1

    I guess some people can’t let go of crime life even though they have other opportunities after it.

    If he really saved his money from his drug empire that was heavy in the 70s, shouldn’t he have some when he was released? The government can’t always get all the money from peeps they catch doing shady activities.

    I assume this geezer got paid pretty good from Universal when American Gangster was made since it was released through a major studio, it was based on his life, and it was a profitable movie.

    I assume he should’ve had good enough legitimate money when that movie was made.

    Perhaps he got greedy with social security. And how was he able to qualify for social security anyways since he never really worked legitimately when he was younger because he had a once successful major drug operation?

  • The real fail is the comments man…wow…

  • Trauma562

    Lay low snitch. This nigga is an informant

  • SDS_Overfiend

    Bum Ass Harlem Nigga….. SMH!!! Harlem Niggas stay Snitching then Bitching.

  • Christian Good

    snitch?? lol lucky luciano and meyers lansky were snitches too and they died old men in their beds without the gov touching their real money. there’s no rules in the game its every man for himself. you just gotta get the suckas to believe youre as loyal as they are.

  • NorthDollasTX

    reading thru random posts … and some of you NO RESUME AZZ niggahs saying SNITCH this, SNITCH that – shouldnt even fix they mouth to speak on nothing especially if they never been IN – the struggle…furthermore, snitching is like an STD – and abstinance is the only cure.  If you cant accept that PEOPLE SNITCHING ….   “dont be mad, ups is hiring”

    • EL_BARK

      Throwing rocks & hiding you hand my G????

      Just saying, being as though its only a handful
      Of comments,

      And i mention the word snitch several times……

      But as a rebutall snitching is part of the game….

      But you sound like u justify it?????????

      Do i gotta go get in my dasaint bags, and get some transcript?????

      I mean even from our tommy hill back & forth. It comes across as ur sympthaetic towards them..

      A dude aint got to be in the game, to have principals……..

      I thinks that were the two get confused…..
      By the way

      Check my RESUME nigga.
      My record’s impeccable
      Anywhere in the PHILLY nigga
      how EL is highly respectable

      • NorthDollasTX

        hiding my hand LOL over the internet- c’mon B – i’ve proved all i needed to in life and aint got NATHAN to prove to niggahs i wont ever meet – I THINK LIKE A FATHER NOW – A GROWN MAN conscious and some what ashamed of THINGS I CANT TAKE BACK – why would i not tell the other side of it/repercussions –  you think NOT SNITCHING is having principles …

        HAVING PRINICIPLES wouldn’t put you in the predicament to do anything worth snitching on … thats what having principles is … dignity, now thats something different.  NOTICE i said you “NO RESUME AZZ NIGGAHS”  earlier … cuz niggahs who AINT built like that (to survive in the struggle) make it real easy to get on a hip hop forum and shit on niggahs that lived that life – regardless of ratting, death, or incarceration – ME being a GROWN MAN i cant allow some niggahs that never stepped them steps, or took a pen. chance in life to line up ANY real niggah reagrdless of that REAL NIGGAHS DOWN FALL

        i’m walking my own path now NOT the one to the streets but i be GOT DAMN if i let sucker niggahs sit back and take shots ar a REAL NIGGAHS WRONGS – regardless of what it is SO   All that GANGSTERISM talk is for them other GROWN niggahs that still living they 2nd childhood – and NOT ME –

        sidebar: thang is, ON MAMA’S i knew when i hit submit/send on that POST UP that you was gonna be the ONLY person that misconstrued my comment –
        or took some offense to it – predictable!

      • EL_BARK


        Not even my G…… I knew when i read the shet, with only 4 people commented it on. (snitching)
        That i would be the only niggahs to say something.

        In fact any or everybody that read your post, after reading mines,
        And anybody that KNOW the both of US, on here already knew,
        I was going to have too respond. If was almost like you was asking me,
        But doing it indirectly….

        Funny thing is on my MOMMA, ( your voice)
        I already knew you would say, ” i the only one that took offense”

        Can you blame me, when u come in a room.
        And buss off shots, at 4 niggahs standing in a room???

        We know each other or know each other style on here, quite well,
        U will agreed. ???? Just like you knew when, u press post.
        I was going to respond ????

        We’ll let me just say. First rule i learn when shooting.
        “hit the niggah you are aiming at”

        If its only 4 niggahs in a room, instead of leaving shet to interpetation.
        Right a niggah NAME ON A BULLET………

        You cant shoot up a room, and then be like if a bullet was aim at you,
        But didnt hit you, why say something.!!!!!!

        If you shoot up a room, and i happen to be standing in the room.
        We’ll be both know, i going to buss back.
        I guess i am predictable. Lol

        But on your post, The term “real niggahs” get mis-used a lot.

        And the term is over used…..

        A “real niggah” doesnt snitch……….

        So u taken offense, to niggahs who
        Might have not put in work, but yet are dissing a “real niggah”

        Is like a oxy moron………….

        Real niggahs dont snitch………

        Or atleast where i from they dont……
        Or not suppose to….. Lol

        As always respect the convo,
        Even though we dis-agree. Atleast i aint call you a 2/3 niggah. Lol

      • NorthDollasTX

        LMAO – c’mon man this is getting comical … LMAO (this niggah actually said 1ST rule of shooting in regards to a message board comment “hit the niggah you’re aiming at” … c’mon “B”  … “shooting up the room … bussin’ back” – OVER A COT DAMN CPU – yeah okay my man … sure! 


        its easy to say i wouldnt have snitched when you aint the one facing football numbers – just like some suckers say REAL NIGGAHS TAKE IT TO TRIAL – but the niggahs saying that aint never “played chicken” with they freedom facing 15/25 witta L –

        think about it … phuck would i care if FRANK LUCAS snitched for – especially when i know that those are the repercussions of this shit –  all that is to me is a red flag to stay away from that niggah now – a REAL NIGGAH does not mean HE WONT TURN SNITCH – thats why i distinctively said “UPS IS HIRING” for them niggahs that think they cant be snitched on – cuz that shit is inevitable at some point

        NEWSFLASH: where you from aint no different than anywhere else and  AS A WHOLE we would all be better off the faster we ALL recognize that –   niggahs snitching in PENNSYLVANIA like they snitching in GEORGIA – ya’ll on MAYOR NUTTER said that there was a crisis of trust in the city of bro love.  And we didnt even mention the PHILLY MOB INFORMANTS – ya’ll on the top of the list for snitching IE – SCARFO – DIDNT A BUNCH OF state prop rappers take the stand against them MAJOR FIGGA nggahs too – c’mon man LOL – i dont put SNITCHING passed NOBODY
        niggahs OWN MAMA’S uh give’m up

        see i dont live by other niggahs/rap music standards i live by my own NOW … so a REAL NIGGAH to me is someone that always been REAL WITH ME – and that transcends the STREETS – some of’em square, some of’em still gotta struggle to eat

      • EL_BARK

        Come on ND…

        You know damn well the shooting is board lingo. Smh & then lol

        As far as philly being tge top of the list for snitching not EVEN….

        I think u might got ya facts a little off….

        We started that no snitching shet, lol not that i am proud of it.
        But that was up first….

        As far as mayor nutter statement. He comments was refer to
        “people not trusting the police” thats why the city has a hard time to get people to testify in cases. That why we have some many crimes taken place in broad day light,
        With do much “boldness” if thats a word. He wasnt talking about people in the hood not trusting each other. As far as every place being the same.

        Yes & NO… Its terms of hoods and crimes and drugs and murder yes,
        Every city is the same…

        In terms of how often and frequents crimes are commited, no evrry city not the same, and the over all general enviorment, of all cities varies greatly…

        Ex. Northphilly is a lot different from zone 5 in atl.
        Just like 5 ward is prolly different then your typical block in LA.

        I been to many the hoods, in diffetent cities, and some of them didnt live up to the way they are portrayed, or not what i though. The same can prolly be said about philly,
        From someone not here..

        But what i do know is, the hood in philly might be a whole harder to survive in,
        Then say st louis, (pow dasaint)…..

        Your intial statement was made under the assumption that mean ir the other,
        Had been in “said”predicatements.

        I have, and never thought about telling. On taking it to trial, makes you a real niggah.

        Not true. Taking it to trial depends on how
        Much evidence the DA has.

        If you got caught red handed, robbery a bank.
        Money, guns, on take leaving. Your a fool if you take it trial.

        But if you got a chance to beat a case, instead of just taking 20,
        Fuk it. Rock out and rumble it, according to what ya lawyer think, and how long your bread is.

        state trial can easily be maniuplated. It easy for someone to give a statement.
        Much harder to take thst stand. ” and testify”
        When you got the “whole DAMN HOOD” in Court room looking at ya. Lol

        I seen many a witness, suddenly forget, change their mind,
        Or switch they story up, when it came time to spill the beans in front

        And if u do lose, oh well espically if your ass was guilty any way. Aint like u was innocennce,
        But you always get an appeal.

        On scarfo snitching, that the itilian mob, and i not sure if nicky snitch.
        I believe he got ratted on. Also they tell on each other all the time.
        Difference is, they get witness protection, and relocated.

        Niggahs in the hood dont get the same treatment, plus not to mention,
        The mob only scare they own. And even then its not the same. Lol

        Cant compare hood snitching to organize crime snitching.

        Its the same, but also different.

        Also chris gave a statement in spade case, how you going to say the whole state property, when the group consist of 6 people…??????

        Sometimes you change facts, i think to make your points seem
        Valid, then what they are…..

        Just like you had stated mac snitch, based on ehat tommy hill said. Lol

        For the most part, that state prop vs MF shet stayed in the streets.

        And shet got a little to real for chris, but he was still a kid really.
        Not an excuse though.

      • NorthDollasTX

        on mama’s … i already researched the facts about PHILLY’s SNITCH RECORD – so im’ma snack on this catfish real quick while i read thru the rest of your POST UP – lol at the “board lingo” btw – but for real doe –   


      • EL_BARK

        Yo i type a nice response, but gay ahh,
        Didnt posted. My last post got cut off.

        We’ll finished convo i sure. Lol

        I not re-typing all that from a mobile, plus bout to bust a move.

        I get wit-cha on
        The next one.

      • NorthDollasTX

        i was researching a place for me and the LIL ONE to volunteer on Christmas day … then i seen that DISQUS pop up in the bottom left hand corner

        i thought it was ALL THE WAY ON  – get at me on the next 1 though

      • NorthDollasTX

        1 “we started that no snitching shet, lol not that i am proud of it” – El Bark 2011

        …actually BALTIMORE started the campaign in 2004

        2. Mayer Nutter’s exact comment was “THERE IS A CRISIS OF TRUST IN THE CITY OF BROTHERLY LOVE” that sounds like CANT NOBODY TRUST NOBODY TO KEEP THEY MOUTH SHUT – and i re-read the entire article and never once did he mention NOT TRUSTING THE POLICE opposed to OUTRIGHT OFFERING INFO TO THE POLICE – and in turn if you SNITCH than you obviously TRUST THE POLICE ENOUGH to tell it — RIGHHHTT (in my EASTCIDER voice) lets move on then LOL ….

        3. my TAKE IT TRIAL comment was to show that theres different opinions on what  a real niggah should or shouldnt do – some quote REAL NIGGAHS feel like taking it to TRIAL is the only way – some the opposite … when clearly it should be a matter of weighing YOUR CHANCE at beating the case OR copping out to a plea – instead of riding it out and getting stuck with THE MAX. 

        THAT BEING SAID – #3 should give you some insight that there aint no rules to a real niggah – so i can only say a real niggah is someone who ALWAYS kept it real with me and in this case NEVER POINTED THE FINGER AT ME

        4. “mob tell on each other all the time” true indeed – that being said I did research this and PHILLY has a very high rate of MOB mf’s turning STATES EVIDENCE

        5. “cant compare HOOD SNITCHING to organized CRIME snitching” why not – SNITCHING IS SNITCHING – was FRANK LUCAS not in ORGANZED CRIME and snitched – was YOUNG CHRIS not an ordinary HOOD niggah that turned STATES EVIDENCE-HOOD SNITCHING

        snitches is snitches – now tell me this
        NORE phucks with CAPONE and they claim CAPONE snitched on BLACK CHRIS (or whoever the phuck) regardless NORE still gonna rock with CAPONE cuz thats his niggah #1 and he aint never shitted on NORE – now NORE gonna have to watch what he say-do around CAPONE but to NORE – CAPONE is still his REAL NIGGAH – thats what i mean by its too many variables/nuances involved and i can only judge a niggah byt the character or lack of that he shows ME

      • EL_BARK


        On the mayor nutter issue. Wrong quote. I thought you was quoting a speech he gave or made, bout two years ago.

        In regards to a couple of shootings, that happen in broad day.
        And this was right after the cops, killed two people who was un harmed.

        And he was saying, the cops have a hard time solving crimes,
        Cause tge witness, refused to testify. Which was a direct results of tension boiling between cops and common folks, after the cop killings….

        That whats i thought you was returning too.

        On the b-more, naw i dia-agree.
        They might had got credit for it., but man that no -snitching has been a civic duty of philly, streets
        Since the 60’s…. My nig.

  • Papi Peligro

    I wonder when you pick up that career how you think its going to end.  

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