Ludacris, Waka Flocka

Hip-Hop Rumors: Waka Flocka Disses Drake and Wiz Khalifa!


Waka Flocka caused quite a stir when she jumped on the Kay Slay’s Shade 45 radio show to send a couple shots to Wiz Khalifa. During a conversation about rappers who think think are strictly hype, Waka brought up Wiz Khalifa’s name. 

“Hey Slay, how you feel about these rap n****s with all this hype?,” asked Waka. “They ain’t got no swag, they really hype. They hype their way to the top.”

Kay Slay replied back and said, “You name a name, I’ll name a name.”

Waka responded, “Wiz. Wiz.”

Also, on the low, Waka has been dissing Drake heavy, comparing him to Burt from Sesame Street. Here is an example of what he’s tweeting.