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Hip-Hop Rumors: 106th & Park’s Rocsi Diaz And Rap-A-Lot’s J. Prince…A Couple???

Rumor has it, Rocsi has a new guy friend. I think this one may be enough to get Webbie to shut up. Why? According to, Rocz and J. Prince are now an item. Yeah, J. Prince, the pioneering street mogul at Rap-A-Lot. He’s also 100% official in the streets…and some may say he’s a real gangster.

Nevertheless, here is what they said:

Friday evening, while we were all minding our own business (partying, sleep, or cupcakin’), sources shared that Rocsi Diaz (the co-host of BET’s 106 & Park) was spotted cupcakin’ with a new potential boo. As you know, Rocsi tries to keep her romantic life a bit private, as she should, especially after the ugly spat between her and LisaRaye over her Michael Misick (LisaRaye’s husband at the time).

Rocsi has also been romantically linked to Bruno Mars recently (although we think that’s a bit far fetched…who knows?). Anywho, who’s her new boo? It is none other than J.Prince. Who the eff is he? He’s actually the CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records. The two were spotted at D.C.’s Stadium nightclub, and we were told, “She was all over J.Prince.”

  • Mike Davis

    H-town always in the news. J. PRINCE & the Lot legendary…

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  • smokewinston100s


  • a_dash

    I would guess he’s old enough to be her father…



    How you know he 100 official in those streets.???
    Aint you from delaware niggahs.

    Let me guess your sources told you . Lol

    Did j-prince cut ya a check?????????

    Oh wait forgot. You chuck, and gangster grouchy greg,

    Heavy out here in them streets right?????

    I forgot that niggah grouchy gangster greg,
    Know that niggah jimmy very well. Lol

    Totally forgot my bad, Funny shet i read this year…,

    “i know jimmy very well”

    Niggah u dont know jimmy ( big pun voice)

    U think u do, but you have no idea.!!!!!!!!!

    By the way did you tell him you was borderline dry snitching in yall
    Jmj tribute???????

    Oh okay just was curious………..

    Wait i forgot jimmy sitting in MDC, Since you know him
    “Very well.” U put any money on his books,????
    Visit anything???????

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  • SamuelLJacckson

    Damn, that’s Crazy RIGHT THURRR.

  • TruthSerum

    If Webbie comes up with his legs broken we’ll know for sure

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  • El Bark:
    Stop that!

    J-Prince is %100 Official!

    No need to elaborate, but you know the pedigree!

    The whole Rap – A – Lot …( ok, Ok, OKAY >>> Joe Pesci Voice ) maybe not all of them , but that Scarface track ” Peter Roll ” ( P D Roll ) was a tribute to Pistol Pete ( Rollack ) , from the Bronx , but not Terror Squad’s fake Pistol Pete. LOL

    Real thugs end up in prison or dead.
    The Real Pistol Pete is doing life in solitary , in ADX , supermax.

    Thug = Person who uses violence as a social tool
    Gangster = Person who uses violence as a business tool.

    • EL_BARK

      Naw i wasnt questioning J Prince officialness. Lol

      I was questioning how someone of illcoon caliber, would know????
      He gets his panties in a bunch on here, and can take criticism, without throwing hissy fits.
      So in real life, i know what type of niggahs he not rolling with.

      I assume one of his many sources, vouch for him.

      Then i forgot the vouch prolly came from ” grouchy gangster greg”

      Be he run with know street dudez. ( his word not mines)

      When did pistol pete get sent to ADX,?????

      I thought he was in the feds, in up-state PA?
      Allenwood, or lewisburg!!!

    • P.D. ROLL means to get blasted (shot), as in by the way the police blasts brothas. (P)olice (D)epartment Roll’d

  • 2nPac

    Lol @ Bruno Mars being far fetched, but J. Prince believable. 

  • VATruff

    I think they mean J Prince Jr not his dad cuz that dont make since but the young J Prince put on Drake so i dont know

  • Akwahman

    Rocsi gets around

  • Chrisblackusa

    good look j,,,,,off dem nyc streets back in the big tex,,,,cant wait till willie d touchdown,,southside,,eastwood,stop6,polywood,woodhaven,,como,,fort worth,,,5th ward htown,,,,oak cliff tx and sunnysouthdallas,,,,,ugk snatched up fort worth style and ran around the world with it,,,true story,,,just as chuck d snatched up son of bezerk style and ran,,,


    LMAO!! One of the BIGGEST skunks in the industry!! She’s giving SuperHead a run for her money!! What drugs are these people on nowadays that they think they can do all kinds of foolishness & nobody will try them in public?! Skanks these days have NO shame!!

  • J. Prince is a WELL KNOWN homosexual….Unlike Frank Ocean he will remain in the closet…..He had Pimp C murdered for speaking the truth on his clost gay bullsh*t….search google & youtube & read about it