Mannie Fresh2

Mannie Fresh Ft. Waka Flocka, Juvenile and Fat Pimp “Bald Head”

[ahh_audio src=/12-14-11/MannieFreshftWakaFlockaJuvenileFatPimp-BaldHead.mp3]

  • Zom



  • The Truth

    Mannie Fresh had the best verse.. Lollll

  • The Truth

    Bald headed- bubble gum/skin dry thun thun thun/3 strings of hair hanging from the mother f*cking front/I smell kitty fish, sweaty socks and rat piss/ratchet dirty stank b*tch, looking like ya p*ssy itch/Girl you a mess get that hair up off yo chest/go and chop that shit down and make yo ass a birds nest/Nothing on the top and she got patches on the side/ The bitch look like a globe so I call her worldwide/

  • MrTroyMercy

    !!lo!!l lmao!! wtf!! smdh!!!! Manny nice on the track but homie need to leave the mic Be, this is azz but at least it’s funny . this song is a hot mess but aye..