Shyne Studying Torah in Jerusalem

(AllHipHop News) Rapper Shyne has revealed he is leaving his past filled with “misogyny,” behind and is no longer steeped in the Hip-Hop music that made him famous.

The rapper, who is equally well known for his involvement in the Diddy and J. Lo nightclub shootout 12 years ago, is leaving his past behind.

“I don’t even want to be a rapper,” Levi said in the interview with Time Magazine’s online publication Global Spin. “I don’t listen to that music. I’m a musician. I’d rather be like Bob Marley or Leonard Cohen, one of those guys.”

These days Shyne, who now goes by Moshe Levi, spends his days studying the Torah, has rapped at fundraisers for terror victims and the Israeli military.

He’s even rapped about solar power at the opening of an alternative energy plant in the Israeli desert.

“Totally philosophical and sophisticated,” he told Global Spin. “No misogyny. None of that deranged stuff I used to be into”

In addition, Moshe Levi has hopes of developing a youth center in Belize and among other things, a college tour in the United States, given he is granted approval from the State Department.

In related news, Shyne recently made headlines for his collaborative song “Miracle,” performed with fellow Judiac Hip-Hop artist Matisyahu, who recently cut his signature beard.

Shyne Performs ‘Solar Energy’

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  • This ni@@a is a fraud.  Jail really does fu@k up a person.  I really think he knows he can’t keep up with today’s artist.  He is out of his lane by far.  You can only impersonate a person (biggie) for so long before your 15 min of fame is up.  Plus that real gangsta music can’t sell no more…even though I think that old shit is far better than this new shit they putting out.  But anytime you got these old great artist signing to these new dudes…you know the game has changed….just saying

    • Realist4200

       Truth has been spoken. Let him go do his spiritual mission or whatever he’s on though, we’re not gonna miss him.

    • pennaitor

      I agree with you, the wise one. Just look at LOON, he was associated with drugs the last I heard of him.

  • H. U. S.

    A Green thumb rapper??? Shyne, quit BS everybody….you only got a deal because you sounded like Biggie, and nobody would buy that shit anyway!

    And WTF is he wearing in that video? He wouldn’t make it in the game dressing like that, he look like he robbing throw back stores now!

  • Life after Bad Boy    


  • Realist4200

     He’s done with Hip Hop? Okay – Peace.

     But didn’t he just put out a few sh!tty songs earlier this year? I think he just figured out he can’t go any more, so he’s gonna leave on his own terms instead of getting booed out of the game. Oh well.

  • johnblacksad

    Bad Boy… but not 4 life! 
    This ninja done pick up the Malcolm Little syndrome… except that instead of coming out of jail to support the oppressed Palestinians, he goes jewish, and even sings for their military! hmm… you can really tell he done with rap… that ain’t hip hop at all!

    Shyne went Judah Nazurah for real!

    • On numerous occasions, he has visited Palestinian sites and talked with the people. He is well respected amongst all those living in the land.

  •  Totally baffled by this move ….smh.. What ever makes you sleep at night. TheBatMan

  • you know whats funny? if those songs he put out after he got out of jail actually did well, we would have none of this. 

    lol @ flopping so bad you start looking for signs from God!

    • PL

      ^^I totally co-sign on this!

      Rappers these days are like Autobots or Decepticons..

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  • D_hiloh

    whatever floats ya boat


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  • This $hyt is fuggin EAR MURDA!

    I’m surprised Mr TroyMercy / ISK hasn’t chimed in & completely fuggin spazzed at this wack $hyt!

    Came out of Jail sukking Israeli dic? GTFOH!

    I ain’t never heard no $hyt like that!

    Come out gay? Muslim? Born again? Worse than when you went it? Better than when you went in? All believable…this $hyt?

    Imagine how he gonna feel when the realization sets in that the Israeli’s put him in jail!

    Wait…maybe it already did?

    Is he rocking a reverse mohawk?

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  • wow, everyone who used to role wit diddy is convertin. ha. craazy.

  • williefonte

    This n*cca thinks he’s slick! All his azz is doing is KISSING AMERICA AZZ so that they can let him back into the country! LOL…….. We see you n*cca! Side with the Jews & pretend that your back azz is Jewish & than MAYBE they’ll feel sorry for you & lift the banned for you to return back to America!……. smdh/ F*cking SELLOUT AZZ N*CCAZ I SWEAR!

    • I lived with him in Jerusalem and I can assure you that this is
      no act. The man is dedicated and honest about his lifestyle. If
      anything, America will try to keep him out of the country because of his
      power to do good in the at risk communities.
      Edit Reply

  • I lived with him in Jerusalem and I can assure you that this is no act. The man is dedicated and honest about his lifestyle. If anything, America will try to keep him out of the country because of his power to do good in the at risk communities.

  • “Listen girl, dont lecture me. I got some Malcolm X in me,
    but who am I to save the world? Its too much of a stretch for me.”

    “HIP HOP HEADS” have a serious stigma. All you want is real lyrics, but when someone comes along and spits some wisdom, you laugh.

    The Lyor Cohens of the world are stacking up the paper while they use the ignorant 15-30 yr olds as pawns.

    REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR MIND. Music is meant to inspire.