Hip-Hop Rumors: Freddie Gibbs Gets Caught Traveling On A Plane With Weed!

Freddie Gibbs


Some major “wows” and “how’d you do thats” are in order for Mr. Freddie Gibbs, who recently traveled with two bags of weed with him on a flight. BUT! A) Why are you traveling on an airplane with weed? Isn’t that what you pay people for? and B) The fact that you somehow got to keep the weed is applause-worthy!!

TSA, FAIL on your part! We definitely don’t want to see another rapper catch a charge or get locked up, BUT come on! Did you really not think this was going to come back and bite you in the *ss?

Now, we’re not leaving it at that. Freddie, as much praise as we’re giving you right now…REALLY?!! You got away with a pretty big crime, and then you tweet about it??? In the words of Ed Lover, and more coincidentally, as a TSA employee wrote on your notice, “C’MON SON!”

Let’s hope that this warning is all Freddie has to deal with, but TSA, you’ve got a lot of explaining and firing to do!

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