Freddie Gibbs

Hip-Hop Rumors: Freddie Gibbs Gets Caught Traveling On A Plane With Weed!


Some major “wows” and “how’d you do thats” are in order for Mr. Freddie Gibbs, who recently traveled with two bags of weed with him on a flight. BUT! A) Why are you traveling on an airplane with weed? Isn’t that what you pay people for? and B) The fact that you somehow got to keep the weed is applause-worthy!!

TSA, FAIL on your part! We definitely don’t want to see another rapper catch a charge or get locked up, BUT come on! Did you really not think this was going to come back and bite you in the *ss?

Now, we’re not leaving it at that. Freddie, as much praise as we’re giving you right now…REALLY?!! You got away with a pretty big crime, and then you tweet about it??? In the words of Ed Lover, and more coincidentally, as a TSA employee wrote on your notice, “C’MON SON!”

Let’s hope that this warning is all Freddie has to deal with, but TSA, you’ve got a lot of explaining and firing to do!

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  • TheBoxcarHobo


  • H. U. S.

    Damn really? Couldn’t just wait to touch down & buy some later?

  • Why are you taking Freddie’s side. A dude let him off with a warning
    instead of snitching on him, and then Freddie turns around and gets the
    nigga’s ass fired? Thats a snitch on Freddie’s part plain and simple.

  • King Cold

    I swear some niggas got too much time on their hands.smh. Go Make that debut album and stop wit the fuckery

  • People need to stop saying “snitch”.

    • That is your opinion about a word, but it doesn’t change what Freddie did to some dude working a 9-5 letting him off the hook.

  • KingRell25

    Who Cares


    Yo, this shet is serious…..

    The TSA is allowed to open and search air passengers’ luggage for security screening in the U.S.[21] They are also allowed to cut open, destroy, or otherwise disable locks during a search.

    The agency has sanctioned two companies to make padlocks, lockable straps, and luggage with built-in locks that can be opened and relocked by tools and information supplied by the lock . These are Travel Sentry[22] and Safe Skies Locks.[23][24] TSA agents have these tools, as do certain authorized security agencies such as UK Customs.

    Yo, yall do realize, that these niggahs are above the law & constitution…..
    I think, its a law forbiding unreasonable search & siezure.!!!!!

    So what give a TSA agent the right to open, or cut off a lock on my bag..
    Oh wait prolly cover, under the patriot act….

    Or some other bull- shet law they made. Since 9-11

    Soon the gov, is going to plan another terror attack
    And pass a law, they can search your car, or glove compartment,
    Or trunk.

    Our house……. Shet is getting crazy…. And people dont realize it.

    Aint no muslims, or terrorist bomb them towers.

    It was the american government…..

    And what was the cause to go in his bag…..

    The x-ray machine at the airporf, is capable of seeing,
    Everything that is capable of being dangerous.

    If all he had was clothes in his bag, which i assuming he did,
    Cause they didnt report any other contraband.

    And i doubt he would have a heavy metal or dense object,
    In his bag with all that weed.

    Why they search, his bag in the first place……

    That was some bull shet, and trust me, the TSA knew what they were doing.

    Weed is light in weight, and even when it comes up on an x-ray.
    Is come up as a green image on the screens.

    Heavy meatals, guns, knifes, bombs, gerenades,
    Come up dark orange. And the shape is very easy to recongnize.

    These niggahs was on some suspect shet…..

    They prolly aint charge him, cause its legally wasnt in his “possession”
    When they found it.

    This mesaage has been edited……

  • Win & Fail for Freddie.

    Next time, TSA worker will have him arrested, or the next person.

    Kinda wack ending to getting looked out for.

    El Bark is %100 correct.

    **Looks like he was smoking some GOOD!

  • if you ca get away with it you would too. what does that make ahh foe posting this on their site? just as bad as freddie for tweeting it.

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  • TruthSerum

    They shoulda never gave rappers twitter accounts man, lol, and I like gibbs but really my dude, you feelin yourself that much, you so Gangsta now you just gonna brag about some shit like this loud enough for the world to hear you??……..SMDH

  • Medical Reasons! 

  • Royal_Chiefa

    Well..being that I’m expert smoker here..that looks like a chunk off the brick of some mid-grade..Looks can be deceiving however…but that don’t look nothin like what I be smokin on..I hope it’s not no mid-grade…would be dumb to travel with it..

    • NorthDollasTX

      on mama’s it do look like a big bag of “midget” … far from some KEYSHIA COLE and cut that out ROYAL_CHIEFA >>> you know you be on that K-Town  LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      • Royal_Chiefa

        LMFAO Gotta respect that you at least know what we call it up here..lmfao na bro..I can’t get down on that Keysha Cole..That mess gives me that bitter beer face bro..Trust me..ya boy goes to Denver every 2 weeks if you know what I’m talkin bout

      • JRT2

        yea thats looks like some commercial right there……