Hip-Hop Rumors: Justin Bieber's Next Career As A Rapper?


This kid is not playing. I am getting word…not really…but I am sort of semi hearing that Justin Bieber is testing the waters over whether or not a career as a rapper is in the cards. I forget the other attempts at the moment , but you remember Beebz tried to get into the BET Cypher, but Preeme called him out for letting Luda write his raps or something like that. Anyway, here is a vid sent to us from @BuffetJackson and its Justin Bieber rapping over the “Who Shot Ya” Biggie beat! That’s definitely a serious beat that would suggest that this kid is trying to take over.

This is the other day in Las Vegas.

Click here to see Kanye, Jay, Tyler the Creator, Cudi, Bieber, Aziz in one pic!

I think Beeb was inspired!

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  • TruthSerum

    Might as well, cant possibly be any worse then the rest of the mainstream scene at the moment

    I dont even have any rap stations programmed in my car anymore so I’ll never have to worry bout hearing him spit, I just stick to underground when it comes to Rap, or Old School soul and Classic Rock…… But Modern Day Mainstream rap, lol, nah, I think I’d rather go deaf

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  • y even post the bullshit?

  • Pablo Andres Mireles

    hahaha str8 garbage lmao!

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  • Christopher Neely


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  • H. U. S.

    Did he just say ”peace in my heart” during that rap? If he sells as a rapper, then I’m done with rap forever!

  • Numbuh Four

    This is what happens when you got dozens of sweet ass rappers making it look easy. You get some feminine Canadian pop star giving “freestyles” to a bunch of horny ass little girls, who will then proceed to call him the next Eminem since he’s white. Niggas gonna shit on what I just said but when this cat take home rapper of the year at the Grammy’s in five years, y’all won’t be laughing then. SMH at myself for having hope for the mainstream rap scene.

  • Alex813 said  it best!

    If J Bieb does win a grammy , I”ll LMAO!

  • Carolina Perez

    Did he say his toe is getting redder? LOL

  • smh damn shame that he even feels comfortable enough to do this an let ppl release it to the web. JB,Kreashawyn no rappin ass, yelawolf,mac miller all of em suck asn b4 would not have gotten a pass. Black ppl this is what u did, all u uncle toms, sell out ass niggas that wanted the white dollar so bad this is YOUR FAULT!  Black ppl cant have shit cause everything we get, white ppl either take or we GIVE it to them. So the one thing, the biggest thing that we have/had is Hip Hop an your giving that away too, smfh. HipHop is Dead, I make music an I still know that.  Thats why I rode around today playing, jayz, pac greatest hits,an wale. I cant take it, rap 2011-2012 if it aint jcole,wale,or kendrick lamar I aint fuckin wit ya. #Disgusted

    • Brendget Jones

      you sound like a bit of a racist #justsayin

      • in your opinion, obviously someone agreed with me. lol

      • bs_hater1

        I’m ridin’ wit’cha Sable! I agree with 97% of everything you posted. People get offended by the truth. That don’t make you racist. The truth is just the truth!

      • Exactly! I’m glad someone sees, if i offended anyone who happens to be white on here that was not my intention. I just think we as a people have been careless with an artform that was created by us for us. I knew white kids in the early 90’s who wore fubu jus like we did, that dosent mean the reason fubu ws made or the meaning was different, an that was my point.

    • stfu…  the “white dollar”..  money is green homie

      • lame ass, if u dont like my comment skip over it, Ur immature response was unecessary.  Most of us have passed kindergarden an know what color the paper is, so  i guess u want a cookie for knowing that its green lol. Imma give u the benefit of the doubt, maybe ur as dumb as you seem an didnt get my implication.  HipHop is a art form that was created by black ppl who werent being represented an needed a voice. Since they have always been in power in this country, white ppl already had a voice. So black ppl said we’re gona do this for us, poor black in the urban community who want to speak to an for our ppl, make music we can relate to. An hiphop was born, it was indie for a while an when it first started to get popular it  wasnt as big as other music genres so the ppl who made the music were’nt getting rich off of it. So eventually they sold out, to gain a bigger audience therefore accumulating more wealth and power.

        For example lil wayne came out as a “thug” a hotboy from the hood, who had never seen the suburbs an for 10 yrs he had minimal success. Then he decides, hmm let me make music more catered to the white ppl an all of a sudden he blows up, start making millions of dollars, an now he’s some druggie,punk rock, skate boarding dude. Mighty convient dont u think?? Now he’s a household name, white chicks who would prolly lock their doors if they saw him walking down the street b4, know who he is and will do anything for his tshirt. He sold out, everyone knows it an thats why ppl question his credibility these days. Im sure you still will have something ignorant to say, but hey i gave u the benefit of the doubt, lol

      • true But Wayne was never thug sorry yaw need to research Kats for real..Juve put cash money on thug alot of the real thugs in cash money are dead or in jail.. Wayne grew up around it not in it thts a whole different story as did LIl Bow wow who grew up under some real OGs thugs dont accidently shoot themselves or perform in schools plays He joined the Cash Money in 97 key word Joined he was a honor student when he decided to quit school and do music stop playing.. Turk, BG, Juve were the thug in cash money,, Wayne was a narrator writing about what he saw and what white person would be scared of him he got tats and converse whewwww scary thats the average white kid these days lol…Sable I feel yaw all im sayin is do some research on the game too then you will learn who for real and who for fake.. This business today is about branding and making a artist image sellable and believable to make money..

      • Yeah this true, I dont think wayne is a real gangster I never did. I tell my cousin a die hard wayne fan all the time, how did wayne have time 2 be a G? He was recording music an on tour with baby from 11 12 yrs old an came out at 15, so when did he sell drugs? he aint have time to, bk in 99 on my mama i saw him an the whole cash money crew rockin blue flags an orange flags in the videos! Wearing the blue flag in the crip pocket, so idk one blood that does that an i know plenty.  An im sure he didnt wait until he got rich, then went to the hood an asked to be jumped into a gang, he false flaggin IMO.Talkin about he got off the pot right after he got shot, as if someone else shot him lol.  I know BG is  real cuz he be in Detroit all the time, hangin in my hood so he thorough, juve too, but baby an wayne suspect. trust boo I know the game, that ws my point wayne always frontin like alot of  these rappers. He came out tryin to be hard, then switched up his style when he saw he could make money from it. Its all about gimmicks, Nicki is a gimmick, Drake is too they have taken the whole branding thing an made a joke of the hiphop scene right now. YMCMB an their circus show is winning cuz ppl are payin to be entertained by bullshit. An  I know plenty of white ppl that are scared of ood niggas wit dreads, ive witnessed them clinch purses, trust i dnt speak on anything i dont know about. Yea some white ppl might not be afraid, but every white person aint tatted an into that type of shit.  All in all the last sentence of ur comment ws my main point, today ppl dont give a shit about the artform, anyone who they think they can sell (JB) they allow in the game so they can pimp them. It wasnt like that before, an Its a sad time for HipHop an true Hiphop fans.

    • With all that ignorance and prejudice in your soul you make music?  eh it’s probably garbage.

      • lol garbage? like his wack ass, uniformed, disrespectful comment u just posted?  You dont know me to say that im ignorant or prejudice an my statement didnt suggest those things, u clearly need a dictionary and a thesarus if u think so. If you dont like my statement thats fine, and u can even say so but do not disrespect me homeboy, stay in ur place.  I couldve gotten ignorant with u, but since im not a internet gangsta an i know theres no point cuz i cant see your ass I wont. The nerve of some niggas lol smh. You wouldnt get one metaphor in any of my bars anyway, you obviously have the mental capacity of a 5 yr old.

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    That’s a shame.

  • Brendget Jones

    This is in reply to sable fosters comment: It’s interesting how you didnt put Em in that list lmao, Hiphop is an art form and art doesnt know ethnic boundaries, there has always been white people in hiphop. I hate this reverse racism surely if someone writes good lyrics, does it really matter the amount of melatonin in their skin. Also FYI Yelawolf can spit! You also allude to how black people ‘cant have anything’ sorry were rhyming cupplets inventing in New York in the 70’s cause someone should probably inform Shakespeare, Milton, Wordsworth etc cause they are gonna blow their ish when they get told

    • Well first of all, Im not racist! I have no issues with white ppl or any other race for that matter. Im black an native american and half of my family is bi racial most mixed with white. SO now that ive cleared that up, I was saying as a whole I feel hiphop has started to sell out because they want to cross over an get that “white dollar”. I will explain that since some idiot who commented b4 didnt understand what i meant, an u might not either. By white dollar I meant the suburban white kids who  are the largest market in this country, who dictate whether something is commercially sucessful or not. For a long time hiphop didnt have that audience an they werent get rich because of it. Now thanks to all these artists trying to cross over, they do have tht audence an if it werent for downloading piracy they would be even richer than they are now.  Yes anyone of any skin tone can write a rap, but hiphop wasnt jus about rhyming words together, it was about telling stories and speaking on the struggle.  I didnt mention Eminem because one he is the best rapper out besides jayz IMO, and two because he is from my hood (Detroit) and I know for a fact that he has credibility, Im cool with some of his friends. My argument wasnt to say a white rapper is wrong, or shouldnt be allowed to rap. Eminem is probably more hood than some black dudes you know, he grew up in the struggle, he’s not perpetrating tryin to be what he thinks is “cool” like JB an them.  Most of these lil white kids coming out are soft ass, lil suburban kids that dont know shit about what they are trying to portray, their imitating what they see on BET(is BET racist?). JB an kreayshawn are no different than B-RAD (whateva his name ws) on Malibu’s most wanted IMO. They are making a mockery of a artform that I love. So no im not racist an im not sayin rappers cant be different colors im saying, if your not from that lifestyle dont try an do it jus because, listen if you want, take a walk on the wild side when u play ur $300 Ipod but keep it real with yourself.  Yelawolf I thought he could spit at first, but then I listened harder, naw his flow sounds generic an his lyrics are mediocre at best. Now there is a dude from  Cleveland that can SPIT! Umm, oh MGK thats his name, I like him! Also, Im a fan of Shakespeare an he was no rapper lol.  It takes more than just rhyming words to be one, a 4th grader who has never heardrap before can make words rhyme in his english class, I know  these new rappers like soft ass drake think word association is all u need to be a rapper nowadays, like nicki sayin ” ima a star, sheriff badge” thinkin thats a hot line lol. Rap a whole is becoming laughable, but the JB thing is taking it too far.

      • true some valid point well spoken but sorry white kids have always been fans of hiphop since day one dnt be fooled research shows not edited ones you will see dnt get it twisted at all behind close doors surburban kids always listened its just today its more open.. and I think people look at Eminem as a white rapper bec they dnt understand hiphop as a culture so they get hung on race and try to reproduce him as a artist… the culture of hip hop is lost thats why you see such a disconnect bec back in the day if u were whack kats showed up to your show to diss you and take it over and give u a beat down for disrespecting the art..

      • You have a good argument too, an I can believe what you said about white kids listening, I am young so im pretty sure there are some ppl who listened  that I wouldnt think did because it wasnt accepted in their homes even. I agree 100% about how before a wack emcee wouldnt last 5 minutes on stage, they would get the sandman treatment lol. Tahnks for ur comment, I knew I wasnt jus being unreasonable or mean. I love all people I just like the real, an I have a issue with phony ppl  an lack of talent.

    • Do you really have melatonin in your skin?  You gotta be sleepy as shit all the time man.

  • 815k1

    i wouldnt buy it, its woeful. i didnt play it back 

  • oh god smh… diggy simmons need to beat dude down.. oh wait diggy just as soft.. a battle of two down feathered pillows hahahahahaha u kno cause they both soft.. lol..

  • out all the press this lame gets he still only got what one big song? that lame “baby baby baby” track lol..  gtfoh he should stick to… uh… saying baby 3 trimes in a row.. but damn if lil wayne can have ghostwriters why cant beaver??? lol..

  • PhreshBeatz365

    Gtfoh! @PhreshBeatz365

  • King Cold

    Who gives a fukk. AHH is losing its edge.

  • somebody tell this lil lame to stay in his lane, this lil wanna be igger aint built for this game

  • YouKnowWhat…..

    did any of you actually listen to it before commenting? it didn’t sound bad at all, he prolly had it ghost written but who doesn’t these days? I’ve been visiting this section for years and it’s funny that the first comment I’ve dropped has been on a JBieb freestyle, lmao. That being said, half of you commenters don’t have a clue. Take this “Sable” individual for instance. I dig what you say as far as the crossover issue, which is real but hey, nothing wrong with artists actually getting paid for the “craft” they chose. As far as the fans of the music goes, there should be no issue with it because for every mainstream artist spitting what you don’t wanna hear, you will find 10 lesser known who spit what you do, they just aren’t on the radio, Mtv or any other mainstream outlet. Try copping mixtapes. Where “Sable” really loses me is when he brought up Em saying “his credibility is valid” or something to that affect. Exactly what makes an artist credible? They are performers, most of whom personify a given image, which is marketed to the masses in order to profit, period. Em, and all of the rest of them fall into this category. If you are trying to say he’s real because he was “poor” or grew up a certain way, you are wrong because that has nothing to do with what truly makes any artist “credible,” and that is talent. Also, if you believe hip hop started out being about street tales, then all you know is the nineties. Hip hop started out about the DJ, the break beat and the party, really similar to some of the stuf that’s popular now. Travis Porter(who I am not a fan of) are actually closer to hip hop in its original form than, Nas, Jay, or Em. #knowWhatyouAreTalkingaboutBeforespeaking…….

    • bs_hater1

      I didn’t listen to it nor do I plan to. I also have a problem with your comment about an artist gettin paid for any craft they choose to. That type of thinking is half of what fucc’d the game up. Justin Bieber don’t love hip-hop. It’s to many credible artist with “real” talent out here to have some culture stealin’ young-azz white kid bank roll his way in the game. It’s some good white rappers that I really appreciate so this ain’t about race. I’m saying he don’t love hip-hop because if he did he would respect it enough to not try & be a rapper. Hip-hop is too watered-down already. We don’t need a celebrity disrespecting the artform because they wanna “look cool”. True talent is what makes an artist “credible” & credible artist shouldn’t need ghost-writers to make a debut. Take talent away & all you got is another leech tryin’ to exploit the game like its just another hustle

      •  Bs_hater1 you are dead on babe, an im glad someone else with some sense is on here commenting instead of these lil nerds who think they got the handbook on hiphop an know every damn thing. I couldnt have said it better myself, its not about race alone. Its about privledged lil posers tryna get rich or in this case richer off some shit they know nothing about. They fronting an using our culture to expand their empires. We dont want u rapping jus to add a collabo wit lil wayne to ur resume. I live for this shit, if i never make any money n stay in the hood my whole life imma still bump the new hot shit i hear it, i bet he wont. But there isnt any point in trying to argue with these ppl on here, they think we should open the door an let anyone who wants in into the game. hell next you’ll have Taylor Swift tryna do a rap album, she already callin T.I to be at her shows. like why?   You probably dont even know the name of his first album, cant name 5 songs.  I just dont wana see HipHop end up like Rock. A black created artform that the white man came an stole, re packaged an tried to call his own. Ppl dont realize it but thats exactly whats happening, 5 yrs from now all the popular rappers will be surburban white kids watch an see. It will be talented young blacks kids who really know the artform an cant buy a deal, but JB an Vnasty will be on the cover of VIBE an Yelawolf will be on XXL. Wait thats right now! lol  Smh

    • Well one I did listen to the freestyle an honestly if you think he didnt sound bad or that he has talent; the rest of your comment has lost all of its credibility and value because your cant even recognize a terrible rapper when u see one.  I think its a good thing that artists are able to eat off of their craft, but I personally would never seel my soul for riches or in otehr words “sell out” you obviously would.  Thats the main issue is there are lots of ppl who think like you an lack integrity and pride, and will do anything for a dollar even if it means giving up your own damn culture. I never said there was a issue with the fans listening. if you read my comment thoroughly you would have seen where I said if you want to listen, listen just be real with yourself. I know all about the undergroun scene an mixtapes, thats pretty much the majority of the music I listen to these days cuz mainstream rap is so horrible. Credibility not only comes from having talent myian but being a real person an being true to yourself an your fans. Have you ever heard of the term street credibility? Ok that means that there are credible sources that will vouch for youm or your actions haven proven that you are or were a real presence in the streets. So what you said is false, Em is credible in the streets not only cuz he ws poor (lots of poor white ppl exist too) but because he ws a street dude who hangs with street dudes and does street shit. He just happened to be white, thats why he has some credibility because IKNOW when he says certain things, like pistol whippin a dude in a bar, or gettin fucked up in a hood club, or sellin dope to feed his daughter that its true. He isnt some white kids from the burbs who is good with words an decided to create a character an has no credibility cuz noone can prove any of it is true. An if you think Travis Porter is closer to original Hiphop than Nas or Jay or Em your completely delusional and have no business commenting on a hiphop site IMO.   .#ThinkingYouKnowItAllAnKnowingAreTwoDifferentThings

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  • Tony G.

    he’s a talented kid..not a great rapper..but hey..with the bull-ish that passes these days..why shouldnt he hop on board..he will sell based on his brand alone