Hip-Hop Rumors: Kobe's New Girlfriend???? Whoa!


So, you know by now that Kobe Bryant is getting a divorce from his longtime wife of like 10 years. He’s also got a pair of girls. But, the girl everybody is talking about is of the home-wrecker type, according to rumor. Apparently, Kobe Kobe has been getting his swerve on with this:

Now, as we all know, Kobe has no prenump, but apparently the divorce is already wrapped up. So, he loses a lot of money, but finds a dime.

Hmmmmm….win, lose or draw?

  • WOOOO… He gained a DIME for sure.. but he lost a Queen and 2 princesses! You decide + / -?

    • losing a queen, 2 princesses and a “hunned mil”, is always greater than one dime and freedom.

      • You can NEVER put a cost on Freedom.  We don’t know what Kobe could have been doing to her to make her go file for divorce other than the cheating allegations & we don’t know what SHE could’ve done to force him to “cheat” so Freedom can be priceless depending on the situation.  I wish the best for them both though.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        Cats talkin all this “she bad” shit like an attractive woman cant come with no bullshit. I don’t live in that man’s house, so I can’t judge him. Once a woman is married she gets comfortable…lazy….etc. Who knows what this man was goin thru. Don’t always jump down the man’s throat when shit don’t work out. That is how bad women are enabled to do the shit they do.

  • therealest1

    He’ll be a free man soon, why not? But he should never make it legal again if he wants to keep his player card because it won’t be worth making it legal twice again.

    If you’re married legally, you never want to make it legal twice. The second time is the divorce, and that’s not good either.

  • Kevin Houston

    Loss. Not even close

  • Family & $$$ >>>> Dime

    Still, can’t blame him for poking!

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  • RIGHT! He took an L that goes on the record in the preseason!

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  • Naw..his wife was bad from day one and never lost it.  And she even stuck with him through the rape charge?? Kobe f’d up on this one..

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  • bs_hater1

    This chick don’t look as good as his wife plus I’m sure she gotta lot more “miles” on her than his wife does. Even if you don’t agree, his money, his wife & his kids together look better!

    • DezBundy

      Well if it was all about “looks” I doubt he would’ve cheated in the 1st place. People like Kobe, Tiger Woods, Nas shouldn’t get married in the first place. They were all well off before they married so it’s not like bitch in question helped to build their empires. So all they had to do was pop out a kid or two which shouldn’t require forfeiting half your income if it doesn’t work out. It would’ve been cheaper to stay single and have all the freaks you wanted. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

  • His wife probably won’t do half the things the new chick does (swallow) and he got strung out on her. Hope it was worth the 100 mil, Kobe.

  • What is a “prenump”???? Smh…

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  • In reality , this shows character flaws.

    Not poking off , but how.

    Should have been more discreet.

    Checked out pics of his wife & she is pretty as well.

    Seems like it would have been cheaper to keep her , and better for the family , but it is what it is.
    Kobe = Fail

    But wish him luck anyway.

    Next man gonna be happy with Vanessa & Kobe’s $100 Mill?

    With proof of infidelity , she wins big in court if she takes it there.

  • dis bitch look just like his wife, dont even know what race dese hoes is, they look like the same woman, dis shit lame.

    • DezBundy

      Maybe it’s just a newer model of the same car. 

  • ladynamor

    You should never, ever ever, ever leave one and immediately go to another. Spend some time alone and regroup, and recoup, ALWAYS! He just went from one golddigger to the next goldigger.SMH

    • nastinupe

      I don’t consider his first a gold digger since they dated before he was in the NBA.  

      • Kei

        Please.  Everyone knew he was NBA bound!   Did you see him play in high school?  She knew what she was doing…

  • DezBundy

    Wow… you can tell from a lot of these comments that some of you aren’t used to being with an attractive woman. Trust me after 10 years that shit fades and you don’t know what this chick is like behind closed doors. This break up was obviously done way before we know about it. His biggest mistake was not having a prenump, which depending of the terms still becomes null and void after being married plus years and having children. So marriage was a biggest mistake. Plus it’s almost 2012, you can drink the milk for free w/o buying the cow for 100’s of millions.

  • a_dash

    It’s “pre-nup”

    • C foevanluv Tibbs

      “pre-nupT ” lol

  • Adrian C. Perez

    Docs have been filed 10 years is a long time to put up with anyone’s fuckery in my opinion they are both going to come out on top just hope it’s in the best interest of there daughters.

  • Ouch. I don’t know how good a wife she’s been, but she sure is pretty though… He’ll be alright after a while, though, maybe… Maybe not??!?!? Because there again >.< We've seen how this story ends (i.e. Tiger Woods, Mike Tyson). I hope this cat keeps it together over the long run.

  • soooo…….which one you think will be on the second season of basketball wives?

  • LoverOfHipHop

    That looks like the exact same chick…

  • Akwahman

    I blame shaqs book for some reason.


    I’m sorry, did u just ask was this a win, lose or draw? (N-WORD) is you serious…Hey, if u wanna be single, than be single. You get married and have kids, than you have a responsibility to your wife, kids, and family all together. I don’t knock the hustle if that’s what you want to do, I’m sick the excuses and passes we give these clowns. In what universe is this even close to being considered a win? You think his daughters think this is a draw? I betcha his accountant don’t think it’s a win….”Ya Big Dummy” 

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  • Tony G.

    Cali is a community property state..and it has this unofficial “ten yr” rule…Kobe’s marriage has probably been over for the most part since the incident in Colorado…but to take advantage of the two things I just mentioned..she stuck the hell around until now…the whole situation is just coming to light now that its official.

  • I think its a win for her on two counts. . It is a HUGE loss for Kobe. I think she played the role quite well. Stuck through the charge of a few years ago and then utilized the 10 year rule to ensure that she not only will get alot now, but she can go on a spree, loose it all and still be able to claim even more from him FOREVERRR.. thats what the 10 year rule is peeps.. Money for ever.. Even the worst divorce lawyer can effectuate getting more out of a man whose wealth is probably only set to increase as time passes. Only thing stopping this is him passing away or she gets married. Now we all know she will never get married again.. haha..

    But on the other hand, Since I dont know the woman, and cant (and wont) stick my hand in fire and claim it was all her fault (would not surprise me if Kobe had girls everywhere), i gotta call this a win for her on a second note.i.e. (Kanyes west’s 3rd verse on gold digger – sparks this kinda action from women) and I think its warranted. You get what you deserve.. Put differently You CHEAT, I DIG.. hahah

    Final call as an outsider – WIN for the ex Mrs..

  • Kobe, is going to get raped financially for the rest of his life now. He definitely shouldve gotten a prenup.. But most females wont want to accept a prenup from a man, cus they know thats their investment.. And that investment will go right down the drain if they agree to it. I mean then again, once a man has a baby with a chick.. They screwed anyway! Dam.. A man cant win either way in the U.S., whether it be marriage or having a baby. He gets squashed by the balls no matter what..

  • its cool kobe…..its cool pay ya ex those crumbs…and keep it moving bra!

  • Win…Money ins’t everything…Regardless of what Drake say# SWAG!

    • I wonder if Kobe’s daughters think it’s a win. But then again, only someone who uses the word swag WOULD see it as a win…smdh…

  • Name me King

    In my opinion . I think she should be compensated up until the last kid turns 18 (damn sure ain’t millions) then……… she should be on her own…. No reason that Kobe should have to take care of this chick for the rest of his life…. whats her earning potential without Kobe  30k or sumtn….. She stupid though she gone blow through that shit… you already know that gag order is already in place.

  • if he lost a 100mil. gues what? he still has a 100 mil? how much do we have all together?

  • Benjidoggy

    I dont know why people keep bring up the fact that he had no pre-nup….It wouldnt matter anyways. he married her when he was like 22. he made most of his money after they were married. The pre-nup would only protect what he had pre-marriage. He was going to lose fairly big anyway in a divorce….And you can believe the Colorado scandal is going to be big in the divorce, plus any new chicks

  • nastinupe

    lose… his wife was fine too.  He should have just screwed women in some far off country under an alias and left it at that.  

  • Her ass will be on Basketball wives in a minutes, she is gonna get paid on top of Kobe’@Benjidoggy:disqus  Ca$h. Bank that for sure! Kobe, You’re ex-wife is a hottie….

  • Smplyred

    After 10 years, Vanessa gets paid…as she should. “He loses a lot of money but finds a dime?” Really? So Kobe is a winner because what? He can dig up a gold digger in a matter of minutes? More power to “the dime”, he’ll be banging up hotel help again in no time. If the “dime” thinks she’s won something other than to be treated just as she and Kobe treated Vanessa….my opinion of this broad is correct. Karma is a beyotch.

  • NasirMescudi

    Man please!!!! Vanessa Bryant hasn’t pump faked the shit out of anybody for that money. Hasn’t hit one jumper, won any titles, no gold medals, never dropped 81. And like Kobe she never went to college. So why does she deserve 100 mil? All she did is raise those legs up like all of Kobe’s others. She was just a jump-off that Kobe wife’d as an emotional young man. Let this man be great. He’s got the fame, got that Lakers money, and that Nike money. Keep prospering KB24

    • Magic979


  • gwjoo

    Actually Vanessa is a pretty bright gal, and I’m sure her parents were advising her through this ordeal.

    Lets be real, African American Men are notorious for leaving their wives and children, and if Kobe was just a regular guy, Vanessa would had never given him a second look.

    We have yet to see the major Kobe melt-down, especially when Vanessa finds a new guy to move in with including Kobe’s kids….YIKES!!!

    Can you say OJ Simpson version2.0