Legendary Poet Maya Angelou "Shocked, Disappointed" Over Common's Lyrics

(AllHipHop News) Legendary poet Maya Angelou has publicly chastised rapper Common over his track “The Dreamer,” from his album The Dreamer, The Believer.

Maya Angelou, who wrote the poem contained on “The Dreamer,” was offended by Common’s lyrics on the track.

She was especially offended at Common’s usage of the “N-word.”

“I had no idea that Common was using the piece we had done together on [a track] in which he also used the ‘N’ word numerous times,” Maya Angelou told The New York Post.

Maya Angelou said that she was “surprised and disappointed” and that she had never heard Common use the word.

“I don’t know why he chose to do that. I had never heard him use that [word] before. I admired him so because he wasn’t singing the line of least resistance,” Maya Angelou said.

Common told The Post that the N word was “a part” of him, but he admitted that he never warned Maya Angelou about his lyrical content.

“I told her what ‘The Dreamer’ was about and what I wanted to get across to people,” Common said. “I wanted young people to hear this and feel like they could really accomplish their dreams.”

  • whatever, you dont like it dont listen. wow that was easy. anymthing else?

    • TruthSerum

      She’s featured on the song, did you even read the story??…… Usually I could care less about these older folks who cant adjust to reality but he should’ve had more respect then to include that word on a song that featured somebody so publicly against that type of language

      • I agree. This could lead to a recall of his CD’s and a Law suit.Stay Tuned!!!

      • Tony G.

        well I doubt if a lawsuit is viable..but definitely a recall of the album to re-do that song…I think Com will find a way to right the wrong tho

      • johnblacksad

        Totally agree… one thing though, she can’t accuse Com of never using that word befo’

    • Tony G.

      ur an ass

  • King Cold

    Common shouldve informed her ahead of time. Plain and simple

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  • Is she is that mad, then turn down the money. I have much respect for her, but let an artist be an artist. Its not like she didnt know the type of language he uses in all of his materials.

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  • bs_hater1

    Probably should’ve told her upfront. That older generation is really sensitive about the N word. It don’t make sense to our youth because its like the norm for us. This old lady, just like a lot of people who were around during the civil rights movement get real upset when they hear anybody say nigga

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    • Tell your grandma that and see what she says.


      • Damn AHH and its comment moderations, made me type this shit out all over again…

        Man you CAN’T be serious…1st off I never said I personally look at it in a negative way…hell I say nigga 100 times every morning when I wake up, helps keep my teeth white (word to Paul Mooney).  I gotta real question though, how old are you fam?  There’s no way you can be older than 21 based off that comment, especially that ignorant ass “reason why old people die” logic.  I suppose next you expect em to just forget about havin to go to the back of restaurants just to get somethin to eat too huh, or havin to walk to school in the winter while the white kids rode right past em on the school bus?  The f*ck outta here.  Whether YOU like it or not that time period is stuck with em for life, it’s part of who they are…and anytime they hear us say nigga it reminds em of a time when they had to endure some of the worst shit a person could ever go thru in life.  So yeah I say it, but I don’t say it around my elders cuz 1) I was raised to have RESPECT, and 2) I have a sense of history and acknowledge their reasons for feelin the way they do about certain shit.

        And far as your lil idea of “gettin past the old thoughts” of the word, I gotta call bullshit on that too cuz them thoughts ain’t went NOWHERE.  I’m only in my early 30s and grew up in towns were it was perfectly acceptable for white folks to call us all types of niggas (and NOT as terms of endearment either) and harass us to no end, and the second we stood up for ourselves WE got in trouble…they locked my pops up for goin outside with his pistol to defend his family against a mob of white muthaf*ckas that was surroundin our crib WITH the white robes on, tryin to pour gasoline around the house and burn us out.  Just one incident of many from high school, this white boy told my homegirl to go back to Africa and when she told him to take his white ass back to England, SHE got suspended.  I’ll go even more recent than that though since you feel like times have changed so much, cuz your ass MUST be either completely blind or braindead if you ain’t noticed how many times Barack’s been called nigga since the moment he announced he was even runnin for president and how many times he’s been threatened by racist organizations.  You really naive enough to believe those racist muthaf*ckas from the 50s and 60s didn’t have kids who were raised to be racist, who in turn raised THEIR kids to be racist??  That shit ain’t dead, and you’re a damn fool if you believe otherwise.  Tell you what, let one of them muthaf*ckas call YOU a nigga (and not as a term of endearment), and we’ll see how quick your goofy ass “gets past those old thoughts” of the word.  Wake the f*ck up “my nigga”.

      • Shakim 30013

        Asanti sana for that comment. Much respect.

      • Indeed fam, I just get sick of seein our people  be so damn proud of detachin ourselves from our roots and lookin down on those who came before us cuz we’re the ONLY ones that do that.  Dude knows damn well his grandmama would smack earth, wind and fire out his dumb ass if he ever said that bullshit to her.

      • Mos High

        Thanks Brother Malcolm, you said all what I wanted to say and more. We are giving this sh3T a pass no way!!!

      • Lauren Ashley

        PREACH IT!!!!! mad respect dude!!!!

      • EL_BARK


        Brother malcolm. Lol

        Well put, as always……..

      • Shit no wonder you say the dumb shit you do, with you puttin shit like this all on your Soundclick:

        Kotti KaDotti

        AR-15 NI99ERVILLE BLVD Apt AK47
        Atlanta     GA  

        Ol Sambo ass…

      • Romia Blue

        People die period…doesn’t matter if they’re old or new. By that logic it’s a reason why folk live to be 104. To pass on knowledge. At the end of the day the word N*gger was brought up in ignorance. Until you completely ELIMINATE ignorant mutha phu*kas using it out of ignornace and hate, then we will continue to have people upset about it because more than likely they’ve experienced it. Last I checked, racists didn’t stop using the word when we became free. They picked up sticks, crossed them and set them ablaze. Last I checked, racists didn’t stop using the word when we asked for civil rights. They shined up a badge, grabbed a few water hoses and dogs and let them have their way. Last I checked, racists didn’t stop using the word when we became relevant and making moves in this word. They started creating microcosisms of their struggle in an albeit repetative struggle, wallowing in their own ignorance and revamped the new name for N*gger; uncle tom’s, coons, and fakers.

        “You ain’t a N*gger because you black, you a N*gger because of how you act…but you don’t want me to tell you the truth, so I’m gone lie to ya, make it sound fly to ya” Goodie MOB – Cee-lo

    • Mos High

      Your another flippn idot talking sh&t. I cant be easy when I hear these simple minded people talking sh*t

  • H. U. S.

    Commons ass knew better, that’s why he didn’t tell her straight up…she’s from a era of freedom fighters, do people expect to hear MKL’s ” I have a dream” speech with the N-word on the track?

    Common can do better then that! He’s got a vast vocabulary and excellent lyrical content, so he did that snake ass shit purposely!

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  • Matt DG Ealy Sr.

    All respect to the pioneers of the old school.. but it is this obsession to hold on to the old meaning of the word that gives it power.. A word can only have as much power as you let it… The people of my generation have killed the old meaning of the word by using it the way we do to describe either our close friends or to describe some one of the male gender… By us doing so you are seeing generations of kids ( Many Not of the Black/African American Race).. who don’t even know that a form of the word was ever used as a racist term… I learned the word as a child while living in the ghetto and didn’t know it was a racist term as I learned it from other black folks.. It was my Irish American (White) Mother who heard me and my brothers using it and had a melt down.. and than had my Father (Black American) explain to us the racist origins… Although as we became teenagers he never really had an issue with the way me and my friends used it…… and more and more the old version of the word is lost from memory and therefore holds no power.. just saying… It shouldn’t be about what word someone uses but what they mean by what they say… One Love.

    • Mos High

      IM sorry I will never agree with that. That argument saying word doesnt mean the same is bullsh*t..Ask someone to “draw” a nigga..Who is going to draw the person indian,white or chinese etc,,Wake up. Yes we know many of us still us the term doesnt mean its right.  The old VERSION OF THE WORD , what the hell does that mean!!! Its not cool at all for any white,indian, chinese or whatever to be calling any black person a nigga NEVER WILL BE AND NEVER HAS,,,Maybe we need to make ok to call people a kite,chink, paki,. Yeah thats right, What up my Paki, What up Chink, What up my Kite..Get the point, 

  • Adope Femalemc

    kcuf that, “my n1gga” is NOT a term of endearment..i thought it was, till a white friend wanted to call me “her n1gga”.

    remember that before YOU called some “my n1gga” out of endearment, your Great-Great Grandmother was calld that by some white man or woman out of “ownership”.

     literally MY N1GGA.

    nobody owns you, stop givin that chit the ok, idgaf who feels “left out” by not being able to SAY nigga…

    you get to be left out of every stereo-type associated too. 

    still coonin 4 white folks in one way or the other, smilin in they face while they call u they “nigga”

  • Adope Femalemc

    For some reason, this got me thinkin bout how Rosa Parks sued “Outkast” for their use of her name in their song “Rosa Parks.”

    “And yes you’re getting sued by women who didn’t get up, out they seat, on the bus”-Andre3000

    seem like every generation, the preceding generation has an issue with. 

  • People are talking. Album sells are down. Can we say PUBLICITY, boys and girls!

  • Gray_Bull

    When your respected elders have to call you on the carpet publicly, you know you f**ked up. Being ashamed (and not doing it again) is the appropriate response.

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  • Mos High

    Im glad she came on 106 park(well on the phone) and cleared it up by saying she will not let her and Common be divided.. Thats what we need more, we have a issue keep it with in the circle and get it addressed. 

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  • LiveurlifeThisyear

    The word n*gga has been used as slang 4 some time now. I’ve heard young latinos, asians, and samoans call each other that. My father came from Louisianna and he used to always say: U ma n*gga if u don’t get no bigga. All this energy being expounded over the use of the word makes me sick ’cause people continue to get away with too many actions that continue to make us n*ggas.Expend some energy over that and then maybe we won’t have so many young African-American males winding up in graveyards and prisons.” Anytime you’re south of the Canadian border you’re south. ”  

  • rep87

    niggas need to DIE so BLACK PEOPLE CAN LIVE . not many can rap without using the word it only show he or she has a limitied vocablary.

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