machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly [BGA] Ft. Ester Dean "Invincible"

[ahh_audio src=/12-17-11/MachineGunKellyftEsterDean-Invincible.mp3]

  • Christian Good

    im surprised puffy aint on this….ugh

  • Ronlg1

    I likes this….not the same beats and instruments that everybody else is using…no overly used words like “swag”, no overly used “Punchlines”, no lies about being a boss or selling a million dollars worth of cocaine in 3 days……Hell, I think I like it.

    • Christian Good

      so he gets credit for not being ridiculously redundant? this sounds like skylar grey or any other “inspirational track” like that recent p diddy track. it is catchy tho.

      • you bitch ass nigga hate’n on MGK i see you on the streerts im smack’n yo bitch ass

  • ILoveMyNikes85

    I’ve been waiting on this song…dopeness!