Slim Dunkin

Police Have No Suspect, No Gun In Slim Dunkin Murder

(AllHipHop News) Police are still seeking the gunman who shot and killed rapper Slim Dunkin in an Atlanta recording studio on Friday afternoon (December 16).

According to Police Major Keith Meadows, as many as 20 people were in a recording studio on Memorial Drive in Atlanta, when a dispute broke out between Slim Dunkin and an unknown individual.

During the altercation, an unknown individual produced a gun and shot the 24-year-old rapper once in the chest.

According to Keith Meadows, police have yet to produce a suspect, despite interviewing as many as eight eyewitnesses.

“We’re still talking to people,” Meadows told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “The truth is we don’t know exactly what happened.”

Slim Dunkin, born Mario Hamilton, was a part of Gucci Mane ‘s 1017 Bricksquad collective, which features artists like Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman, Frenchie, Whoo Da Kid and others.

Slim Dunkin was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital on Friday after being shot once in the chest.

“WISH IT WAS ME … MY FU**ING RIGHT HAND IS GONE,” Waka Flocka tweeted. “Damn I feel dead. All this stress.”

Police are seeking the gunman and have yet to recover the murder weapon used in the deadly shooting.

  • bulllshit they know they dont wanna say 

    • shyshyfromclayco

      got to 20 mfs in the building somebody know something

  • IvanAndersen


    • gadite

      for real jus like at clubs etc theres many haters, enemies around……. when i think about it they should have security at all times cant takes chances.

    • You think they would’ve learned from the Tupac incident in NY and the Jam Master Jay murder.  Not even the studio’s safe.  Too bad for Slim.  Only 24, damn.  Had his whole life ahead of him.

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  • 1017 Bricksquad prolly the worse lyrical squad ever assembled.. lol.. why yall listen to wack rap is beyond me “oh cause they real” yeah real wack!!! gtfoh


    • MrTroyMercy

      Homie you a straight up bytch azz nikka …I can tell how you type . I bet if somebody had one of ya mans riding around in Hover Round or Maggot Grub over a argument would you be typing the hoe azz shet you be typing ? I bet you hang around a bunch of ack rapping azz nikkas yourself …what if one of them donkies got murked and a nijkka who blogs goes on hip hop site (every single on that had this story like you did ) and type Rest In Piss would yo donkey azz feel ?

      Yeh so what you don’t like slim or brick squad yada yada yada and that mess but to go around being a keyboard & and typing all this hateful shiit …just shows that you a succka azz nikka ..

      Oh yeh fucc a spellcheck and a grammer check …tough azz nikka!

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  • like DMX said: You do dirt, You get dirt “Trick”

  • TruthSerum

    Like anybody who knows summin is gonna speak up and put their lives in danger for this guy, I wouldnt either, its not like this was some innocent family man who got killed for no reason, its one trouble seeking hood dude who got killed by another, it comes with the territory, not worth getting involved

  • Shane G

    He went to Southfield Lathrup High School which is a suburb of Detroit. I wonder when he got involved in all this gangsta shit?

    • mike

      prolly wen he moved to guess

  • good im frickin happy

  • bigbugga

    like chris rock said,the gov hates rap.their not gonna find out who killed him becuz they dont care.

  • Ummok_Sure

    Wow people should think before they post. If it were you, you’d want your family to have justice regardless of your past acts or line of work. You people need to do a self check before posting like assholes.

  • Hey, 20 people and no one saw anything.  You live by that stop snitchin shit, there you go.  His family will never be at peace or find closure.  But who cares?  Y’all keepin it gangsta right?  Smh.  His so called homeboys won’t have his back on this one, guaranteed.

  • GoogleGilpinCourt

    Every famous person who dies is gonna have someone piss on thier e-grave

  • ” Stop Snitchin’ ” in the context of senseless murders is absolutely nuts ! “Come on son”… On the one hand, don’t snitch on a dude who sneaks out of a 7/11 with a beer… That’s snitching… Petty shit. But a ridiculous murder? “Come on son”.

  • Honestly now, gov  hates rap…… well most likely. If it were not the very example of moral decay of a generation. Ehh death sucks but live right. Oh side note why does urban culture have such crappy grammar?


      Another Whitey Stankoski interjecting ethnocentric perspectives, get your long Eureopeon nose out our business cracker ass cracker!!

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      You’re right, but all rap isn’t negative. Record labels force this wanna be gangster sh*t down the throats of the consumers, and these kids follow and imitate whoever is hot at the time. That’s why there’s so many fake Blood sets poppin up all over the place now. If we support the positive and stop uplifting and glamorizing the negative, a lot of this sh*t would stop.

      As far as crappy grammar, who cares? This is the internet, not a term paper.

      • You can’t even expect her to overstand that though fam, you can tell by her post the only reason she even saw this article’s cuz her one (and only) Black friend shared it on their fb or some shit…bumpin Wheelchair Jimmy’s probably the closest she comes to anything even remotely resembling Hip Hop.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Nah, you right but just b/c she’s ignorant doesn’t mean I’m gonna give her an ignorant response. That’s what they want, and I ain’t stooping to her level.

      • Nah I feel ya, trust and believe I do.  I was just sayin cuz I’ve dealt with her type on and offline and they never get it, regardless of how good the response is.  Ain’t hard to tell she comes from a sheltered background and has never been thru any real shit in her life, that’s why her Taylor Swift lovin ass is so worried about grammar and shit.

      • LouieDaSaint

        Brotha little in tha building lol

      • Haha Brotha Saint, what’s good with ya famfam?

      • LouieDaSaint

        chillin fam enjoying being ABOVE ground. Happy Holidays…and shit!

      • LOL  Likewise my brotha…and shit!  I feel ya though, everyday above ground is a win, especially these days.

    • MrTroyMercy

      Bitcch take your hillbilly azz in the backwoods and watch yo people fucck hogs and drink cheap moonshine . As far as grammer bytch see if you can understand this … ” getty ur ole white ugly azz offa hiphop internet sites trin to be a teacha chile cuz alls u iz , iz a white cracka ehh now moral decay my balls helfa”

      Cracka use da word crappy cuz hurr breaf wreekz off shet.

    • Adope Femalemc

      rap died when your people got involvd

  • #RealRap

    For real, the streets talk… People know who did it. Closure does not have to always involve authorities. Like it or not, Waka a boss and that was his right hand man. He’s about to put money on someone’s head…

    • MrTroyMercy

      dry dry dry dry dry sssssnnnnnniiiiiitttttttccccchhhhhiiiinnnnnnggggg! homie chill with Speculations and stick with real ish at hand partna . Nobody on this site , unless you were there knows nada and noone knows if WAKA is a boss and will PUT MONEY ON SOMEBODY HEAD. Jus think about that what you type cause THE RAP POLICE IS REAL and unlike Legends of the ILLUMANTI – poelice do read these site . (Yes Poe-lice).

      If u don’t know shet then you shouldn’t speak on it like that …but if you did I now know that you will be a chronic dry snitchin type . Its all good though you .

      • Tony G.


      • bs_hater1

        School em’ Mr. Troy Mercy! These cats gotta lot to learn!

      • Alright alright alriiiiiiiight!!

  • Tony G.

    20 people around…ur boy gets popped..nobody knows anything..and ever crazier…nobody DOES anything…very interesting

  • 20 witnesses? If you ask me, that was alittle to many people in the studio. When you making bread like that. You have to be able to control your environment. You need to put security above everything!

  • bs_hater1

    This should come as no surprise. Name one murdered hip-hop artist that the police has found his killer. I don’t know of even 1! Pac, Biggie, JMJ, Big L…Too many to name

  • Royal_Chiefa

    Man ish is gettin crazy out here man. I aint a fan of dude but c’mon..I done seen too much news about young black men getting killed in my city and all over the U.S. When we gonna realize that our ancestors fought long and hard just for us to have the opportunities we have today..All we do with it now is kill eachother over the dumbest shyt.

    Then my other problem is..if you see you homie arguin wit a cat..and  he pulls a strap and shoots him, how the F**K did  he even make it out the studio/video shoot/whatever you wanna call it? Sounds like a bunch of people saw they patna get popped and aint do nothin..

    • MrTroyMercy


  • Adope Femalemc

    they never have leads when it’s one of us, but can find Saddam in a hole in the ground in another country

    • JRT2

      They never have leads because b**** niggas is too pu*** to talk, come on all those people in the studio and no one can say sh**??  What were these two niggas in a remote closet all by themselves or something??  and then you go out and say my dog, my brother, my nigga, my right hand, but yet you can not say who shot him to get him som justice??  al a bunch of fake ass niggas, f*** that no snitching shit, wrong is wrong, it takes a real man to stand up for what is right

  • LouieDaSaint

    rest in peace to the lil guy , but he sure was tough in them lyrics he spit SMH

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  • rep87

    this brother was 6;8 he would have been better off playing in the nba instead of trying to get in to this broke ass rap game and of course his murder will not be solved a rapper can get murdered in front of news camera and couldnt be solved by police dept

  • online

  • wats hapenin with my american cousins man. Men should knuckle up as we do in africa shooting is for pusses real talk. many of us were killed during slavery time and we still killing each other we need to to straighten our act and realize our potential . We are the people the first man was black we need to take wats ours rather than slaughter each other like chicken@ ROYAL CHIEFA THATS REAL TALK . R.I.P slim d gone but never forgotten

  • Breakdabars

    So he have to die, while those white bitches kept on living? What kind of backward shit is this?