Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Responds (Kinda) Greasy About Common In Vegas???

Ummm, Drake. In the immortal words of the late, great Michael Jackson:

“You wanna be startin’ something, you GOT to be startin’ something…”

So it seems that the ongoing, though mostly subliminal, war of words is continuing between rappers Common and Drake. Apparently, Drake was in Vegas over the weekend and was recorded saying something to the effect of, “I might sing, but I’m no b*tch.” Then he topped it off with something like, “If [Common] got something to say, say it to my face.”

Well, it might be the 4th grade version (LOL), but where we’re from, that’s still called fighting words! And while Common might be considered a “conscious” rapper…getting invites to the White House and spitting about stuff that matters and whatnot, we still say he’s gotta a little of that “O.G. scrappy” in him!

Check the clip of Common laughing last week when AllHipHop.com brings up Drake’s name and Common’s possible shots fired on his track, “Sweet”:

Says Drake on “Headlines,” “You gon’ hype me up and make me catch a body like that.” Ummm, Drake. Are you sure you wanna go at Common?

  • bs_hater1

    Not a big Drake fan but atleast its good to know the kid does have SOME balls. On that note, may the best man win and the DEBATING BEGIN after this post!

  • Common played himself with Maya Angelou / Dreamin track.

    He loses if Drake plays it right!

    ( Not respond)

    • Tony G.

      What does the Dreamin track have to do with anything…Drake doesnt want it on wax…check The Bitch In You…

      • junioray

        that was classic. Most of these young cats were in diapers, or in nut sacks back then. He exposed cube and west side connection…..

      • Hell yea… The bitch in you is will still be the shit… 

      • At first I thought you were tellin EDOGZ818 to check the bitch in him or something lmao..

      • On wax? Of course not , on PAPER$$$$$ , industry will be quicker to support Fake, er, Drake.

        Krs vs Nelly?
        Nelly won $$$ wise, with industry push , even though he was skewered lyrically on wax.

        You swing up…not down….obviously Common feels Drake is above him.

        ( $$$$ not lyrically )

        Bad move for Common , at this time , with Mayou Angelou controversy.

      • Christian Good

        krs one is so wack

      • Bayram55

        That’s why common lost on this one, common is vet in the game, so it should be beneath him to take un-provoked shots at the nig*ah Drake

      • NorthDollasTX

        it aint unprovoked HOMEY its all behind a shot of azz

      • King Cold

        That shit was wack. Westside connection’s bow down went way harder.

      • Nigga please.

      • Khepra

        Nigga please x10


    This why I love hip hop….Common just the nigga to finish Drake career. How appropriate!

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    He says it to your face, and then what Drake? You gonna whoop his ass? Lmao. You ain’t gonna do nothin boy.


      Exactly, if Drake bitch ass wasnt surrounded by security 24/7 it would be a different story. The niggas nothing but a High powered coward.

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Only thing worse than a coward is a coward with power/Gotta kill em in the shower

  • I like Drake and Common… it would be a complete slaughter. Common is one of the elite battle rappers in our generation

  • MrTroyMercy

    First off , if you get offended in any kinda way about a song named “Sweet” and your name was not mentioned , then you are SWEET …. Drake wont do nothing if Common DID say it too his face . This is same nikka who took swimming lessons in a cup of coolaide .

    second, just cause common is rocking skinny clothes and acting noww dont mean dude a still 4 Corner H , at heart . He might not pick the dopest beats but he rep what HIPHOP music truly is .

    he survive the GAME , no gimmick or none of that . he doesnt have to first on soundscan or sell a milli to make a impact on the GAME . If COMMON did say it to his face – what would Drake say ? ” excuse me kind sir you might ant to reject your subliminal statements made in the song recorded before i challenge you to a game of joust , if you do tend to changes your veiws of me we can play cricket and then talk it out crumpets and the angelic voice of a frenid of mine named the WEEKEND , aye mate “?

    You can’t be real when you the softest half jew who was looking half shook and half fruity in pic with a peacoat on … would all of a sudden be tough ? Have the wweakest goons in the history oof goooning ( see headlines video)

  • MrTroyMercy

    plus Lyriswise Common top ten consideration ) you not a hook and beat rapper) and what I respect them is Common never been a gimmick rapper – he make true hip hop joints and feed a appeal to all masses .

    So drake aka the nigga who took swimming lessons in a cup of coolaid ain’t going to do nothing to COMMON IF HE SIS SAY IT TO HIS FACE … SUCKAS BE SPEAKING RECKLESS NOW AND DAYS SMH.

    • Darkfather504


  • The entire right side of Drake’s body would shatter the second he connects with right handed punch on Common.  He has sissy characteristics that don’t translate well in fist fights.

  • no way drake can see common in a battle…common is a seasoned vet, some would argue top 10, who has battled or at least traded subliminally with some of the best ever to do it…plus that does not appear to be drake’s lane. best move for drake is fall back, i say that because, imo, common is a better rapper and would devour drake in a battle.  additionally, drake can’t really talk money because common’s versatility in movies, commercials, music, etc. is evident as well.  and drake def can’t go too grimey because that’s not his image. in other words i don’t see what angle drake could take to expose or challenge common. lastly, like mrtroymercy commented…if you publicly come out offended to a line a song called “sweet” and your name dont get mentioned, you just wore the shoe and for me thats a big loss.  just my take though, lets see if some of these youngins can show they got what it takes to handle subliminal volley’s (disses) from a credible rap competitor (and by credible i don’t mean street killer credible) lol.

  • and oh yeah…this is hip hop, if any of these young rappers think they not going to be challenged they got it twisted. this is a genre of music where bravado, competition, etc. are woven into the fabric of the culture.  im getting a little tired of these young dudes taking position of “stop hating” or “let me do me” or “i don’t battle because i just fight im a real gangster” but then get upset at a subliminal and/or dont really do anything street wise.  addtionally, dont talk about being the best or king or nicest in the game or that you started something, that’s making a declaration and opens up opportunity for others to challenge them, no different than the street thug rapper that gets tried by real goons.  

  • King Cold

    Lmao. Drake responds when common says somethin but when Lil Kim disses him he aint got shit to say? Smh.


    That niggah drake talking tuff, cause its common.
    And he know common, wont take it to
    The streets, it will
    Just be in the booth.

    When sigel, told that niggah. ” 1 will smack the shet out of you”

    1. For speaking on a women beef. And for letting jay, say that slick shet.

    He got in his jiggah bag, tool
    The high road. And was on mute……

    Just like jay, when pac waa riding on him

    • ultraULTRA

      2pac died before jay even got a chance to really diss back, think about it, pac dissed biggie, jay-z,  puff, and nas .. then died shortly after, and who’s gonna diss a dead man? that would be stupid and meaningless, and disrespectful …but the sigel situation  when he said he would slap drake was funny though….


      When did pac ride on Jay? What is this, revisionist history? Pac said something on a record about jay, cause jay was cool with big (is that was passes for riding on somebody). Shortly thereafter, somebody actually rode on pac, so it would have been in bad taste to release a dis (one that was actually made)…smh 

      • jay did respond to Pac on Dead or Alive

      • GGENERAL

        That’s the point i was making, that jay did respond. It was so close to pac’s death and that’s why a lot of people don’t know about it, cause it would have been in bad taste to promote that dis

    • Common is still a gang banger from the Chi and will whoop more ass than a lot of “gangster” rappers

      • Common a gang banger?  He was raised by his mom who was a Phd professor, and went to college on a scholarship.  

        Don’t get me wrong, Com is dope and def a top 10 rapper and I respect his work. But authenticity and realness as an MC and a man in general doesn’t need to depend on street background

    • EL_BARK


      Lets be real, didnt mean for the jigga fans to come at my neck.

      But pac did call out jay, and dont think “bomb first”
      Was the first time

      He rode on jay hard, ( long D sound) after brooklyn finest came out.
      In many interviews, he was doing at the time…

      Now i cant remember every single interview,
      But he mention jay “name” several times when dissing rappers.

      Pretty much, jay was on some throwing ricks and hiding his hands.

      Puff wouldnt let, biggie “officially respond” so he gets on jay track/ album on a track entitle brooklyn finest. And to yall, who dont get it. The title track was a subliminal
      Diss. Brooklyn niggaz, was the ones who stuck pac.
      And to top it off, big throws a shot…. With the two 2 pac line.

      Now i hope some of yall arent nieave (sp) to think jay or big didnt hear bomb first.
      Way before it came out.???

      The instance when i talking abiut riding on him.
      The whole time pac was smashing them NY niggas,
      And from the first time, pac diss him.

      Jay had nothing to say.?????

      April of 96 until
      Sept of 96, Not one word from jay……..

      Even in interviews, when he was in phily,
      And ask about, that track, that biggie line,

      Or to reply to pac interviews on other radio statipns afterwards.
      Jay had no comment. & he knew damn well, why pac was mad…

      Yall really think jay didnt hear bomb first, the 7 day theroy drop ? Lol
      He heard the shet. And was quiet…..
      Not a word….

      And if that not a good enuff, example jay has had a number of street issues,
      Or people checking him… Pac not the only one.

      Pun & joe checking that niggah in the club. In NY.
      That where him & fat joe dislike orginated from.

      Streets cats was applying pressure to hov, around when he was reaching his peaks.
      Lol its not no seceret.

      And when pun alledeglly smash that niggah in a head with a bottle,
      Shet was news in every hood in the tri-state. Lol

      Yall cant be from nyc, and not no jigga man been tested, one a many if time.
      And him being soft, wasnt the focus of my initial comment either.

      • GGENERAL

        My memory isn’t what it used to be, but I’m pretty sure the 7 day theory came out after pac was dead and also after Reasonable doubt came out. The subliminal dis u speak of was in response to hit em up not bomb first. Yo whole timeline is out of order and makes no sense…As far as these so called people checking him, those stories seem to never go past the ears of the hood. As big as Jay is, you’d think these people would want nothing more than to bring him down a notch, if for no other reason than some of the stuff he’s said in his rhymes…I can’t speak for the other respondents to your post, but I never said if I was or wasn’t a fan of Jay. I saw something that didn’t agree with my recollection of the events that happened and I responded. It’s funny how when somebody defend a artist or something that happened to that artist, that person has to be some type of “stan”. 

  • Bull Shit aside, just because Drake Doesn’t have a track record of smacking cats, doesn’t mean you should sleep on him.  Not sure it’ll happen. Just saying.

    • EL_BARK

      Cmon SON

      Cmon SON. ( ed lover voice)

      Me & you both know he not bout that drama.
      He not for that drama…

      Just like wayne, is not for that shet…

      Talk is cheap.

      if common or anybody approach duke, he not thwowing down,
      Unless the other person is dolo, and he got 10 securities guard with him.
      To hold him back, as if it he was about to go in. Lol

      Like i said above, he know common wont take it to the streets on him.
      So he talk that tuff shet…

      But it if was one of those fews cats, in the industry who dont give a fuk.
      He will be quiet as a mouse, at night when he eating ya food.

  • Yall all must be sleeping on Common’s role on HELL ON WHEELS and yall must’ve missed that basketball movie he made with Latifah too. Common aint no hoe but Drake aint no lil boy. I still dont see where the beef was really even mentioned tho. Still don’t see the explicit beef that I thought I would see.Lyrically, who yall think stronger tho?

    • Common is more lyrical AND he writes his own sh*t!
      Drake has ghost-writers on payroll and he still isnt messing with Common lyrically.

  • I think he responded very well! 

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  • Why isn’t Drake saying something about Ludacris? He killed him on  songs

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