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Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Admits To Dissing Drake


It looks like Common has come clean. I am hearing that on the ” Sway In The Morning” show, the Chi-Town rapper admitted straight up that he was going at Drake on “Sweet.” YES. This is refreshing since Drake was bugging out on some “say it to my face” s**t.” Now, apparently, he has said the name and I want to see what happens. We all know there will be on physical confrontation so I’m wondering why Drake would suggest that. I just want to see some lyrics go back and forth!

Here is what Drake’s producer had to say about it. “After “one day it’ll all make sense” came out I spent months arguing weather or not @common was hip hop. Everyone was saying it was too rnb.” And then he spoke directly to Common. “@common, I remember being called a bitch in grade 9 cause I had your cd. Good thing I also had 456 by kool g rap on me. Now that’s real ;)”

40…Common been Hip-Hop, lil bro.

Drake pops off here and there and clearly Common is. I wonder if this is what Jay mean when she said: “Here’s how they gon’ come at you, with silly rap feuds, trying to distract you.”

Lets get it onnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • LouieDaSaint

    Celebrity boxing match? or PPV Grindtime event? Anyway you look at it Drake don’t wanna see Common with them mittens on…

    • Tony G.

      real talk

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  • H. U. S.

    Common has loss his damn mind! Nobody forgot that you used to wear croashed pants…damn fool!

    • Tony G.

      did u also forget that he slayed cube and them with The Bitch In You while he was wearing that crochet or croashed as u called it pants…dont let that shit fool u..Com is a beast on the mic and would slay Drake

      • Q.

        LOL “The Bitch in Yoo” was before the crochet hats/Erykah phase, but yeah, Com became that beast when he dismantled the former beast known as Ice Cube!
        So I guess you could say this is all the lil Frank Sinatra rappers’ opportunity to step up and slay the Com beast! The challenge has been issued…Now who wants some??!!

      • H. U. S.

        That whole beef started due to the Westside Connection thinking ”Use to love her”, was a diss to the Westcoast. So Common was simply defending himself…

        This silly ass beef ain’t justifiable! Not saying that Drake can compete, just disappointed in Commons old ass!

  • Ronlg1

    Personally, I think ALL of the real lyricists need to stop playing and just come and put ALL of these non-rapping fags out of there misery!!!!

  • Common has been playing himself lately , 1st with Mayou Angelou / Dreaming ( Hiding lyrics from her …lying to her? ) , then taking shots at Drake on Sweet & not naming him.

    From the outside , it looks like Drake is doing his thing & Common is on the way out.

    Doubt Common will be at White House anymore , especially with Mayou Angelou.

    Common >>> Drake

    This beef looks like a blatant attempt at nut swinging ( Common on Drake’s ) by an older rapper , mad at newer talent.

    Cannibus / J Cole – Lil Kim / Nicki

    I guess it’s called washed up rapper syndrome.
    ( Not calling Common washed up…yet , but # wise / sales , Drake is Crushing him. )

    Lyrically? Common wins , even in a fist fight , but Common looks like a sucker for stepping to the better man on another level.

    Winning a fist fight or rap battle with Drake , is like winning the special Olympics…you will still look retarded.

    • Baby_Bluez

      “Winning a fist fight or rap battle with Drake , is like winning the special Olympics…you will still look retarded.” – LOL

    • Tony G.

      Drake doing his thing and Common on his way out???WTF u smokn

      • #’s wise

        Common can rap circles around Drake , everyone knows this , so battle proves nothing. Keep it real , Drake doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell to out rap or out fight Drake…..If it ain’t about sales…then what? Pride?

    • Q.

      If you think this thing is about sales or being washed up, then you’re missing the point.

      First off, Common is doing everything but falling off. Dude got film deals, TV deals, and he’s still pumping out classic music. He got 2 Grammys and probably made more money in the last 5 years than he made in his first 15 as an artist. …Falling off??


      This is HIP-HOP, Emcee shit. On “Sweet” he was addressing rappers in general on a HIP-HOP level. He’s not being malicious with it–it’s a sport to him. As a matter of fact, if you saw his interview on 106  & Park yesterday, he pretty much admitted to dissing Drake on “Sweet.” He said “Drake fit in that category.” Right after that, he did say Drake was a good artist too. Those were his words. He didn’t sidestep, he embraced it. By the way, Maya Angelou called in and pledged her alliance with Common too—she said they won’t be divided, regardless of how she feels about Com’s use of the “N-word.” So, that’s that.

      But honestly, I think Com is hoping that these lil corn puff rappers get froggy and pop off on the lyrical tip. Trust me, it’s gonna be a win-win for Com… He won’t lose no fans if/when he ethers Drake, or any of the rest of the young bucks for that matter! LOL

      • Sweet? He said he was addressing Drake in Particular.
        Drake just went Platinum???? Common drops next week.

        What else could it be about? Can’t tell me Common actually wants to fight this cupcake………….

      • Q.

        Common’s album dropped today, homie. Common has never had a platinum LP, not even “BE,” but I’m pretty sure his money has been right for a while, so it ain’t about sales at all. Like I said, I think Com is just trying to inject some of that raw Hip-Hop energy back in the game. It’s not always about the cash, some players just go hard for the love of the sport. Feel me?

        Most of us are tired of these cotton-soft rappers and their sugary tendencies, so as an OG in the game why shouldn’t Com be calling them out?


        I could be completely off, and Com is low-key salty that Serena mighta thrown the new boy some of that Compton Tang!  LMAO

  • Big Ice Bastardman ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is setting up to be the stupidest beef ever. What do rappers beef about anymore? Swag? Pants and shoes?  How many scarves they wear?

  • Sounds like complete bullshit! until I hear audio Im not buying into what any of these hip hop websites is saying…they so desperate for news theyll say just about anything… AND common already said if the shoe fits wear it when he was asked about it…sooo why would he say hes talkin about drake now? And for what? and since when was common ever a bring it type of nigga anyway? And why are all commenting like ANY of this sounds legit? And theres a rumor that drake supposedly told common to “I aint no bitch, say it to my face” at some concert…
    …but theres no audio/video anywhere…-_-…ok sooo lemme get thris right, 2 cats who dont “beef” suddenly are talkin shit to each other…and in public like this is 50 verse game? but theres no audio just quotes? yeah…ok….
    The media is playin games…

    • Tony G.

      he admitted it on the show bro..

  • MrTroyMercy

    ” we all on there will be on physical confortation ????????? Drake ain’t in my late tenties …..y’all g gonna do nada to anyone but ask weezy if he can do sublimials disses..” Come on Illseed – proof read! Anyways , what is DRAKE soft ass gonna do ???? Sing a hate banthem to Common’s fans singing ” fucck that nikka that you though you was dope cause wheel chair chair is very dope” ??? Truth be told , Common getting movie ,rap and Tv money …Perform at the white house and won a rap battle with ice cube!!!!! Think about it!

    For you youngins , and I’m only in my late tentnys but y’all have to know that Common is still top pf the chain in the rap game…all he has done was spit poetry… hell I piad his mentor J IVEY TO BE A COUPLE RECORDS…



    • Rico

      U can’t type worth shit…Just saying.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Homeboy this ain’t no english class … cocksucka lol . I ttype the way I want to and if u don’t like it .. eat a dicck .

  • Tony G.

    Drake…check The Bitch In You before u step into that arena..ur not ready for battle like that…u may try to talk a little hard on ur new ish..but ur not ready…

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  • mademan3000

    Wow y’all swinging on Common’s sack real hard, but truth be told. “The Bitch in You” wasn’t all that shit was sort of trash…prolly why Cube let that shit slide! Come on really people do u think he could of actually fucked with the man who made “NO VASELINE”!!!

    • Brock Gunny Samson

      nigga u reachin.. cube was the shit and i aint taking no stripes from him.. but common dissected that nigga.. and he hit wc and mack ten all in the same diss. if it wasnt for farrakhan that shit may have went on for the worse..

      • mademan3000

        Nigga reach for deez nutz then insert em in ur mouth!!!

      • Jeremy Scott

        Drake got jokes!

      • Shawn Neely

        always a homo nigga in the bunch..

    • churchboy2

      Cube has not made a significant contribution to hip-hop since Common dealt with him. That’s undeniable fact.

      (If there is any swinging going on here…)

  • hassofresh

    Please Ill seed check ya sentences and grammer. Its a fairly simple article and yet i had to read it 3 times because some of your sentences didn’t make sense.

  • yesanditcounts

    Yes. Cube’s “No Vaseline” is also arguably the greatest dis track ever, but Common hit Cube so hard with the “Bitch In You” that………………..Cube never responded to it. He gave Cube the one hitter quitter. Let’s keep it real though. It wasn’t until Drake was linked to Serena, that Common had a problem with him or decided to speak about it.

    • Bayram55

      Check out Westside Connection’s Slaughterhouse track

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  • common would beat drake in a battle; however, if by some strange occurrence drake ethers common, ether being the key word, and the general public agrees drake ethered common thats a great notch to have on the resume.

    i’m not sure if these young dudes see the battle as motivation, i guess it’s too risky for business.  but that is why it’s best to stay subliminal so that they, they being artists, can quietly compete with each other, or sharpen their swords, it is part of the game.  even if the media or general public thinks or is able to read between the lines, so what.  it’s a shame, because that’s what makes it hip hop, it makes the artists more clever, more sharp, etc. but they get emotional and then to bring it to the media. in my opinion drake kind of already lost big in this battle by acknowledging common was talking to him in a song called “sweet” when common didn’t even mention his name.  what a sucker move.  at this point drake has to respond with something mean or else risk being categorized as a glorified girly rapper.  nobody will ever take him seriously not even if he was making a clear distinction that he is referring to his rap skills because it will be well known he doesn’t want it.  and from the looks of things some hip hop fans already think so from reading some of the comments.  

    and to take it one step further, if i was a big enough rapper who’s nice looking at this, i would be looking at the whole ymcmb camp and saying to myself if drake is the #2 and he is this weak i got to go at the whole camp (not include new signs like busta) just the main three wayne, drake, minaj, that’s a 90’s mentality though lol.

    • “at this point drake has to respond with something mean or else risk being categorized as a glorified girly rapper.”

      Hate to break the news to ya’ , but Drake is already categorized as a glorified girly rapper.

      • churchboy2

        LOL, Game, Set & Match right there!

  • kylars

    Sounds to me like Common is jealous that Drake smashed Serena. Now THAT right there is SOFT.

    • ……or maybe he disagrees with SOFT “MCs” singing on every song.


    Less not forget….

    Ice cube, destroyed nwa. With no vaseline
    Which is hailed, consider one of the greatest diss tracks of all time.

    Then common, murk ice cube, for dolo by him damn self,
    When the eastcoast was dik riding. Pac & westside. Lol

    Drake soft ass wants no parts of common.
    On the mic, and drake never been in a fist fight,
    Unless it involes pillows, and something soft of some silk.

    Drake needs to pump his brakes. Dont let wayne gss him,
    Cause he took a shot at jigga bitdh ass.

    Jay sweet, and wayne is a bitsh.

    40 glocc proved that. And baby and wayne and slim,
    Not bout that drama……….

    Drake acting hard, on thede frauds guards.
    He besta check his temperture. ( pac voice)

    • LouieDaSaint

      “When the eastcoast was dik riding. Pac & westside. Lol”

      finally someone with some sense around here LMFAO i think ima bookmark this for later references LOL

    • Jerin Diagne

      damn homie, never heard of spell check

      • EL_BARK

        Niggah i dont get paid to post on here.

        U can read what, i type.

        Niggah scroll past my shet. This is not an engkish class,

        As long as i push spell -check on my business documents.
        That is all that matters……

        By way.

        Suck a dead dogs dick. No homo.

  • Common never said it was about Drake until Drake got up on stage and caught feelings. Drake ain’t the only dude out here singin’. If anything, Drake allowed public sentiment to get in the way of his better judgment. SMH.

  • LouieDaSaint

    Now if it was up to me, I’d put Luda and Common on a track…and air these lil youngin’s out one good time…they getting a lil besides they self compromising they lil characters…and sh!t
    at this point in the game they not finna lose no cred..I’d just start handing out doses with no apologies!

    • churchboy2

      the truth dot com

  • Wow, that article was so poorly written I barely understood most of it.

  • Brock Gunny Samson

    one thing bout common im gonna say, is bruh forgot when he was slippin fuckin around with miss badu.. so he was at one point in the sweet catagory… im juts saying..

    • Celz

      There is a difference between sweet and whipped off some bomb bomb..

      • Jeremy Scott

        Badu has a trackrecord of turning niggas out.

      •  I approve this msg! lolo she sure does, you can always tell when a dude is dating her. Wardrobes get to changing, they start making love songs “Come close to me baby!” lol That was my jam! lol

      • common and badu had a non sexual relationship thank god. he would of been baby daddy #3, but jay electronica got that lol

  • Are you serious,common vs drake,ha,this is a joke!






  • Drake is sweet, an yes even us ladies know that. Some girls think his tweety bird lookin ass is cute an thats the ONLY reason he sells. Niggas dont buy his shit, not real niggas anyway. IF I ever got into a dudes car an heard him bangin Drake I would seriously question his sexuality lol. Dude riding in a car alone singin They know.. they know.. they know, or Im so.. im so.. im so proud of you! lmao gay af im sorry but its true. Drake got with a winning team of soft niggas, blew up and now he’s feeling his nuts, he even admits it. “I may be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence” Ah aint no maybe nigga you have, overdosed an killed yoself! You cant come into the game, have a mediocre album that happens to sell a little, an think you the man. You earned no stripes, paid no dues, ethered noone, or even showed true lyrical ability so quite frankly I ask ,WTF Do you think you are?? So I am thrilled that a real hip-hop dude from the Chi is fina put this lil immigrant in his place. Nigga you from Toronto, I dont give a damn what kinda nick name u give it (T-Dot) you cant convince nobody ur hard or from the hood. “21 yrs an i aint neva met a good cop” Nigga 21 yrs an you prolly aint neva met a cop at all, you for damn sure aint met a bad one. Cops in toronto dont even carry guns!! Lmao, one minute you singin for the hoes, then the next min you some  mafioso thats gon catcha body like that. The only body he will catch is 40’s when Common knocks his ass out!  40 probably got called a bitch in 9th grade because he was one, not because of a cd lol. Common is HipHop, I’ve always loved his music and what he presents. Niggas think cause he says something in his lyrics an usually comes on the positive note, that he for joke. Shit Im  from Detroit an I know plenty of chi niggas, dont sleep on common.

    • Jeremy Scott

      Wow! Co-sign! Well written lol

    • TheCraze

      Piece was well written! Cops in Toronto DO carry guns tho and it’s been that way since the beginning! We got our own problems out here. We’re in a different country so you don’t hear about everything. Don’t write off a whole city just cause you don’t like one rap artist. Just sayin.

    • Baby_Bluez

      Sable, I think you’re overthinking it… Don’t judge it by what it should be based on your perception and definition of “hard or soft”, look at it for it is – another form of art and another avenue for this generation. I know what your saying and don’t disagree, yet I don’t fully agree.

      I grew up on 90’s rap, mostly East Coast from the “real gangstas, dealers and scrillas to everything in between”. I reflect on it now, and I thank god that music has diversifed and branched out. Eventhough, I personally don’t agree with it all. I look at it as more opportunities and extra channels of communications… How that is interpreted is at the listener’s discretion… 

      If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. I know most of today’s music is not for me, which is why I hardly listen to hip hop (I shouldn’t even call it this, nonethless, it’s still a form of…) anymore.

      A girl that would think I’m soft b/c I am listening to Drake really makes me question her state of mind. What if it’s just playing on the radio? Do I change the station? What if it’s on the other station? What if it’s playing at a club or a party? See what I am saying – It is what it is…

      Granted, Common is genuwine with a better focused and narrative approach. Granted, there are plenty of “real chi cats & Detroit heads” I can’t discredit that. But, Real is starving children in Africa right now. Real is famine. Real is displacement and Real is “disasters” in the Philippines more to come in 2012. Real is a single mother here raising 4 kids and working two jobs – for what? So her kids can listen to your favorite “real” rapper telling them to shoot, sell drugs and be a victim to the system…I can’t see a rise when our definition of real is still short-sighted.

      I’m just saying…

    • churchboy2

      “Cops in toronto dont even carry guns!!” Stopped reading after this lie.

      Too bad, I was enjoying your post.

    • Mos High

      Sable first ANY man that starts off his comment with how another man looks looses points/creditibilty.  I never heard Drake saying he is hood or street or Gangsta. If you dont like Drake fine.  Im not going to hard on you as I know you cant be more then 18yrs old with that post.  I was watching that movie/documentary “intrerrupters” based  in Chicago. The hundreds of brothers and sisters of all ages getting killed for stupid sh$t like $5 bag of sh$t herb each year. 55+37+38+47+37+18..You know what those # repesent..The murders in Chicago june/july/aug/sept/oct/nov and dec so far!!!!!!!! Total of 420 for the year so far!!! This is not including the paralized, tramatized or dismembered etc!!!  So if this what is hard then I want no part of it!!!! There is basically genocide taking place!!! Is this street murder life fu/king cool or something to be proud of!!!

      In Toronto like every other city we have killers and one’s who will pop off in a sec just like anywhere else. But we dont have the systematic issues like u all do. Our city has 3million+ people and less then 50 murders so far, IN ONE MTH!!! Chicago had more. I thank God my parents chose Toronto when they left Jamaica. You all have to many guns down there just like Jamaica.   Brothers and Sisters all over the world dying like dogs..Im sick of bull sh#t, oh who is tougher or more street, Go mess youself. Im out. Peace and blessings…RED BLACK AND GREEN FOR LIFE….BROTHER GARVEY WE WILL NEVER FORGET WHAT YOU DID OR PLANNED!!!!!

  • Jeremy Scott

    The comments are hilarious! 1st. second, sales is a tricky angle used to judge how sucessful you are. Sales are calculated through scans and downloads, in otherwords, how many whitepeople buy your albums. Blackpoeple mainly deal with bodegas, torrents & mixtapes (that are free now) and seldomly purchase music so the true audience is not represented with scans.  Soundscan, billboard charts are ways corportations influence the dilution of hiphop. Shit its not even hiphop anymore, when a nigga singing (niggas not even singing, they moaning & equalizing it on the boards to make it soung harmonious), babbling & yelling ( example Nikki Minaj & she can spit!) & not spitting lyrics, then its called rap. Most of these white execs are people that want artist to portray a negative, dumbdown image so lyricism was thrown out the window cause to have knowledge is to have control & thats not wanted. Hip Hop is the only genre with very little longevity, no unity & extreme negativity. The ones that last are rumored to sell their souls ( note the imagery of the owl on Drake back & his cover, thats another post alone)
    Clearly, Drakes a rapper, Common is a lyricist, everyone knows Common will braze the shit out of Drake. It can be argued that Drake doesnt write his lyrics, thats why theres the rant of say it to my face, what other avenue he has to counter the perception than to get J.Prince bodyguards involved? Good read, eventhough I had to breakout my ebonics dictionary, but then again, I like the comments more than the articles anyway.

  • Been listening to hip-hop since 1983, so all I gotta say is this:  Drake is just like any other young rap artist in this era–> He’s got slick punchlines that don’t mean squat at the end of the day.  Common, on the other hand, is a complete lyricist.  He can write meaningful songs, songs of the struggle, love songs, go lyric 4 lyric, freestyle, and most importantly, he can BATTLE!!  Drake has yet to prove himself to be anything other than a hip-POP all-star.  If he’s smart, he’ll let this one ride, but if he finds his balls to step to, then let’s see what he’s really made of.

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  • Black Exodus

    Common against Drake…Wow! Should be good…both of these cats are very intelligent and extremely talented….I repeat…It will not be a blow out. Drake never had to show his pedigree. But in the minds of the masses and other rappers he is the new “Champ” or he wants to be champ. Drake is commercially viable, young and gifted…you can’t turn on the radio without hearing this dude 100 times a day. If you are a hip hop artist and a professional you want the same thing (Career Wise). Common feels he has done nothing to be in his position. Common has been a contender for many years but now he wants the throne and this is his shot. This is the biggest fight out there that makes sense. You also must understand that Common has a new album to push and what other way to push it than to start controversy. You can’t say Drake came at him first because Common recorded the song with the intention of baiting a “Singing” Rapper. Common knew what he was doing. Common takes a big chance here. If the Sweet, Singing, Soft, Canadian Rapper happens to hit him (diss track) and rock him it’s gonna be crazy. Common will probably never be looked at the same and might retire and continue to become a full time actor. So if Drake comes out of this a Winner…look for the fight everybody wants to see Kanye & Hov against Drake & Wayne but Drake (20 something) must and I mean must prove he is a MC and go against the Hard as nails, battle survived, Hip Hop Extraordinaire, Number One Contender Common. Damn I gonna call him Common Sense…because that is what we about to get. Should be Good.

    “Diamonds” Check me out on Youtube 

    • churchboy2

      You make some interesting points but the bottom line is: Drake is not built for this.

      Common is a proven rap career-ender… ask Ice Cube

      • Jizzah!

        Common is a battle rapper, Drake and these new rappers don’t battle rap and most likely don’t know how.
        What these youngsters don’t realize is most of these so called beefs are just that so called.
        Business choices first most to get attention and ARE money, and buy into there fake battle bull.
        But on wax (No guns or goons) Common will bring it, but Drake does have a few ghost writers. So don’t be surprised if Drake does have a hot diss track brewing right now.
        Plus with Cash Money being a major label and Drake making them millions Baby will make sure Common doesn’t hurt there big investment in Drake.
        Just think about Nelly vs KRS-One

  • like 50 said. drake is a better jarule

  • johnblacksad

    Fugg tryin to act like a hip hop purist… I am truly happy i don’t dig Drake’s music!
    Swear at one point i felt like maybe i should give him a chance and peep his work… just can’t bring myself to it… yeah i heard a few slick lines but that sh!t ain’t for me… too soft, too slow, too singy… if i’m truly after a melody, then i’ll listen to a girl that actually sings, or i might just pop that new Anthony Hamilton… other than that… take that hip-pop/new era or whatever somewhere else! Only broads should be listening to Drake…


    On Common’s track “I loved and lost” it appears as if he talking about losing Serena Williams. Let me find out that this whole thing over a tramp.

  • 12factoid

    40 is wack. always have been. always will be. without drake he just another dude with a apple computer and pro tools. His credit to what hip hop is null and void. i don’t care how many of your productions are on the radio. spins are bought nowdays..not earned.. and without drake your nothing.

  • so many typos come on, you need to fire some of your writers and make em go back to high school cause they cant type/spell

  • Jizzah!

    All this makes for great entertainment and nothing more. Every1 feeding too much into all that beef this and beef that. No guns or goons are coming out of both camps for this.
    There’s the business side to this that comes first most. And Drakes handlers wouldn’t allow for there investment too lose his image or fans. He’s making millions for Baby to fade off like others due to rap challenges. Common’s at that stage in his career were he can challenge any1 and his image or fans will stay put. But Drake, being young, not from the streets, doesn’t battle rap and is a major commercial success wouldn’t & shouldn’t be baited into battling losing big time and losing his fan base.
    It’s all a ploy to garner attention and make money off the masses nothing more.

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