Hip-Hop Rumors: More Tupac Sex Tapes?!


You may recall or have heard that the Tupac Sex Tape was purchased by somebody that will not put it on the market. Rumor has it, Tupac copped that b**ch from Cuba, but that’s a different rumor. But, there is a rumor that there are more sextapes out there on the rap star just waiting to come out. Leila Steinberg was Pac’s manager for several of his formative years and says there are others out there in the video below. I also heard, and think it may be true, that Leila was also a lil “thing” to Pac as she housed him out in Cali. This is the reason why she and Pac’s mother Afeni don’t speak, according to rumor. Here is the vid:

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  • D_hiloh


  • Damn, Pac’s been dead 15yrs? & they still trying to profit off this?

    Reminds me of Monica Lewinsky , keeping the blue dress that Bill Clinton nutted on.

    Is / were / sex , sex tapes used to compromise artist ….like it’s used to compromise politicians.

    This rumor would have been a gr8 intro to $E$’s Penn State Follow Up 

    Problem is , it’s not like Pac give a fugg enough to pay / lose $5 million …..or $500 for that matter , probably not even $5.

    Would Pac be ashamed if the world found out he got pu$$y? Probably not , but a married man with $$$ to lose would.

    The higher they are , they harder they land , if they fall.

    Pac was never that high , for that long , to fall that hard….”unless he got tripped”.

  • im sure every rapper got a vault full of sex tapes. Shit im a rapper and I got sex tapes! Who gives a shit?

    Unless its a politician that is then lets hang they ass.

  • TheBoxcarHobo


  • let this man r.i.p damn!!!

  • another great interview by Futuristic Blogger —Big Ups to Allhiphop for posting it 

  • rep87

    its amazing how they can find a damn sex tape find his killer stop this madness no more music but aworthless grainy ass video you cant even see like that last bull shit they release find the killers of biggie jam master j who had cameras on his studio when he was murdered find slim dunkin killer he was at a video shoot then im impress

    • Realist4200

      I’d be impress if you put some punctuation in your rant so it would seem like it was written by somebody who’s halfway literate.

      • rep87

        your spelling needs correcting i will let you figure out which words are MISSPELL  .

      • Jizzah!

        trying to dis some1 and can’t spell ur damn self!! Now thats epic fail!!

  • johnblacksad

    before i got to the end, i thought to myself that Pac was prolly giving this broad the “thug passion”!
    One part alizé, one part cristal!