Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Admits That Drake Beef Over Serena Williams!


I told you!  I told yall it was about SERENA! A whole freakin MONTH AGO…over a month! Here is the link..if you care. But here is some updated stuff…..

Here is what Common said yesterday:

Sway: So you’re inviting Drake into battle…

Common: Aye, he opened his mouth and said some things, so if that’s what he wants. All that sublimal, you might as well say it now….
The verse is about me, but when you hear some of the stuff on the chorus, you can’t help but think about dude, I guess. And that’s what he felt. So yeah. At the end of the day, you fit in that category. He already embraced it, so wear it.
Common: He’s a very successful artist obviously. He’s a very talented artist too, I give credit where it’s due….but any artist can be a target…it’s just about mc-ing, when you step in there, you in the ring, baby. Especially if you say you’re the greatest. I’m on “Sweet” saying I’m the greatest too…

And here is Drake bucking back.


[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/449330/1568439&tbid=148788&p=5296&height=400&width=520]

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  • therealest1

    New beef?

  • NorthDollasTX

    good bruvah … KING uncrowned!

  • churchboy2

    Keep pushing buttons Common.

    Lots of cats waiting to see you get into the ring again.

    (…especially w/Drake, LOL)

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  • Ok some audio…
    thought it was all made up BS until I heard him speak on it…and its just what I thought it was…
    …I didnt think he was dissing drake, sure drake is the 1st name I thought of when I heard it, but it also sounded random, I didnt think he was challenging anybody on “sweet” it sounded just some MC shit….. “fans” forgot about that part of hip hop though so THE MEDIA is making it about drake or whoever else you want it to be about cause thats all you know…common sounds like hes embracing whatever you say whoever you say its about…fuck it…is what it is…”if the shoe fits wear it, drake feels some kinda way about it, so wear it”….overstood…
    Its these headlines on all the websites that are bullshit…
    What minute/second did he actually admit to saying all of this is over serena? 
    cause I didnt hear anything remotely close to “common admits beef over serena williams”
    where did yall get that part from?
    I heard more about dude sucking farts outta butts more than anything!
    When I read shit like this I sense desperation! Heres a man that doesnt “beef” mind you….
    He’s already speaking openly about the issue…what else so you want…
    thing is that its not that juicy of a story…but since its perceived as a “beef” then I guess its ok for the media to hype it and spice it up more than what its really about…
    and right around album time too…
    When the media does this, it makes the feeble minded “fan” think common is just some old broke lyrical backpack rapper hating on a young dude like usual, but this is all over serena williams…
    which is some bullshit…
    shit like this is why there is such a huge generation gap in hip hop…
    no I dont got all the answers but they do this shit to us right in our face and all we do is react accordingly…over & over again…its the blind leading the blind man…

  • eclecticbrotha

    What the hell. You got Common on program and you spend first couple of minutes on bathroom humor?

  • Shawn Neely

    stop reaching with this bullshit! at no point in the interview did he say this was over serena.. This is some pull niggas to the site and get some hits news. stop playing and take my hit for your site with this bullshit..

  • TruthSerum

    Shock headline, at no point did he say this was over serena, I thought ya’ll was one of the biggest sites, like that pretentious “Riding My Own Dick I’m better then everyone else” post you made not long ago said……… You gotta get hits this way, dont sound like the moves of a king to me

  • NorthDollasTX

    – size 6, and 11 please?

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  • RedBlack

    This site is going to into the garbage slow…ly.  Anyhow, Com will eat the kid up for a snack.

  • RedBlack

    Prediction: C.O double M.O.N. is going to slaughter the young buck.

  • mike malarkey

    illseed eat a dikc

    • Keith Brickz

      word illseed is a faggot

      • Mos High

        Why dont others create there own hip hop site so you can create your own rumors…Its funny how many people diss illseed but back here every flippn day. I love it. Just like all 17 of tenants, they always talking sh#t but guess what, you paying my mortgage, my son’s daycare and for my wife’s new car. I love it .

  • Common on some bully $hyt.

    Drake is a cream puff , but $elling?????

    Common drops this week? Drake went Platinum last week.
    That’s where the real battle is waged.

    Let’s be real , Drake can’t rap ( Freestyle Battle ) or fight. 

    This can end in only 1 or 2 ways.

    1) Common roasting Drake in an MC battle :


    2) Common roasting Drake in an MC battle & then slapping the $hyt outta him. ( on youtube? )

    • Jizzah!

      You already know its all about album sells, but Common is stupid for this approach.

      If his album sales are very weak from which they will be (Younger Hip Hop listeners aren’t waiting for a Common Album), Commons going to be laughed at hard.

      For even thinking about going at Drake.

      The old days of rap battles has faded it’s all about who can fool the most fans on who has the most money period.

      Plus Drake makes Baby too much money, just think about Nelly vs KRS-One

  • fuuck this shiit,next…

  • kylars

    This is SO soft

  • This is why Common is one of my favorite rappers! He brazenly challenges Drake to a lyrical dual and almost what seems to be test of black male virility and tells him since he mentioned him to wear those comments. Common represents the black man’s ascension of consciousness and acquisition of self, whereas Drake represents an inducted imposter capitalizing off of female emotional ineptitude and catchy delivery about recidivistic subject matter. Not that Drake lacks intelligence, because clearly his IQ is formidable, but his content is mundane in comparison the black consciousness Black Nationalism of Commons verses. Intellectually, it’s like a professor versus an entry student, imagine Omar Epps trying to debate Lawrence Fishburn in Higher Learning over political science. Common is like the Steve Biko of Rap who started the Black Consciousness Movement in 1976 challenging the South African government during the SASO BCP trials and eventually dying for his beliefs and influence and Drake is like a South African during apartheid who wanted to relinquish his Zulu native tongue and speak the colonizers language Americanns. Drake represents the new age sell out, relishing in his fascination with Asian women who think paleness is a sign of beauty because when their people interloped Egypt they were first concubines to Egyptian royalty so subconsciously they abscond the black color because it reminds them of their predecessor and dominator. Common is to rap what King Menes was to the unification of Egypt’s black nation in 3100 BC.

    • $20434212


  • Jaymalls

    Lmao @ this tittle… I knew AHH was run by some 5 percnters but come on… Anything 2 get a few clicks aye???

  • $20434212

    Here’s the new formula: Got a new album coming out? Diss Drake! Guranteed to move and extra 7-9 copies of your boring-a$$ (excuse me, “old-school”) album to a soon-to-be underwhelmed buyer!

    • Wrong.  Common ain’t in it for sales.  His money and legacy are secure already.  Drake crossed the line somewhere, bro.  Sweet was personal.

    • The only problem with your equation is that Drake called Common out at a concert when Common hadn’t said a thing about him, just described a style of music he didn’t like in a classic Common rhyme where he’s said the same type of thing for more than a decade. 

      Drake wanted this beef, and he got it…with his ass handed to him on a plate. Sensitive bitch…he “Sweet”.

  • Drake is wack as ever

  • Sweet definitely souded personal.  But truth is, I can’t see Common blasting off on a nigga for no reason. Something tells me Drake knows exactly what this is about and why he’s getting fired on.  For all we know, Marvins Room was about Common.  Why none of yall Drake fans ever wanna hold ya man accountable for the shit he say, cause he sells records at the moment? Common is a good dude with a reputation for being a man of the people.  He getting Hollywood bread so no need to diss Drake for sales.  Drake likes to run down on other niggas women on the rebound.  Now, nigga, its time for his moist ass to answer for his sneak disses.

    • Yeah, Drake need to listen to Common’s diss on Ice Cube back in the day.  He dropped the atomic bomb on that battle.

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  • Lets not forget Drizzy got Wayne on his side

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