Slim Dunkin

Police Determine Rapper Slim Dunkin Killed Over Candy

(AllHipHop News) According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Mario Hamilton, known in the rap community as Slim Dunkin, was shot over a small piece of candy last Friday at a recording studio in Southeast Atlanta.

Yesterday, Detective David Quinn of the Atlanta Police Department walked reporters through the crime scene, as he explained exactly what he believes occurred on the night of the murder.

“Slim Dunkin was inside this particular room, when according to witnesses someone came in struck him and a fight ensued. The information we are getting and its unconfirmed, but this whole thing was over a piece of candy.” Quinn explained to WSB-TV. “The fight spilled out into this area where he was attacked and beat, and based on the evidence we have, whoever he was fighting with secured a weapon and shot him, whereby he fell on this table.”

Due to the fact that there were a significant number of people at the studio, police are hoping witnesses will come forward to give further information.

Unfortunately, according to Detective Quinn, Atlanta Police arrived at the crime scene an hour and a half later, as they were first called to Grady Memorial Hospital where Slim Dunkin was pronounced dead.

“There were at least 20-30 people in this studio at the time, the fact that Atlanta Police arrived on call to Grady Hospital first, we didn’t have the opportunity to speak to any of those people. We came here [the studio] an hour and a half later,”

Since Slim Dunkin’s passing, there has been an outpouring of support from rappers that knew the fallen member of Waka Flocka’s Brick Squad Movement.

Slim Dunkin recently shot his last video with Waka Flocka, Jadakiss and Styles P for the song “Lightz On”.

  • Bernie Hardknock

    This is really disgusting if this man was murdered over a piece of candy. 

  • Akwahman

    I wonder what kind of candy it was…musta been some kind of next level super power shit. Niggas need to grow up

  • Lamont Beverly

    Shot over a piece of candy? Am i really reading this article right? This has to be one of the most ignorant things i have heard about in quiet some time. This was a human being with a mother, father and friends and to have your life cut short over some “Sugar” is absurd. Brothas/Sisters of mine please wake up and preserve one another not destroy our community and it’s inhabitants. RIP Slim. My prayers go out to you and your family this morning.  

  • how do they know its over candy but dont know who did it?  did the person giving the info to the police have to speak with long pauses???

    “Well, ________  was mad that slim took his last kitkat peice. ________ was screaming at the top of his lungs and i told him gimme a break… thats when he went for the gun. i yelled, _______ wtf are you doing????”

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Probably someone who was with him at the hospital said it was “some dude”. When the police asked who did it, they probably said “I don’t know, I never saw him before.”

  • TruthSerum

    SMH, a piece of candy??

  • TruthSerum

    Dude musta been buzzin off of like 1,000 pixie sticks to kill this man over some candy

  • Probably skittles, I love those

  • The Truth

    Illuminati Sacrifice. Dumb asses will really believe it was over a piece of Candy. Waka will be the artist of the year in 2012. Mark my words.

    • Mos High

      Lets stop giving credit to Illuminati when its brothers and sister getting killed everyday  for stupid sh&t…We need to wake up and see what is right in front of us!!!!!!!

    • Idiotic statement.

    • HAHA…. Illuminati is not thinking about Slim Dunkin…. sorry 2 inform you. The Illuminati however is interested in locking yo ass up in a military detention kinda like the bill that was passed last week.

  • King Cold

    That’s a damn shame

  • I don’t know which is worse, the fact that he got shot over a piece of
    candy, or the fact that 20-30 people witnessed it and still the police
    have no leads…………Black people are constantly making themselves
    look like fools, and then they wonder why the police don’t give a s***
    about them…If I was a cop I wouldn’t move a finger to find the killer
    either….And whats up with you black people and snitching if you see
    something happening to someone and you don’t say anything then you
    deserve to have the same thing done to you.

    • Mos High

      Well said Dior…its like everything is snitching now adays, your sister, grandmother, brother or whoever can get swipped away and nobody see’s anything..This person should just turn themselve in. Straight up.

    • Juniorthesecond

      That’s why white neighbourhoods will always prosper. If a nigga shot and kill somebody especially the nature, I say get that nigga off the streets. I call it neighbourhood cleansing of that bad apple. If we want a safe neighbourhood and a higher quality of life, the bad apples must be locked away for life. Better yet,find that nigga guilty beyond reasonable doubt, hang and burn him to ashes. I’m tired of my race being afraid of snitching, then I say, stay in your hood and continue living the lowest quality of life and please don’t hate when some leave to improve their lives. Life only improves when you leave nigga’s in the hood to their ignorance. Damn broke ass no good nigga’s!

    • ‘BOOOM’!!!   say no more my dude!….. just had this convo in a barber shop earlier today.

  • SamuelLJacckson

    I Like Jolly Ranchers.

    • …and prepubescent girls……allegedly.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Now see? A lot of folks were trying to implicate Kebo Gotti in this mess and it turns out that Slim got killed over some straight up dumb sh*t. Thats a dangerous game to be playing,speculating and sh*t. Thats why if you don’t know sh*t, you shouldn’t be saying sh*t. Period. Suppose somebody tried to retaliate against Kebo for this and he wasn’t even involved? Another brother would’ve been dead over nothing.

    • Sucio Beats

      Regardless, a brother was killed over nothing. 

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Thats why I said another brother would’ve been dead. It’s already been established that Slim Dunkin unnecessarily.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Oh yeah, I heard this a couple days ago but didn’t believe it.

  • Royal_Chiefa

    Now..I’ve hung around a couple of loose cannon homies in the past..but..a piece of candy..I’m not buyin it. I aint gonna crack no jokes in the light of one of our people’s death. We gotta do better. We gotta realize by killin each other, we will never rise as a race. This ish just confirms what America already thinks of black people…

    • Sucio Beats

      I couldn’t agree more.  

  • Black Exodus

    I wrote a comment…I know they (Allhiphop) won’t post it. So I will tone it down. Please black people…wake up. Time is running out. We are turning into a cartoon. The hate is unbelievable. You hate yourself that much that you will kill over Candy.  The music is so bad, you follow rappers that can’t even speak a correct sentence. They are selling you crack and brainwash music, can’t you see what’s going on? They are pushing their agenda down your throats. And most of the followers imitate and cosign this buffoonery.  There are 2-3 mainstream rappers that have something positive to say, Lupe & Common & the Roots but 50-100 that push sewage to the minds & ears of the youth and become rich. What’s even more ironic is that there is no talent or creativity to their hood stories (i.e Biggie).

    Is Money your God, Target, Salvation, Love and meaning to who and want you really are. If so, most are so dumb that they can’t find a cohesive way to make money because their minds is submerged in death, hate and destruction. Is your ideal of making money in (trap house, on the block, robbery, murder, hustling with no plan) Lose – Lose situation. Sisters & Brothers, don’t forget the struggle. Since most you guys spend hours on the internet. look at a documentary called (Eyes on the Prize volume 1-16) it’s on youtube. Educate yourself about the struggle that our Great Grand Parents, Grand Parents and Parents had to go through so we can be in the position that we are in now. It’s looking like it was all in vein. We must do better as a collective but first we must start with ourselves and our situations.

    RIP young Brother, tragic demise but the reality is most of the young brothers die the same way in every hood, every day, in America. Wake up.

    “Diamonds” Black Exodus on Youtube 

    • Time has run out…   Its wrap for African-Americans at this very moment!  The fact of the matter is that you might ask 8 out of 10 black dudes about this and ya know what they’ll say……. ‘Slim, went out like a soldier’….!!   Realllll Smart,  reallll smart!!!  smh

  • RapeFart

    nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger 

  • Silly ass KIDS with too much Time/Money on their hands,too many Guns in their pockets,and apparently not enough Candy in their bowl!! SMH


    Who left the gate open, and let all
    These sheep come into this room.

    Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear…

    I refuse to believe some ignorant shet, like this.
    Even if its is true. The fact the AHH would even report it, and used the word candy in the headline,
    Is even more embarrassing to me.

    One even if this, shet is true. He wasnt killed over a piece of candy.

    He was killed, cause he got in to a physical altercarion/ fight
    That lead to him being shot and killed.

    Him being shot over candy, makes it seems like he refuse to give a nigggah
    His m&m and he was shot over them. Or he took a piece of candy from
    Somebody, and dude shot him, for taking it.

    If you really believe he was murder, over a poeve of candy,
    And there not more to the story.

    Well i really president obama, typing under a fake AHH name.
    And i also the anti-christ and going to
    Bring peace to the middle east…. After i am re-elected.

    • I was thinkin somethin along the same lines…if anything that alleged piece of candy was just the catalyst to a much deeper situation between Slim and dude that none of us know shit about.  I feel ya when it comes to that bogus ass headline too, it’s bullshit like that that causes people like the goofy ass White broad from the last Slim Dunkin thread to comment and try to paint the whole “urban culture” (in her words) with one big ass paintbrush.

  • 12factoid

    This is most embarrsing shit ever. Killed over Candy? wtf? i really feel sorry for generation y.

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  • mike malarkey

    damn whats next niggas gettin killed at breakfast cuz they wont leggo my eggo?

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    When I was a kid in Chicago I saw a guy get beat to death over a beer. Dude took one too many from the cooler and it escalated from an argument to a fight and boom dude was dead. Over one f@cking beer.

  • ShellyB79

    I am truly saddened by this.  For someone to lose their life over something so trivial woke me up and let me realize that end times are truly near.  What is wrong with the youth today?  Why cant they pick up their two fists and handle a situation like a REAL man would?  The thing that is disturbing me the most is that Slim fought without a gun and the coward that shot him felt like he lost his “manhood or bruised his rep” by getting beat up and shot him.  What part of killing someone because you couldn’t win a fight fair and square makes you a man?  I respect the comments that are trying to open the eyes of the lost youth today, but I feel like it continues to fall on deaf ears.

    God Bless his soul and the members of his family.  This was so stupid and we lost another one to foolishness.

    R.I.P. Slim

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  • damn…we gotta do better. but i doubt it’s really over a piece of “candy”…aint no candy that damn good! 20 to 30 people in there and aint nobody see nuttin??? Seems Like now and days you aint gotta worry about terrorist…you gotta worry bout your own damn people!

  • SelmanC

    i thought i heard something about him passing…god bless his fam.
    sad thats the best the city’s finest dectectives can come up with
    makes u wonder about the importance of informats on criminal cases. without them these the type of cops i want on my files lol

  • its our fault.we preach that “stop snitching” “dont snitch” stuff in the music. then when somthin happens and no one comes forward then the family is mad. its a double standard

    • Diemenz

      hop hop need to promote START TELLING CATCH MURDERERS MOVEMENT

  • rep87

    this has to be a set up i cant believe it was over a piece of candy !

  • MarquisCarter

    Maybe the nigga that shot him had type-2?

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  • RIP

  • kylars

    what would u do for a klondike bar?


  • This is some straight up dumb shit, but as sad as it sounds, i could actually see somethin like this happenin over a piece of candy. Why? one word, pride.  It dnt matter what it is, with us (blk men) pride and our manhood is everything and we aint about to let the next man punk us especially in front of other ppl, It sound like somebody got tested and the situation escalated and now some one is dead over some dumb shit bcuz one nigga took it too far.

    Obviously i wasn’t there and dnt know what really hppnd, but like i said, i can see this hppnin bcuz i seen (and been in) situations when its like, I aint bout to go out like no punk. Sad but true.


    • J. Moody

      Dice, I don’t know you but as an older brotha let me say this to you:  F@%K pride.  Your life is worth a helluva lot more than what folks think about you.  You gotta walk away from dumb shit.  You’re going to face a lot of situations where people are going to try you cuz they ain’t got shit to live for.  They see you doing well or about to come up and they find any excuse to test you.  If a mothaf%#ka take some candy from you, what does that say about him?  What low, ain’t got shit, type of mothaf@#ka gotta steal candy?  Pity somebody on some shit like that.   We can’t keep going out over dumb shit like this.  This dude got a mother and family members who gotta go through this bullshit because of some f%#kin candy?   Man, don’t ever make your mom, your girl, your family period have to go through this bullshit becuase of what somebody who ain’t shit to you might think.  If you gotta die to defend your family then you’re being a man, if you die to defend a reputation among mothaf#@ka’s who don’t mean shit to you, then you wasted your life and put your people through some unnessary bullshit.  


      • nunu45

        well said, thats whats wrong with these YOUNG people. PRIDE!!

      • You know, u absolutely right. What u say is the truth is and it sound good and all, but certain situations u jus cant walk from. I mean, u can, but if u bow down to some other cat where im from, u gon have that label of bein a bitch ass nigga and u become a easy target in the eyes of others and u will get tested again, and again, and again, til u put a nigga in his place. You gon have to put them hands up eventually and when u do what hppns next is whatever hppns. I aint the type to go out and look for a fight at all. If i can neutralize a situation i will. BUT, at the same time i aint about to let nobody treat me like a bitch neither. It is what it is.


        I know exactly what you mean!!! It’s sad that it has to be like that!!!

      • J.Moody has spoken….  🙂

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    They must of been sipp’n that lean and homie snatched up the last jolly ranchers needed to make that dirty sprite. 

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  • om3n78

    what im trying to figure out is when the fight went in2 the hallway who was attacked n beaten it sound lyk he sayn dunk was jumped atleast thats what i got out of it

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  • RIP – We gotta do better, what a shame.

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  • scullyson

    Candy? Nah….smh

  • Why is everyone assuming the other guy was losing {even though I did too}??? That dude could have very well just been outta control.People do black the hell out sometimes. Slim Dunkin ain’t no saint and he got a reputation of putting his hands on people. Word is he slapped the shit outta that man for his candy and that’s when the fight ensued. He started that shit and the other dude finished it. Both they azz was wrong and RIP Slim but you just hit the wrong dude on the wrong day. What’s up with all the gunplay tho. Be a man.Let a fist fight remain a fist fight. Aint no honor in shooting an unarmed man. Weak ni**a shit there. Maybe u was losing

  • Sweet Sexy Diva

    This world is a mess! Niggas walking around with no concious, heart or soul, straight demonic behavior! And the sad part about it is most of them are “babies”, between the ages of 14 to 29! Why would u throw your whole life away over something so petty??!! Too much impulsive cowards now-a-days! Not like back in the day when people knew how to use their fists and if they lost fight, they took it for what it was, let it go, and lived to fight another day, and if they did fight, it wasn’t over something so petty like these idiots now-a-days! God is in Heaven shedding tears of anger, disappointment, and sadness, I bet! Smh

  • 20 people in a studio??? No wonder todays rap sucks


    You can’t be phukkin serious??? We wonder why people are laughing at us!!!


    This really doesn’t surprise me!!! Back in the day, people use to catch a beat down over stepping on a pair of kicks or just looking at someone !!!