Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Comments On Girl That Tatted "Drake" On Head


Think Drake loves that fans tat his name on them? Nope. Here is what he said in a recent interview.

“I want to meet her and understand what happened.”

He was pissy with the tattoo artist that did the deed to the girl.

“The guy who tatted (her) is a f—ing –-shole though, I will tell you that. I don’t f— with that guy. F— you to that tat artist by the way. And you should lose your job and should never do tattoos again and I don’t f— with you. And if I ever see you, I’m a f— you up.”

The dude was a jerk though.

He told Vice Magazine he thought it was a gang tat.

“I lost a little sleep over it that first night, wondering if I wanted to be known as the a–hole who tattooed ‘DRAKE’ on some crackhead’s forehead. In the end, she paid me to do this to her, which really means she did this to herself.”

Source: Power 106


Kanye West is reportedly letting people hear mad new music. I know you heard that one instance, but I’m hearing there’s this elite wave of people that are getting privy to stuff that we aren’t.

Kobe Bryant is looking to work things out with his ex-wife Vanessa. I don’t think so.



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

    • atle fjeldstad

      Are you saying Wayne is being unfaithful to Baby? Haha

    • Sybil Miller

      oooooohhhhh! owwww!

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  • Real Talk:
    Hahahaha! You crazy!

    On the real , props to DRAKE , for feeling the way he do. That $hyt was BallCorn status. ( Backwards CornBall )

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  • Ronlg1

    So why didn’t they report that the Tattoo artist replied to Drake’s request and said “name the time and the place and I would TOTALLY fight Drake”…..That white boy would f@#$ Drake up!!!

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  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Why does Drake think he’s a G all of a sudden? This n*gga caught the vapors.

    • mike malarkey

      pahahahahahaha right!!! nigga drinkin that robotussin or vick syrup and think he tuff

  • LOL

  • All this coming from a man who recently got Aaliyah’s face tatted on his back !! Canadian Please !!

    • ahaha, fool probably thinks sippin’ on syrup means maple syrup or some shit. He was like 5 when Aaliyah last dropped an album.

  • King Cold

    Damn this is funny. Drake aint fightin nobody. Got 500 that says the tattoo man whoops his ass

    • Tony G.

      and I’ll double that witcha bro…fukcboy killin me tryna be hard now…tatman will bust dat azz

  • Masterful_Ronin

    What’s the thought process in gettin a persons name branded on your skin that doesn’t know you or care to? Did she think that people would see it and be like “Oh snap! It says ‘DRAKE’! You are SO official now!” Duh mass!!!!

  • rep87

    sounds really dumb he or she need some parental supervision

  • Why is he so pissed apparently the girl is having issues who gets a tat on they face after gucci messed face tattooing up..Seriously he needs to move on before he get sued for threating someone for doing there job and creating art…Where the hell is his handlers before he either get beat up or get broke…Nah drake baby move on young people are impressionable at least she not trying to pen a baby on him 🙂

  • Maybe he shouldnt have made a song called “Tat my name on ya”?

  • Royal_Chiefa

    So..he made b/c some chick go this name tatt’d on her dome? I don’t understand what he’s mad for..that’s free publicity to me..Then he gonna say he F up a tattoo artist..but what about Common? I didn’t hear none of that toward Common…Drake just need to stop the madness..You aint that type brotha..I stopped listenin to you when  you tried to be hard instead being…you know..Drake…

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