EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY: Kreayshawn vs. Lil B?

Ummm. Lil B the Based God Won’t Acknowledge Kreayshawn?

Looks like they both just extended their 15 minutes of fame for another 20 seconds or so…


  • therealest1

    These people look like losers.

  • Wild shit about his broad is, she could actually be lowkey cute if she’d just cut the gimmick (and keep those goofy ass glasses off her face…oh, and kill that shit goin on with her eyelashes too).  Far as talent though she’s all the way f****d in the game, she needs to just stick to directin videos.  LOL

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  • lou75

    she looks more cracked out than winehouse, and what hood does she hang out in lol cuz u drop some swear words doesn’t make u hood & quit ur cryin’ i cant believe i wadte 5 minutes of my life watching this…MOB lol banging on ur bitch azz white girl mouth lol some sister must have told her that b4

  • Where do people find all the energy?

  • 7yoyo7

    This is NOT news……

  • u kno

  • Magic979

    Sad to say but i think Kreayshawn would win if they battled

  • TruthSerum

    Can we please get both these fools outta here already??

  • RapeFart

    bum bitch 

  • Their both a bad representation of Oakland! SMH 

  • they same shit she saying about him, other people saying about her…now she wants to start crying

  • lil b is trash!  this chick aight but her sister sucks to!

  • SelmanC

    based god dont wanna get rushed by the white girl mob lol
    not convinced…kray needed another hit to follow gucci gucci…she would have been on!
    bt now it looks like lil sis breakin bread with gucci gucci

  • rep87

    lil bitch i mean lil b who give a damn what this no talent bum is doing and as far as kreayshawn go she garbage to

  • MassConglom

    the part that allhiphop is not telling yall is that this ustream broadcast was recorded in april. that’s about a month before she dropped gucci gucci and got famous, so the joke is on lil b and the rest of her haters.  kreayshawn: “that’s the type of person i am, i’m really nice and down to earth and that’s what’s going to take me far”. looks like she was right.

  • MrTroyMercy

    Lmao!!!! Naw yo, If LIL b stop rappping like Sodjia Boy and Try to spit and not be a gimmick – he mos def flows better than this weak chick… she trying to get sales by beefing with black dudes , when actually better off better of dissing katy Perry , Taylor hicks , ect . Even though Ross wwas a broad and not a Bawse for sending Goons at her lol… to man coontastic cats cosign her …she better off beefing with white folks like Eminem did.

    Lil B trash but I think he does that on purpose . He is nothing like thiswack azz female rapper…. its sad when my girl Jean Grae and all the doope female Mc’s get ignored but this broad is getting Pub and marketing …sad sad sad for hip hop..I’m glad I have a diversified ear for music and I suggest others do the same causee he music is trash.

    Only reason cats even doing music with her is cause it’s free marketing but there is also a backlash that might hurt your career.

  • this hoe needa stop an suck dick for a livin

  • LMFOA!  Kreayshawn vs Lil B?

    The fact that nobody can say for certainty who will win is even funnier.

    She looks like Lil Kim.

  • Breakdabars

    Still making this bitch famous I see. I hate this bitch but Lil B helped her get famous so he can died slow too. SMH at you fools still picking this bitch to win shit.

  • Papi Peligro

    Now you know how it feels to be a nigga. LOL. Real niggas have these convos all the time.