Hip-Hop Rumors: Kanye West To Leave The United States?


As you know, I love the UK…well I just wish I had their accent. The latest with Kanye is that he is looking to move to the UK to make his career leap forward more than it already is. Not only is he working on new music, but he’s also about to move to the United Kingdom for his fashion endeavors, according to rumor. They are even saying he may put his music on hold, which sounds false to me. But, this is all in preparation for Fashion Week in Paris. I think earlier this year, he caught some heat for his fashions and may be looking for some “get back.” He’s reportedly looking for apartments right now.

Here are some of Kanye’s fashion looks:

kanye west fashion

kanye west fashion 1


kanye west hair fashion style

kanye west fashion style

kanye west fashion style 3

kanye west fashion style 2

kanye west fashion style 4

kanye west fashion style 1

kanye west fashion style pink pictures

kanye west and amber rose

kanye west louis vuitton fashion style

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  • King Cold

    This nikka looks fruity as hell

    • TimeWillTellu1

      Love Kanye for being original but dam this is the last dam straw! 

      • mike4282

        If he moved–will we miss him? Uh———no.

  • realtalkofva

    did yall see amber i see why he still rappin bout dat


    As you know, I love the UK…well I just wish I had their accent.

    A response from
    Mike in 5-4-3-2-1…………….. Regarding this statement. Lol

    Ok ok ok kay kay,

    I start it off.
    illcoon your a fag, what niggah from
    The hood, wishes he had an english accent.

    Look @ gutter niggah……
    Yo see what type of weirdos read comic books??????

    What black man wishes he sound like an english person…

    illcoon do you look in the mirror and practice talking like pierce brosman (sp)

    Do you coon so much, because you really wish you was white

    I bet you want blonde hair and blue eyes also…..

    • Casor_Greener

      yeah he went left with all that b.s.

  • Damn Amber

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  • thats the problem with famous people.. they try to be trend-setters but dont have no damn style and end up looking stupid!!

    aint this the same clown that wore a kilt to one of his concerts?

    you need to do alot more than move… you need to change your entire thought process.

  • water_ur_seeds

    @ el bark…

    what you think black people all have an american ‘accent’…

    not all english people sound like the fckin queen, just like not all americans sound like fckn perez hilton…

    the worlds bigger then america

    • EL_BARK


      Naw not even cuzz.
      I know that blacks over in in england have an accent….

      Idris elba, mel B, both speak with an england accents.

      But in the terms or manner in which illcoon was using it,
      I will bet my last dollar, he didnt have neither one of them
      In mind. That why he put UK accent. Which infers to me he,
      Meant or was refering to the way yall speak over there.

      When a person say uk accents, in the states one will be inclined ( or me) to think
      White anglo saxon protestant (wasp) accent. Because most or the root of england existences at one time was white people. Going back since i could remember.

      Black people or people of color, that live their now, have to
      Had migrated there at some point. Just like blacks in america arent orginally from
      The states, but blacks in the south, talk with an “white southern accents”

      I called it a whites southern accent, because if we was still in africa we wouldnt speak like that.
      We pick up their accent, by being over the years. That just like when down south people say,
      Northerners talk proper, pronouncing every letter.

      So even though now, everybody in england might speak with an accent.
      Picking up the accent, for a non-wasp was part of assimiliation.
      Or happen cause you been living there over a long period of time.

      If u say uk anything over here in the states, most black
      Tend to think white. Although i see where you getting at with the sterotype.

      But its a little different over here. This country was created and started by uk citizens.

      So saying you admire there accents as a blackman over here in america,
      Will only get you a shaq face………

      Just being honest…. U say uk, we think white.

      And i know illcoon, is smart enuff to know that.!!!!!

      Or maybe not, so that might explain some of his cooning.

      • water_ur_seeds

        LOL we chopped it up for years starrr so i mad haha just hate it when certain mad think we all sound like the queen init… only 60year old rich people sound ‘proper’, which is 1% of the population lol but i see what you saying… dont understand how uk = white though, when most of our population is jamaican and asian these days haha idris elba is actually more posh speaking then most uk man believe it or not, hes quite well spoken lol google k koke interview or klashnekoff interview, thats real uk accent lol peace breda

      • EL_BARK

        I feel you, maybe it might just be me that think
        George washington , and men wearing make up & wigs,
        When i think UK. Prolly cause in school, when you hear anything about england,
        In the text books, all you see is white people, that fit the above description.
        Actually now that i think about it, any time you hear or saw europe,
        Most of the times, white people was all you seen. But never the less preciate you,
        Informing me on my ignorance.

      • water_ur_seeds

        make up and wigs? laow that bruv lol 

    • if you were so smart you’d know to reply to people by hitting the “reply button” and not putting the “@” and their name.  you didn’t didn’t even spell it correctly you must didn’t want him to respond back like.  that’s just like you UK people being cowards!

      • water_ur_seeds

        i cant take you serious with ‘beezy ana’ in your name LMAO

      • who comes on the internet to take people serious? if you do you’re lame!

      • water_ur_seeds

        guess its me, i like a real discussion now and again, hence why i dont fck with this page anymore… used to be bare people on here to chop it up with, man like bp1, mush, hoodprophet etc talking real schitt… now its just wasteman talking shit and beefing… have good new year ‘lou beezy ana’ LMAO 

      • you to ‘WATER_UR_SEEDS’ LMAO…….

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  • he just want them euros cause it’s worth more than USD.  let that nigga go.  only person gon miss him is jay z!

    • water_ur_seeds

      uk dont have euros, its called ‘pounds £££££££££’ do americans get taught what goes on outside of america, i know america is big, but shit, alot more goes on outside of the states lol

      • either way it’s more money!  damn did you wake up with your panties to far up your bum or something. who gets mad over something this small!  i hope all the people in UK aren’t whinny babies like you!!

      • water_ur_seeds

        just sad that so many people like you are un educated to current affairs in this world, though you could do with telling… go read a book… did you hear that that they found sadam hussein?

      • i knew that! did you hear they killed bin laden?

      • Hahahaha!
        Take Em to School Water!

  • Kanye is so desperate for attention these days. This guy has turn so materialistic I can no longer relate to him. 

  • SelmanC

    lol this guy off the hook!! im sure if he wasnt an entertainer he wouldnt dress like that
    not my style of dress but he must know somebody who like it and thats all that matter

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    IIlseed are you gay? Serious question. Cuz you always sprinkle little suspect sh*t in with ur rumors. Yeah. U gay. Gotta be.

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yeh I think this ILLSEED IS YO …

  • rep87


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  • MrTroyMercy

    Man that picture he took with all them fruity looking dude is a epic fail , know why ???? Cause Kayne none dressing azz is the only nikka that look normal in that picture and that is a understatement . This nikka’s since of fashion is FAGGOOT POINT BLANK. Tell me though , why is he comfortable taking a photo with a bunch of fruity nikkas dressed up like the bout to do a STESTOSONIC (FUCC A SPELLCHECK) or Fraggle Rock broadway play or some shet ? Hy his homie dressed in a
    Leprecaun outfit ith some leopard Lieatarts ( fucc a spellcheck) ?

    Lokey , as much as Fashion done fell off his production has . He use to have dope energetic production but no he just produces boring music . The say WTTH AND MDTF As brillant , but I say those albums lacked energy and are forgetable. Some of the beats on those album took like 6 nikkas to do and still came out kinda mediocre. Who rocks a pink G Shock ? And this cat never matches and u call this ish fashion ? FAGSHION IS MORE PROPER.

    Back to the music , all I can say is LIFT OFF had three of the biggest stars on it and took 6. Cats to produce but was by far one of the wackest songs I EVER heard.

    Back to the fagshion …. so I’m guessing this is how its gonna be until some new trend come out ,huh ? Rocking women attire , tights azz none matching attire , winter attire year round and fruity pebble colored clothing accesories – is fashion ? Everything seems to be catered to the homosexual , metrosexual , bisexual , sissfied life style not to mention if Kayne wasn’t. FAMOUS you would think that he was a gay dude that was about to ask you for spare change .

    Fitted clothing is one thing but extra extra smeduim male yeast infection attire is another . Suits get fitted . Slack gets fitted . Jeans are not suppose to look like relax fitte long johns. Shoes are not supposed to be tied extra tight . Smh .

    what Bark said what type of cat admits to wishing he had a damn near suspect accent
    ?? Only SUSPECT nikkas do that . Look at all those fruity pics of Ye , he posted . Nuff said.

    Off topic – I see why he dedicated MDTF to Amber Rose lawd have mercy!!!! Philly’s finest! Look at that body and them breastasiss lol … she talks dumb as hell but iaint even trying to here her speak …. but yo she must got that BADU Affect on niggas cause once cats hit they start wearing furry football helmets and tight clothes …

    Like Badu , did 3 stacks , Common and whoever else she dated – Amber Rose is doing
    to Wiz and Ye ,lol…nikkas get addicted to that poooo- nanny and I still will smash lol.

    Anyways , I guess this what Hip Hop or shall I say FAGHOP IS HEADING TO NOW … maybe the real cat just spitting and dressing normal trend will come back. Smh…

    • I soo agree with everything u said, even down to the amber rose comments lol.  When I say stuff about kanye’s clothes ppl say “its fashion” now i love kanye’s music an outspoken  idgaf attitude but if looking like your a four year old who just got dressed in the dark is fashion  than got dammit i need to be a stylist foreal! Shit I’ll take a nigga to the thrift store, an the homeless shelter then to the women’s department in macy’s an have him lookin jus like kanye for a quarter of what he spends! ijs, fashion is about expressing yourself with your clothing, however couture fashion is supposed to make u wana go buy it. An jus like my grandma used to ask me, “what does your clothes say about u when i would try an sneak out in a short skirt, I pose the same question to ppl who defend ye’s clothes. What does his clothing say about him? I’ll say it, its says he’s gay an even though he’s rich he likes buying expensive yet cheap looking ,ugly ass clothes.

      • Double co-sign , no where near as funny as ISK / Troy Mercy, but just as deep.

    • SMDH  &  LOL-N 
      >>>Hurries & finishes beer b4 reading El bark’s comment!

  • MrTroyMercy

    Plus Kayne knows ain’t nobody but Sissyazz nikkas gonna buy his clothing line .

  • MrTroyMercy

    Seriously tho, wtf is this nikka wearing lmao!!! He dresses wworst than them B.E.P nikkas…lol!!! I see why Amber took that gag order bread and bounced , cause I’m pretty sure Kanye Got some secrets that he ain’t want her to mention .. that’s why he spent that paper , for her not to talk lol… plus that cat secretly writting love letters to her via music lol… these pics are suspect and for one man to google them and post them is fruity lol

  • Just like us. A nigga start doing shit out the box and he’s gay? Y’all niggas ain’t calling Afrikaa Bambataa gay for all that Zulu village people shit he wore. You call George Clinton gay for doing acid and wearing a diaper? No. Keep it consistent! Oh and Illseed you are whack as hell nowadays. I used to come to this site for the rumors but now it is a hip hop tabloid. Scratch that. It ain’t hip hop.

  • KingRell25

    Who Cares

  • Weedras

    If any of ya’ll fans of the TI$A Brand just know the creator and designer of the brand is dude wearing the leopard print leggings, riding boots and the jockey hat lol!!

  • >>>>Must be getting old.

    >>> Remembers when hip Hop fashion was sneakers , jeans & a Jacket.

  • Yo! How The Fugg Troy Mercy / Isk gonna say Kanye’ look like a gay dude about to ask for a quarter.

    Really? I had to leave the page after reading that $hyt!


  • Amber looking right though!

  • Dave Dizee Phiri

    heheh that  other group pic looks gay

  • TheReaEmajor_on_twitter

    He  getten outta here for 2012…I aint stupid……..

  • Thats a Bad ass picture of Amber Rose That nigga needs that back in his life

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  • Papi Peligro

    What’s up with the Kelly Rowland picture Collab for Kanye.  Yeah you must have meant your URANUS when you wrote United States.  

  • DaMatrix

    He should call his fashion line = IM G.A.Y. 

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    It’s a cross between Usher and Big Boi. No big faashion to see here; unless he starts working with Grace Jones. Bring that. I thought I was gonna see something epic here, like maybe I misread Kanye West…