Hip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Had A Baby Girl Last Night?!

Reports are confirming that Beyonce has given birth to a baby girl! Word is that the celebri-tot has been named Tiana-May Carter. Rumors were swirling earlier this week that Beyonce was due to give birth at St.Luke’s Hospital in NYC, and sources are confirming that she gave birth to the baby girl last night. Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on a healthy baby girl!

  • H. U. S.

    If it’s true, then finally….people can shut the hell up about what they’re baby would look like!!!

  • David Gonz


    • Weedras

      it aint funny to crack jokes on someone’s kid..

      • TheBoxcarHobo

        Agreed. Make fun of Jay all u want, but the kids are off limits IMO. Anyway, this baby is caked up crazy, don’t matter what she look like.


    Tiana is his niece name,

    I guess the camel
    Named her after her then,
    i believe he only got one niece, or at one point she was his only niece.

    But the – may part aint a good look. I bet beyonce had something to do with that.

    Thinking the she going to be a superstar diva, like tina turner.

    I dont see hov pushing his kids into the spot light. He is to much of a private dude.

    But i can see beyonce, pushing her into the spot light.
    Like she was. We all know beyonce has, to be the center of attention.

    Ask the former members of destiny child lol.

    • johnblacksad

      Don’t kno about a niece… Big’s daughter’s named T’yanna….
      Now watch ninjas say that he bit of Big “again”…

      • EL_BARK

        Naw he def
        Got an niece, with that name or very similar.

        She about, 13 years old. And is his only niece, or was his only niece at one point.
        Its his big sister, youngest daughter. / child… She was born around fall of 98,
        I believe. Right around this time, his mom retired,
        And he built her a crib in jersey. Right after vol 2 drop,

  • Noneyabiz012

    Fake. The bitch was never pregnant be real and say you have some other lady give birth and you bought the baby

  • Noneyabiz012

    If that kid doesn’t have a lil joe camel in her you know it aint theres

  • EQ

    lol who delivers a baby that fast..

    • Not sayin it’s true OR false but my wife went to the hospital having contractions…an hour and a half later my daughter was here. It be like that sometimes.

      • EQ

        i thought it took like 8 or 9 months..didnt she just get knocked up,time does fly damn

    • LetsBeRealpeople

      for real? media isn’t even taking that on. maybe that just want to not talk about her anymore? but for real. barely bump to have a have a baby, wtf?

  • Satsui

    Aww I was hoping for a boy, oh well, if it’s true then congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Carter

  • Hopefully the new born will inspire her and her husband to write lyrics with actual meaning instead of boring rubbish about their material possessions.

  • I love black people !

  • betsy1113

    hatersssssssssssssssssssss, congrats jay and b,why some black people got to put other blacks down, can u just be happy for ur own!

  • rep87

    divoice is next jay z !

  • $18916246

    Niggaz die quick PLEASE!…..Black people, Let’s usher in the return of “BLACK FAMILY & BLACK LOVE”! CONGRATULATIONS!  “JAY & B” on your new bundle of joy!

  • RapeFart

    that puss hole is destroyed forever now

    ITUNES & amazon


  • LetsBeRealpeople

    Fastest pregnancy ever. Fat girl never got fat during pregnancy, and Wendy Williams..(god help me on admitting this) Wendy Williams called it…the only people present were the camel,beyonfake and miss tina…yeah..now let’s get on to some real gossip:Jaden and Justin…”Friends” with musical benefits!

  • I’m sorry but I still don’t see how Beyonce and Jay Z got together in the first place. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but them having a baby seems like a huge publicity stunt.