Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake Has A New Girlfriend?!

Drake has a new main squeeze, and no, it’s not Rihanna or Serena Williams. Continuing on his quest to wife up video vixens around the world, Drake is rumored to be dating none other than industry plaything, Dollicia Bryant. The rapper took to instagram to post this photo of “Dolly B,” who joined him at Saddle Ranch in L.A.

Dollicia’s reps confirmed that the two are an item, saying, “Yes, Drake and Dollicia are dating. They’re both in L.A. right now spending the holidays together.”

Dollicia has had her share of celebrity boyfriends, having dated Jamie Foxx, Hill Harper, Bow Wow, Rob Kardashian, and others. We don’t see this relationship lasting very long.

In other Drake news, the rapper shot his scenes for Mary J. Blige’s new video for “Mr. Wrong” yesterday in L.A.

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  • Ryan Cole

    This dude stays rescuing these hoes, then cries about it in magazines and in songs because he doesn’t understand that he can’t turn hoes into housewives.  Ni99a GTFOH with this already.

    • Who What Why When

      LOL! Maybe because like a lot of these dudes, he’s gay and the models subliminally trick his targeted market into believing he’s some kind of heart throb which leads to sales, etc.

      • Makes more sense than a reference? lol

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  • Siflan

    [Insert: Tupac – I Get Around] – Why do celebrities date other celebrities’ remains?!  I’ll never get that.

    • Ryan Cole

      I guess because these broads come with references.  “Hey, I know you.  You used to date Kanye two weeks ago, and T-Pain two months before that.  Let’s be an item.”

      • Siflan

        I guess you’re right.  But what does it say about all the females who just date money?  “Now I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger …”

      • Ryan Cole

        Absolutely.  Hollywood is weird like that.  It’s worse than high school.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    I swear this dude looks like he makes gyros and strombolis for a living.

  • RapeFart

    i smashed too, so add my name to the list 

  • Drake is a fa**ot (what kind of a hip-hop site censors that word?). They keep showing him with big butt women that you know damned well he does not feel comfortable around – just look at him! Remember who else had that 5 o’clock shadow trying to be a tough guy to tone down his gayness? Yes, George Michael. Black guys don’t wear beards like that. They keep pulling one over on people.

    You know when a man is about his women! Some do things and like to be seen with women to look good and to show people that they are gettin it, while other do it to hide their gayness. Drake does not even look convincing enough to hide it. He keeps trying to act cool but when he come sout don’t say that I and others did not warn you! You know this guy is not on some big butt women!

    • Co sign the whole drake bit… but lol @ u hating on men who can actually grow a full beard. It aint my fault u can’t grow one ol’ jay-z whiskers like a rat face havin azz niggah!!

  • Seriously, all of Cash money are bunch of homos

  • rep87

    all gay dudes keep dime pieces around for fashion tips Drake is 100percent homo/ dude like poles in his azz and mouth get over it AHH and stop them from emailing you guys with these photos trying 2 prove  their man hood everybody hanging out with baby and wayne is either down low or bi sexual thats how cash money roll its just nasty


    shit…even i fucked this bitch…and i look like a cross between Shabba Ranks and Master P…

  • Magic979


    ITUNES & amazon


  • Drake is hands down one of the top ten worst contributions to rap/ hip-hop ever, lmao! i dont even know why they keep calling him a rapper? Everybody know he a joke, aint shit hood about him but he talk so hard, im hatin so hard hopin he read this and goes to find the bleach, punk ass haha

  • SelmanC

    it happens like this…rapper B comes to rapper A and says “yeah i banged such and such she bust it down and bring it back!!” Rapper A “like that? oh i got to see whats good!” rapper B “do your thing im not a hater”

    first thing rappers talking bout it like soap operas. 2nd thing you cant get mad at them becuase they want a sure thing (miguel voice) if im traveling city to city i dont want some1 i have to wine/dine and run game. i need to know its poppin. guaranteed!!

    so eventually im gonna see these chicks like kat stacks (kuz they travel city to city also) and because thats they job, they badder than average and its a go!!! these chicks is giving these rappers material for they music. everybody is playin they role.

    thats why hood dudes dont get mad when they meet chicks like this because u dont realize the grimey hood chicks on the come up got they game from hood dudes when they were younger. they know they game. so when im older and i spot thristy chicks and i cant get mad kuz think about when u a teen all the girls from ur neighborhood you play or give them game on how to get over on dudes and bring it back. so then they leave the neighborhood only used to messing with a certain type of dude so they act a certain type of way.

    so when chick encounters rapper B they both play they position, everyone gets what they was looking for because they both know the game and cant hate on the players. but when she meets rapper A he gets his feelings hurt because he cant figure how she could play him like that!! exposed! some ppl just grow up different. then we as consumers get songs like marvins room lol

    • David Sentongo

      ha. well explained!

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