Skillz Delivers Again On The "2011 Rap Up"

Virginia rapper Skillz can rap about a lot of things, as he’s shown in the Cypher and on his well-known YouTube clips and beyond. But, despite what else he does in the booth, he will go down in rap history as the MC who brings us the yearly “Rap Up” of all the top happenings from the year in pop culture.

For weeks now, Skillz has been bombarded on Twitter (@SkillzVA) about when his sought-after “Rap Up” would drop and who he would slice and dice this year. This time around, Skillz didn’t disappoint, bringing his familiar, annual brand of wit and observation to the mic. Check out Skillz’s “2011 Rap Up:”

Want more Skillz? Read up on the controversial stuff he had to say about the lacking MCs from the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher!!

Download from itunes here.

  • churchboy2

    Skillz on point as usual.
    (Surprised that Drake, Nicki & the Throne were not mentioned though; I guess they were too obvious as targets…)

  • i don’t know about this rap up it was okay…i like that he has tried to expand the track to be more general, but in my opinion, i think they were funnier and more clever when he stuck mostly to the hip hop events.  also, jeter didn’t hit 3000 homeruns, it was 3000 hits, the record for homeruns is like 7 hundred something by barry bonds.  it just so happened his 3000 hit was a homerun.  he could have even mentioned the cipher, which he went public anyway and said some cats couldn’t spit or remember their verses.  little to no mention of ymcmb, could have included common vs drake on that with serena, watch the throne, lil b, kreayshawn use of N word

    were these 2011 events: shyne coming home, lil wayne and ti getting released, octo mom, amber rose & wiz khalifa….

    anyway it was okay

    • tahpics

      Post a link to yours; the streets are waiting for that heater!

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  • $18916246

    Hot! as usual.

  • water_ur_seeds

    this was cool, not as ‘fulfilling’ as usal tho… shame no video

  • Tony G.

    Cool…not his best by far..but cool…but one thing…Jeter has 3000 hits, not home runs..thats pretty much impossible lol

  • love it

  • skillz did it again

  • $20956822

    Skillz is wack I dont know why anyone likes his one song he drops a year same content all the time and hardly has any rapping skills!!! Anyone can put current events together on a song and call it the years rap-up!! When do you ever hear good music from him never!! He pops up once a year to make his gay ass yearly rap ups!! It gets old don’t you think???

  • a boring year it was for hiphop

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