T.I. Ft. Dr. Dre "Popped Off"

[ahh_audio src=/1-1-12/T.I.Ft.DrDre-PoppedOff.mp3]

  • SteveRaze

    Dope song!!

  • Actually if more hip hop was made like this from the south no one would have any problems this is hot maybe T.I. can show them downsouth dudes how to make records.

  • water_ur_seeds

    sounds like em wrote dres verse… this ok

  • lol.. idk how rappers can rap verses that were written for them and still have any type of pride in what they do… and yes this includes dre 

    • Ronlg1

      The same way that R&B singers do it….Trust me…people have been writing for other rappers sinc the BEGINNING!!!!  Go back and read up on “Rapper’s Delight”.  part of that was written by Cassanova Fly….

  • EQ

    damn nice track…thats a track i would expect to be on detox

  • Larry ‘Loyal’ Hume

    yo, you can tell em wrote dre’s verse, same style, pop offs and everything lol, but the track hot, lay back driving track

  • This is a good tracc right here a win win on all levels for tip 100

  • cazzie

    this is from like 3 years ago lol tough though

  • Black Exodus

    Good Ear Candy…

    Black Exodus “Diamonds”

  • Wtf this was from 2009. It was even on that Dr. Pepper commercial.

  • Ronlg1

    Yeah, maybe this should have come out a couple of years ago, but yet and still it’s a great song and I welcome it, because everything and I REPEAT “EVERYTHING” on the radio right now is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!!!!  And I like the addition of Dre on it, the first version that I heard was only TIP and it was written FOR Dre…

  • Ronlg1

    Also, one more thing.  I know I responded to some other dude’s comment about rappers reciting someone else’s ryhmes….but some of you guys don’t realize that some of yalls FAVORITE rappers aint writing their own “ish”…..hadn’t been writing their own “ish”….and aint never WRITTEN their own “ish”.  Ghostwriting has been around from the beginning AND think about it, in R&B, Jazz, Rock, Country, Neo Soul (Hell in ALL genre’s of music) there are writers and there are performers.  Majority of the performers in ALL genres don’t write their own songs, so why should rap be any different?

  • Knlegend1

    Dre’s verse was in left field so I can buy Eminem writing it. Everything else is top notch. There is actually some extra music going on in the background kind of hard to hear pass the horns but its there.