Hip-Hop Rumors: DJ Spinderella Goes In On Alicia Keys, Lil Wayne & Kanye West?


I don’t know if you all even know who Spinderella is, but let me help you know. She is a legendary DJ that is a member of Salt-N-Pepa. She’s been around since the 80s and she’s pretty. At any rate, she is a DJ of note and she’s making moves. Well, recently there has been a rash of artists that have turned into DJs. This includes Erykah Badu, Kanye West and Alicia Keys. Anyway on Twitter, she went OFF. She even named names. But, I have to admit, she is talking about somebody named Wayne. I didn’t know Lil Wayne was a DJ now. Did you hear that? Let me know and read the rant! Does she have a point? She used to rap a bit…so why can’t rappers DJ?

Here is the her TweetTalk:

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  1. churchboy2

    Spin got skills; there’s mad Youtube vids of her spinning with DJ Scratch and others. (And she’s well into her 40’s). She gets props for defending her corner of the culture.

  2. therealest1

    I totally agree with her on all fronts because she is a veteran. She ain’t coming off bitter because seriously, what’s with all these established artists becoming overnight DJs?

      • Big Syze

        You have to be a DJ to understand what she’s saying.  Especially her being from the time when you had to carry crates and needles; she’s in the right.  DJ’ing is hard work and sacrifice.  Nobody likes a poser.

      • MrTroyMercy

        herb ass nikka you need to get the fairy slapp’d out of you smh.

      • therealest1

        Hey loser, she had an opinion and was just putting it out there based on her experiences. Perhaps you should read or listen instead of being a fanboy and dick riding these stars who become overnight DJs.

  3. rep87

    damn she is sexy and prettier than her younger days she was allways the best looking one / if she the dj and defending her craft i feel you because the falling off rappers no whats coming and SPIN the dj booth is not safe from these falling stars open up a club hire them washed up suckers to come in time to be the boss

  4. mike4282

    I’m not surprised if DJing is now a trend.  I will admit, I have not heard ANY of AK-47 (Alicia Keys), Wayne’s, or West’s dj tracks. Now they have the right to do this and say its a hobby, but if their serious they need to learn it from scratch. NO software in the world is gonna make you a REAL instant DJ—-least i hope not. But with Wayne’s case he may be betta at it than rapping. Kanye is ALWAYS trying different things so like DJing, Fashion designing, moving to another country…..and A Keys????? Who cares…

  5. DJ Don Julio

    What Spinderella is saying is correct. With todays obsession with celebrities. Promoters, Club owners etc. would rather shell money for these celebs to train wreck and slam songs together than to book actually SKILLED DJ’s that KNOW how to rock a party regardless if people know them or not. Do you really think Pauly D would get booked all around the country if he wasn’t on Jersey Shore? I hightly doubt it. 

    • Thursdaynite

       I respect what you’re saying, bu that’s a bad example. He’s an actual skilled house and techno DJ who was doing that way before Jersey Shore. It helped him blow up, but you can’t compare that to what Spin is saying. Now DJ Snooki, that’s more on point!

    • MrTroyMercy

      Yeh Pauly D has a market and he is really good at it but cats like DJ kalid and cats like that who claims to produce but DON’T . Don’t jump ijnto people’s artform and claim it ..

      Who’s to tell maybe Kayne can become a good Dj cause true producer knows good music .

      That’s where it stops . You can be a DJ who has a certain craft or you can be deem’d as versitle. ( fucc a spell checc)

  6. SDS_Overfiend

    First off ………. You dickhead young Niggas Need to Respect the Architect. Second she is absolutely right.. Same thing as Using machines to sell metrocards rather than a person sitting in the booth, Same thing as Downloading music rather than buying a physical CD. or better yet your cable provider offering phone service now. Shout outs to her for speaking her Mind and barking on niggas for raping and getting the culture confused.

      • SDS_Overfiend

        Thank you Brother.. Shit is foul how nobody respects the architect no more. What Niggas is getting twisted is a celebrity hosting a party grabbing the mic rather than a DJ digging in crate blending shit up and on with his selection keeping the mood right.

  7. xdc845

    djing went to hell when they started making all these fake vinyl’s and laptop dj software, now everyone and their mother is a dj, meanwhile they prob never touched real vinyl in their life or would know what the difference between belt-drive and direct-drive is!



                          █ ——— R ——— ██ ——— E ——— ██ ——— A ——— ██ ——— L ——— █
                         █ ——— R ——— █ █ ——— E ——— █ █ ——— A ——— █ █ ——— L——— █
                         █ ——— T ——— █ █ ——— A——— █ █ ——— L ——— █ █ ——— K ——— █

  9. MrTroyMercy

    In this day and era PAYOLA is way to damn strong . You Dj’s who don’t really DJ BUT CALL THEMSELVES Dj’s . GTFOH. These cats ain’t promoting the artform . They don’t care about artist sacrifice . Now Badu iss a true DJ. Jazzy Jeff is true Dj. Manny Fresh . 9th Wondr . Those are cats who really Dj .. she right about what she said . It always take some bytch made nikka like that sissified hom bytch who called her a HATER , not to know shit about the history or true esscence of the artform ( fucc a spellcheck). I swear some nikkas like that bytch power73 need to get there hoeasses stum’p out because of the bitchassness the pocess.

    This is why rap is a dying artform cause bytch made nikkas like dude don’t know their history . I Dj and been doing it since my teens , so I know howw she feels. She also has a point . Some Dj’s ( the fake ones) use it as a make a break for their own artist and music . That’s not fuccking Djing!

    Don’t nobody wanna hear Niggas in paris 5 rimes or marvin’s room over and over .. you have have diversity when $(ing ..not all rap but some of all music ..

    Calling Spinderella a hater over her staements make you a btych azz nikkka who sits when he pisses and bleed for 7 days . Smh!

      • Chrisblackusa

        mrtroymercy,,,you are true to the culture,,,the dj is the first stand in hiphop,,,the mc shouted the dj from the gate in the battle of the dj’s,,,,if a dj isnt ready to get rushed on for a fukked up mix then he or she isnt a dj,,,dj’s have lost their lives over mixes,,true story,,,today anyone get just get up and play records at the club with no blending or double beating,,,,,these dj’s dont create beats anymore from existing songs,,,its what stopped people from playing instruments because to be a dj was playing the universe,,,hey but the dj is eliminated in most acts now,,,and we call it hiphop,,,,ive been living it for over 35yrs when it was just cassettes and hadnt crossed the bridge yet and brooklyn hiphop was funk,,bronx was james brown beats and queens and strong island was making homemade beats,,

      • MrTroyMercy

        Peep lil game lil nigga …yo momma wasn’t saying that wwhen I was pissing on her face … emotional huh ? I bet I will still beat your lame ass and I bet you look like your momma a fuccking picture of dick with a wig on hoe ass nikka.. rather sound emotional than b hoemotional like you are …noww eat a dicck u fairy ass nigga .

      • BambooPawBruh

        son son. u shouldnt waste so much emotions into internet beef ha!

      • BambooPawBruh

        son son. u shouldnt waste so much emotions into internet beef ha!

  10. J.Johnson 

    if a nigga want to be a DJ then let a nigga be a DJ. nobody can be a DJ cause you a DJ? Personally ill do whatever i feel like. If they want to be apart of the DJ culture are they not allowed without getting her personal lessons?

    • Jed

      She is right, homes. It’s all about skill level and payin’ dues. That used to be the norm in black culture, especially in music. Check out old soul, Motown, old school blues and especially jazz. You had to show and prove, not go by your name or pedigree.Even back in the day with rap, you had to work hard, develop your talent into mad skills, and then, and only then could  you say you was a rapper or a DJ.Anybody can play Mp3s or play records, but a DJ that makes you . . . not! Way to go Spin, and school these fools.

  11. Ryan Cole

    Spin is absolutely correct.  Hip hop has been whored out from an MC and DJ standpoint.  Pretty soon, you’ll see some pop act write their name on a wall with a magic marker and call themselves a graf artist. 

  12. therealest1

    What’s sad about these so-called DJs, even Hulk Hogan’s pathetic
    undisciplined son is a DJ! Like what the hell? Its sad that an
    untalented son of a former celebrity can even be considered a DJ based
    on the fact his dad used to have a household name.

    What’s messed up is the fact he permanently brain damaged a former
    friend of his with his reckless ass driving. His DJ name should be DJ
    Reckless Driver!

  13. NorthDollasTX

    tell SPINDERELLA stop bytching … if you ANY GOOD you aint gon’ give 2 phux about the next niggah regardless – i swear i seen her crying when discussing how BACK IN THE GAP she wanted to do more from an artists standpoint in Salt-n-Pepa than DJ’ing – and they was like NAWWWWWWW STICK TO THE 1’S AND 2’S … she worse than the actors crying about rappers taking they movie roles

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