Hip-Hop Rumors: Solange Gets To Talking About BeyBey!


Looks like Solange has set the record straight all the while bragging. On Twitter, the 25-year-old singer said a lot, but mostly confirmed Beyonce has not had a baby, gone in labor or anything else related to having a baby. Here are some of the things she said:

“Shout out to my sister for being THE cutest pregnant woman ever!”

“Shout out to my brother for being in the champagne business! Shout out to my brother for actually pouring the champagne.”

As you know, there were rumors crazy right after Christmas that Beyonce had locked down the VIP ward of a NY hospital to deliver a baby girl. These reports proved to be false.

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  • therealest1

    Bootleg pregnancy shit.

  • therealest1

    This bitch is just a camera whore. Give it up, we’re tired of the act. She needs to stop paying the press to make bootleg news like this.


      She’s a camera whore? I’m guessing that’s supposed to mean that she craves attention or something. Yet u clicked on this article about her and gave it attention. I’ll let u decide who’s the idiot in this story. I’ll wait while u try and decipher whether or not I’m calling u an idiot…smh

      • Tony G.


      • therealest1

        You’re the idiot because anyone is allowed to have an opinion, I clicked on it to comment on it. If you don’t like it, ignore it.

        You’re stupid to have to guess what camera whore means, to clarify it does mean someone who needs constant attention to stay relevant. You defined it yourself, I’ll let you decide who’s the idiot.

      • GGENERAL

        LMAO…Thank u for proving my point sir 

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  • MrTroyMercy

    Man this nigga illsissy is a pure faggot look at how this cat types …BEy Bey !?? No I see why this site has fallen off . This cat is a pure Perez Hilton clone . No hip hop news at all ..smh oh yeh before any of you punk azz cats respond on some bullshet – I jus wanna say eat a dicck . If you defend this type of bullshet from then your azz is a fruit basket. Smh!! This shiit been reported days back!

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