50 Cent Ft. Jeremih “Girls Go Wild”

[ahh_audio src=/1-3-12/50CentftJeremih-GirlsGoWild.mp3]

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  • paul smith

    I know what you are doin 50 and I like it.  Given the bitches a lil taste because they are the buyers in todays climate.  I am really feeling this here, and this will be a club banger.  I can only imagine what the video will be like for this single.  Good work 50.  You have caught my attention again with this single and the Big 10.  Put Your Hand Up is the shit.



      • paul smith

        no your mother is a dickrida.  call me ya daddy cuz u just got sonned.

    • He’s right, 50 needs tthis kind of songs nowadays to sell…

  • Fareed72

    Yeah FiF.., NY/NJ.., where’s the LOVE??? This is my shit. We need more of that NY HIP-HOP!! We need more LERICS!!!!!!

  • water_ur_seeds

    terrible… come on fif

  • prolly gave this shit 10 seconds at the most

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