Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Fiasco Facing Label Issues AGAIN?!

Here we go again. Lupe Fiasco is claiming to be having issues with his record label, Atlantic Records. Lupe says that he has yet to record anything for the follow up to his 2006 debut, “Food & Liquor II,” and that his planned fourth album is being stalled because of politics over at the label. In an interview with AOL’s the Boom Box, Lupe had this to say on record about the matter:

“The ‘Lupe [Fiasco’s Food & Liquor II]’ album is [coming out] hopefully. It’s not on me. It’s not done yet. I’m waiting on my record company, ain’t nothing changed. Same business, it’s on them.”

Maybe the fans can once again gather outside of Atlantic Records and force them to release his next album, like they did with Lasers. Occupy Atlantic Records, anyone?!

Via: AOL’s TheBoombox

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  • Hip-Hop Rumors: Lupe Fiasco Facing Label Issues AGAIN?!

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