Dawn Richard

Dirty Money’s Dawn Richard Garners Massive Online Buzz Via New Video

Dawn Richard was one of the standout participants on Diddy’s “Making The Band 3.” It was clear to viewers – and apparently Diddy – that she actually had talent and possibly the ambition to see her dream through to reality.

For her efforts on the show and once her short-lived Danity Kane days were over, Richard was rewarded with a spot as one-third of the Diddy-led group, Dirty Money. Their Last Train To Paris brokered several hits, possibly giving her the credibility she needed to be seen beyond the reality show sphere.

These days, Richard’s video for “S.M.F.U. (Save Me From You)” has Twitter and other social media all abuzz. It may be because the first release from her upcoming GoldenHeart LP represents one of the first glimpses fans will get of the New Orleans native/Hurricane Katrina survivor (outside of her popular 2011 mixtape, A Tell Tale Heart). And, minus her all-girl group members from Danity Kane and the other boisterous, two-thirds of Dirty Money – Diddy and Kalenna Harper – Richard seems to be able to stand on her own.

Check the video for “S.M.F.U.” below, which Richard premiered on yesterday’s (January 5) episode of “106th & Park,” to see what the buzz is all about:

Visit Dawn Richard’s website at http://dawnrichard.tumblr.com or follow her on Twitter (@dawnrichard).

  • H. U. S.

    That white chick was flippin out the whole video

  • $18916246

    Ok…visibly pleasing …but the vocals sound like auto-tune. Not to say chick isn’t talented this video makes for a good thumbs up nod for this song but then again to display real female talent (singing) is to show us more than just puppy dog eyes and skin. Keep it coming though Dawn. My constructive criticism is only said to inspire longevity in an industry where real female singing talent is few and far in between. I know you want a music career that when your audience is done rubbing their eyes your still there.

  • Q.

    Not a DK fan by any stretch…but P. Dummy should’ve been pushed Dawn’s solo project forward instead of making her play backup singer to his god-awful rapping on that DDM album.

    Look at her…poor girl had to shave off half her damn head just to get her album out! SMH

  • rep87

    diddy queen has lost his edge to produce the big numbers, this younglady is average at best. thats  why queen diddy hanging out with rick ross because he putting up big numbers, and to be honest he ruin the group this younglady came from by jumping around with his non dancing and aweful rapping ablity now he about to ruin french montana career its time for the old queen to stay in the back ground

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  • Joy

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  • Dawn could blow just listen to those danity kane traks you can here here voice clearly more than the other gurls and danity kane was the shit, diddy stupid for that one I think they could of been a super group