Kreayshawn: Illseed’s Person Of 2011

The list started out with 5: Herman Cain, DJ Mister Cee, Kreayshawn, Kelly Rowland, and Drake…

You know the winner…KREAYSHAWN!

Kreayshawn is here, and now her success is cemented in stone as “Illseed’s Person of the Year” for 2011. This distinct honor now places her in a special, pointless place with the luminous likes of Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, MC Hammer, George W. Bush, Will Smith, and some other great people.

If you can properly pronounce her name, Kreayshawn will evoke an intense scorn or adoration from the recipient. She’s White, yet as colorful as a rainbow in The Village. She knows no Black or White. She’s winning.

For those that lived under a rock with the grubs, Kreayshawn rose to prominence in the Oakland underground unbeknownst to most of us. When she did surface – after traveling through the viral universe – she emerged with a hit record, “Gucci Gucci.” Believe it or not, I liked the song for quite a while, whereas others will eternally hate it. All of that doesn’t matter now, because Kreayshawn is here to stay.

Why?, some of you may wonder. Well, allow me to explain what is about to happen to you (and your nerves if you hate Kreayshawn).

1) The Movement. – She has the White Girl Mob, which includes V-Nasty (more on her later). And then there is the mob behind the mob. Now that posse is a seemingly endless group of millions that retweet her, like her on instagram, watch her videos on Youtube, and re-blog her Tumblr. Yes. This is a movement. Men like, women lie, social media doesn’t.

2) The Media. – In 2011, Kreayshawn was nominated for a VMA in the “best new artist” category. We all know this honor shoulda, coulda and woulda been nominated to any number of others in entertainment. But lets face it, Kreayshawn – in 2011 – became a force that had yet to be fully realized. Nobody was going to chance her becoming the next great White hype and be left out in the cold. MTV made a bold move, most likely in an effort to stay in good. Or, perhaps they had an agenda for this young girl. Either way, everybody covered KreayKreay. Even AllHipHop.

3) The Hate. The Beef. – At the very end of the year, Kreayshawn’s magnificent year ended off as most soon-to-be-smashing-successes do. The real hate came in. Sure, she had more than her fill of hate from the names, anonymous faces on social media, but Lil B solidified it. Apparently, after they worked together on videos, he snubbed her in her face –dissing her. But, this is the course that most future beasts take to the top. Somebody has to get upset.

See, Kreayshawn is a part of the new music and entertainment game. You have to have all the bases covered twice. She does videos, she’s got fashion SWAG (yes, “swag” isn’t dead yet), she’s got charisma, and remains and all around interesting human being.

Do I love her? Do I hate her? It doesn’t matter. All of this matters not, when hate translates in to success as much as love does, you have arrived. Think about the uproar over her homegirl V-Nasty’s use of the N-Word. Kreayshawn denounced it, but didn’t denounce V-Nasty. V kept saying it and people kept hating/loving it, and she went on and did an album with Gucci Mane with no problem. See? It doesn’t much matter about your or my love or hate. As much as there was an uproar over just about everything she did, Kreayshawn emerged as one of the top trending topics of the year.

So, here we come to the conclusion:

Kreayshawn hit the bullseye with “Gucci Gucci,” but the fact is, there hasn’t been much more traction in the music department. If there has, it hasn’t reached anything or anybody that’s reaching me. But, does that really matter? Does it matter that Kreayshawn doesn’t have bars? If she did, she may give Nicki Minaj a run for her tutu. If she even had the skill level of say a Iggy Azalea, she might get the powers-that-pull-strings to give her the crown next to Eminem.


Maybe, but stranger things happened in 2011. And you know that.

So, at this time, I toast to Kreayshawn.

Continued hate/love/beef/music/fashion and whatever else gets you to whatever you are about to do. Whatever that is at this point.

  • David Gonz

    amen., now lil debbie had to do a porn and theyll be legends

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  • NorthDollasTX

    niggah SCHLAP yo’self for that article – you said it yourself “GUCCI, GUCCI” didnt have any follow-up success so this broad on her way out the game – phuck if she did a mixtape wit’ GUCCI MANE cuz he dont get respect in this game outside of ATL – nobody checking for that BAYTL shyt – and he 1ft in the grave his COTdamn self.
    I initially took the article for a joke until the sarcastic undertones turned into praise and props.  Being nominated for BEST NEW ARTIST means shyt … CYMPHONIQUE got nominations and aint nobody never heard of MASTER P’s daughter ever in life lol.  She just another person that managed to make herself SEMI-HOT with no real validity and far from being a STAPLE in this game

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  • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

    i now do not like all hip hop …. this is a horrible article and a bunch or crap litterally (holding my tongue) but u need to clarify this because miss gucci gucci has not been more of a topic than any of those artist u listed sorry but whatever money she paid yall was not worth it to lose credibility over

    • EL_BARK


      These coons loss credibility a long time ago.

    • rep87

      you are so right this no talent azz piece of shit is only news because she white and used the N word its 2012 and  these racist have not change supporting this whore for what! AHH you can do better

  • disqus_lcLBazVyTd

    and also white girls and the N word do not go together  F all dat for allowing such

  • King Cold

    This is a joke right? smh

    • EL_BARK


      Think about illcoon, And his bitshassness.
      Naw this aint no joke.

      Its funny how they post like, 5-6 rumors today all with AHH staff.

      Now this bullshet, get posted under illcoon name.?????
      Man its been the same writer all day. Go back and re-read the rumors.

      Same style. I guess since illcoon the most hated, they posted this bull shet under his
      ” fake pen name” To get an reaction…..




    Takes a deep BREATHE………

    You know what yall, ( regs) on here
    dont even take the BAIT………..
    Trust me on this one………..

    This is just a way to get hit, comments…………

    Just type STC…..

    Stop the cooning. illcoon.

    Shet not even funny no more,

    Yo when that editor bitsh, start posting comments on how great AHH is for the hip hop
    Community. I remind here of this post……

    And by the WAY ON MY MAMA…….

    I really hope & pray, that i run into
    ” grouch greg” & “chuck creekmur”. One of these days, when i at NY.

    At a club, or anywhere. Yo i am going to
    Youtube, one of these bitsh niggas, and slap the shet out of one of them.

    For this very post. Yall co-signing a bitsh using the N-word.!!!!!!

    This shet is pathetic…… what the fuk happen to yall bisth ass delaware niggas.

    Greg, u still be rocking them eagles jersey…..

    U fuking lame, ass faggot…… ^^^^^^^^^^^ now think about what i just said.

    And lets see how long it takes to hit you.!!!!!!

    Fuking clown….. dont worry a slap, aint nothing i sure your hoe ass used to getting slapped.



    • NorthDollasTX

      CTS  (cut the shyt) ILLSEED …

      since i cant fix my fingers to type STC

      • EL_BARK


        That will work also…….

  • Guest


  • RapeFart

    oh the irony how this is posted above “Judge claims black church is rightful owner of KKK store” 










  • 2012

  • SelmanC

    is ashton kutcher gonna come out and say we all just got punked lol
    is this for real? gucci came out and nothing followed
    guess this is a win for her lol


  • MrTroyMercy

    STC stc stc stc alive and well stc stc stc alive and well stc stc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • STC

  • Andrew Jones


  • Papi Peligro

    Man ya’ll make a dime ever time you name drop drake. 

  • Now AHH look for some attention.
    Numbers of visitors must be rock bottom right now.

    So you don’t make money if you don’t have at least 100.000
    clicks a day. Advertisers are dropping out and all that.

    Face facts. This site is dead. You new comment system
    is the epic fail of 2012.  Your site went from a badly
    administrated site to a wordpress page which is even
    more badly organized.

    How about getting some education guys. None of you
    Chuck or Greg would even make it through grade school.
    It’s 2012 and you still haven’t discovered copy and paste yet.

    You still don’t know what a spell check is.

    And you still think all your readers are stupid.

    Please guys. This site could be great. If somebody
    manages it right. But from what I see you are still far
    away from that.

    This is not about just making money from advertisers.
    it’s about a site that could represent a culture.

    Like “The Source” Magazine in the 90s.

    So guys, I might be a little up front. But be sure 99%
    of the visitors to this site feel the same way.

    So do something about it.




  • 2012

  • daveofthematthews

    Wow this site really has become a joke recently, i mean apart from the lack of a proof reader this used to be one of the top site’s to check on now its just a promo site for wackness! you as a site also messed up big time when you changed the comment section as that used to be one the most entertaining part’s, anyway peace or should i say RIP AHH, I’m about to find me a new favorite hip hop site.

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  • ladynamor

    If the social media is the truth, her 15 minutes was over a long time ago. There are countless social media sites who have questioned her popularity from the start. People have found a way to make their heroes popular. The tea party can make a bigot popular by supporting him. The question is what is the motive of the group of people who promote her. A large group of dysfunctional white kids running around rebelling from her popularity does not make her a hip hop story. She is just the spokesperson for the white kids who cant rap, but want respect from the rap world. She is the fight against the system that judges them by talent, not fake stories or cheap clothes. There are thousands of articles of her fans throwing shit at her at concerts, you could report that but you dont. Instead you call Kanye wack for DJing? Why? Then you follow up with another story with her name in it, hmmmm. This will come back to haunt you one day.

  • churchboy2

    Clearly, this article lacks the shock value effect that the author intended.

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    Illseed. Please. Kill yourelf. Do it right now.

  • Royal_Chiefa

    At first I thought this was supposed to be funny..then as I read more..I see you serious with this ish..I mean…seriously…aint nobody check for this chick..aint nobody care for this chick at all..This aricle is straight disrespect to Hip Hop. Your person of they year should’ve been Oscar Grant or someone who peopled followed and cared bout whether full blown or remotely..

    Since I was posting on this site rarely under KeepSmokin cats been sayin Illseed is a female..Well..this definitely confirms it for me…smdh…

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    Kreayshawn never really had a career if you ask me still no single on tha radio smh

  • person of the year……..guess everybody died in 2011

  • mike malarkey

    boooooooooooo this man!!!! illseed u stink!!! u jackass

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  • Brasco55

    Such trash.