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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Kim Fans Pissed Over Album Delay!

Listen, I have been accused of hating Lil’ Kim. Not sure where that came from, but its not the case. I am anxiously awaiting her music that has no ties to beef or Nicki. But, recently, her album was apparently delayed due to the looming jail time. Well, her fans went in on twitter and they are not pleased with this delay. Here are some of the tweets.


@LilKimWorldWide :It’s been 7 years and they still making up excuses. Enough is enough we want music. Nobody’s mad because she’s supporting Floyd, we’re mad because she hasn’t said sh*t#PriceOfLoyalty


@ihate2minaj: Im no longer slaying any member of team minaj for lil kim. Im done looking like a damn fool!!!”


@MrRide4Kim:Anybody saying that Kim Doesn’t Need To Release anything Right Now is More delusional Than Foxy Brown. Kim Needs To drop something NOW.


MrSoFlawless :You tramps gotta understand, Kim ain’t had an album since 2005! So you DAMN right we have every right to be MAD!!!


There are quite a few more of these types of tweets, but you get the idea!


Kim has not tweeted in the year 2012 so we don’t know what she is thinking.

  • H. U. S.

    Black Friday was all that Kim had as a possible legit beef song, but it’s all stupid!!! Lil Kim had colored wigs….ok, but their lyrical content are completely different!

    Kim needs to stop this dumb shit…she’s too damn old for that, and all that surgery got her ass lookin like a Jackson now!!!

    • 713Houston

      Jay-z was around the same age Kim is now when he was beefing with Nas and 50cent older than Kim.So what days age have to do with it.Nicki stay throwing subliminals at Kim,so of course Kim is going to respond.It’s called hip hop.

    • jacksons are royalty here in america….  your a nothing with an opinion!  with your wannabe japanese name. Get a life!

      • Guest

        Oh shut up! What is so Royal about the Jacksons, aren’t some broke & also did porn? So stop with that idiotic statement!

        My post was not about the Jacksons, it was only a reference to how J & B need to keep their kid hidden; so before criticizing a comment read it 1st!


    Cradle to the grave you go Kim #byegirl

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  • RapeFart

    i don’t care about any of this crap

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  • rep87


  • SEB P

    Lil Kims “fans” shouldn’t be pissed Dre fans have been waiting for his album for freakin 11 years now!!

  • BoldSpice

    Don’t nobody care if she ever drop another album. Quit lyin.

    • quit hating and get a life. more people checkin for lil kim then theyll ever check for you #FAIL

      • BoldSpice

        You typing #FAIL on AHH and i need to get a life? This aint twitter b!tch. Get a death and kill yourself.