Hip-Hop Rumors: Scott Storch Finally Off That Yayo and Back in the Studio?!

Lookie what we have here. It looks like former superstar producer Scott Storch has finally gotten himself clean and sober and is back in the studio putting in work. Storch is famously known for producing monster number one records for everyone from Beyonce to Lil’Wayne, and then snorting more than $30 million of it up his nose, as well as foolishly giving former girlfriends Paris Hilton a two million dollar necklace and Lil’ Kim a Bentley! Talk about trickin’! Side note: That Bentley he gave Kim was later repossessed! Oopsie’s!

A video has just surfaced of Storch back in the studio. He looks like he gained about 30 pounds (which is good, considering), and he looks to be joined by one of the Dirty Money girls, but I could be wrong. Check him out creating a new beat in the video below.

Another side note: In addition to Kim and that slutty heiress, Storch was also linked to SHOCKER….Kim Kardashian. This was back before she was famous. Man, who hasn’t this chick hooked up with?! In a GQ article back in his heyday, Storch claims that Kim K. was the “best he ever had”. Hmm, I wonder what that cost him?!

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  • TruthSerum

    I probably snorted my weight in Coke from 03-08 and I never had the urge to give random hoes expensive Jewelery and Cars, cant blame the drugs for that one, he’s just a simp

    • 12factoid


    • daveofthematthews

      Lol, If you actually had the money to do that much white and give anyone that kind of  expensive stuff you would probably not be reading comments on this site you would probably be making or planning your next power move! so while i agree it is a dumb ass thing to do especially considering the woman he chooses he does so for their promotional uses, i would not be so quick to judge until you hopefully one day get yourself into the same position!  

  • 12factoid

    Contratry to what many think about this guy, Scott Storch is one of the most succesful producers of the 2000’s. his track record is very solid. from Still D.R.E. (Dr. Dre.) Baby Boy (Beyonce) Run It (Chris Brown) You got me (The Roots) Let me blow your Mind (eve) Lean Back (fAT jOE)
    Make it Rain (Fat Joe and lIL WAYNE) and many more..However, Scott Storch did one of the most foolish things u can do with your success, and i believe he has paid a dearly for it. I’m very happy to see him on the comback and maybe he will capture the magic of his heyday. I don’t think it will be tough considering he working on one of the most anticipated hip-hop albums in history, (Detox) but it will be a challenge to get some of the industry people to take a chance on him because of past addictions to cocaine. People get to thinking you have lost it, but he will be back to normal hopefully. Today’s producers should pray they get a run as succesful as his because with the same producers on every single project rehashing the same beats, your lucky to get a placement let alone a sucessful run of hits like the one mention above. Kudos to Storch for a recovery and i look forward to hearing some will make for the ultimate success story.

  • King Cold

    Smh I remember when this dude was on cribs. Had mansion, yacht, lots of cars, nice studio along with several nice pieces of jewelery and then it all got reposessed. Timbaland and justin timberlake dissed the shit outta him. And then he hit rock bottom. But its good to see him back on his grind. Probably be a good biopic to hit the screens

  • rep87


  • daveofthematthews

    Kinda ironic to think 2 of the people he helped most music wise in Timberlake and Timberland are the 2 people that ended up playing a big part in his original downfall! At least he squashed them problems now and it is good to see him back where he belongs, Dude has way too much talent to be wasting it away by partying all night fueled on Coke! Hopefully this time around he will work more on his own and take more of the credit this time that he deserved first time around