Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina Snags Another Baller?!

Eat your heart out Kenyon Martin! Trina has reeled in another baller! Hip-hop’s “diamond princess” has reportedly found love with Oklahoma Thunder star, James Harden. She sure does like those hoop stars, doesn’t she?

The two have been professing their love for each other over Twitter, and when asked by a fan which female celebrity he would marry, Harden answered Trina! Trina responded by retweeting, along with saying “holds out ring finger.” That sounds like an accepted proposal to me! Check out the tweets below:

Trina went from Lil’ Wayne, to Kenyon Martin, and in early 2011, she was linked to L.A. Laker Andrew Bynum, who was reportedly so smitten with her, dude bought her a Lambo!

Trina has dated so many ballers, she should teach a class on it! No hate, though – good for Trina. After all, she is “the baddest b*itch!”

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11 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina Snags Another Baller?!”

  1. Tyrone325

    Why don’t you hear about ballers marrying educated professional women.  It is always some chick that has been passed around through the entertainment industry.

    • Breakdabars

      B ball players are not smart enough to deal with a smart professional women. They want something easy which is stupid in a way because they end up paying in the long run

  2. rep87

    why every time we hear she getting it on with a baller gossip rags confuse sex with love this is pass around thang / her funds got to be low we not hearing to much from her with sales way down bootleg way up and rihanna and nicki minaj dominating the airwaves and sales they got that cross over appeal/ trina has gotton older much older than what gossip rags report she know her time is running out just like its over for lil kim, foxy brown thats why lil kim picking fights and tossed around by floyd mayweather 50 let his boy hit her floyd wasnt impress real talk

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