FINALLY!!!! The moment a whole lot of the world has been waiting for! According to multiple sources, Beyonce went into labor last night (January 7) and had a healthy baby girl, after the New York Daily News report that Jay-Z rented out an entire 4th floor wing of Lennox Hill Hospital on New York’s Upper East Side. (And we’re hearing he paid a cool $1 million plus for that!!)

Close family friend Rihanna had this to say just a short while ago on Twitter:

We’re also hearing reports that her name is Ivy Blue Carter.

Congratulations are in order for the Carter and Knowles families!! That’s gonna be one talented and rich little girl!!!

  • Steve Shabazz

    dont believe u you need more ppl

  • H. U. S.

    Jay Z is a damn idiot, other people need hospital service too dude! You & Be ain’t the 1st or last to have a child in a hospital, and just who allowed this dummy to pay $1 Million?

    I’m feeling that old Rick James saying ”They should’ve never gave you…………..”

    • Sexy_Sabe

      I like Jay but I feel u though. There’s some things money shouldnt be able to buy, jus because your rich dosent make you better than anyone else. So what about the ppl in the area that were denied that day because u took up a quarter of the hospital? Another pregnant lady probably had to be taken somewhere else, thats not cool. Plus my logic is when ur as filthy rich as they are, an bushi as hell why not have the damn baby at ur multimillion dollar crib??! HE has enough money to where he couldve turned their house into a hospital, shit fully equipped wit a hospital bed, full staff of doctors, nurses, an whatever. Why inconvience other ppl jus to show how rich an important u are. Celebrities kill me lol

    • congrats on ya newborn, but that was some selfish shit. money and power can sometimes blind people.

    • Donald Willis

      do you know what $1 million can do for a hopsital in the long run…clearly not. That will go towards improvements, updated equipment, etc.

      • H. U. S.

        That’s what contributions are for! There may have been people who were supposed to be treated for delivery at that time too, but guess what? The money that he selfishly paid the hospital for, it may be used against the hospital in legal actions!

        So all of those improvements and updates will have to wait until another dummy does something similar…and if he wanted this to be so damn private, why didn’t he just have the baby delivered privately in their home like “Sexy_Sabe” suggested?

        When Tina Turner got her ass whipped or when she delivered her baby, she went to a normal ass hospital. Same goes for Tupac when he got shot, he didn’t need to have someone rent his whole floor out. Just had security and loved ones with him. Money can’t buy everything, Jay will find that out the hard way!!!

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  • ReUp1000

    Congrats are in order

  • congrats to them, i wish them the best!
    and people need to stop hating, just be happy the baby was born healthy and everythign was ok.
    all that negative stuff needs to stop, even if it makes sense. just be happy for them on this occasion and after that u can say whatever.

    • Tell the people who were denied access to their loved ones on that floor to “just be happy for them.”

      “all that negative stuff needs to stop, even if it makes sense.”

      ^^^ Can I get a translator in here???  I’m sorry but I don’t speak sheep…  (-_-)

  • coon66

    Rent out a hospital lol.. who keeps that money???? something just always has to be added to make a story smh


    Good thing it wasn’t a boy or he would have had some BIG ugly lips like his dad. A girl should not look that bad

    • $11625525

      I know everyone else has been ignoring this comment in the hope you would go away but, I think you need to hang your head in shame… That is some of “the” most backward sh!t that I have ever read on the internet.

      So by your logic: 

      Girls cannot resemble their fathers?

      Full (Big) lips are Ugly?

      All females are good looking?

      How old are you, 12? If you’re much older than that then you are going to struggle to get employment as you have some serious maturity issues which need addressing.

      If that post was meant to be humorous, you are no comedian… Give it up!

      • I agree.  Full lips are actually a good thing, that’s why the botox biz is up up up.  And typically with the oldest child; if its a boy he’ll have more resemblence of the mother’s facial feature, and if a girl vice versa.  So expect that girl to have full beautiful lips.  Gotta get away from the European idea of beauty.  Its very last century.

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  • $11625525

    Why is everyone blaming Jay-Z? Does no one think that Beyonce may have demanded it?

    Just putting it out there… After all, she was carrying the child and she is the Diva in the relationship.

    Regardless, I wish them all the best… At least we know they won’t “Michael” their child and have it out in public wearing veils and stuff.

    Also, the writer claiming the child will be talented… Really? Have you not seen the Jackson’ offsprings and do you think they would wish the curse of an entertainer on their child?

  • “I bet Jay and B’s baby look like….”,  “Why’d he have to rent a whole floor?”, “That baby lucky as shit!”, “B didn’t have that baby, they had a surrogate.” — Things broke people say about Jay and B’s baby. Lol. Congrats to them for having a healthy child.

    • Shoulda known it was only a matter of time before one of these lamebrains jumped on here actin like anyone who ain’t all ecstatic and jumpin for joy is just hatin cuz they’re broke.  But of course we gotta take into account who you’re throwin the cape on for, so I guess it’s only natural for you to have that wack ass mindset that money’s the end all be all of every damn thing.  If money’s everything then use some of it to buy yourself a clue.

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  • BigSeannY

    Congradulations to the Carters.Are they going to do a future collaboration album to celebrate their sucess in the industry?

  • Satsui

    First off congratulations to the Carters on a healthy baby girl. Secondly, to wade into the renting out the floor controversy. Do you think the hospital would agree to it if it meant that other patients would be inconvenienced? Do you really think the hospital would have agreed to it if it meant that there weren’t enough beds or equipment for other patients? Neither Jay-Z nor anyone forced the hospital to take that money, the hospital would ONLY have agreed to the arrangement if it suited them. So no one should be so quick as to judge Jay-Z. And why the automatic hate for Jay anyway? Is there any evidence it was even his idea?? What if Beyonce’s family demanded it? What if Beyonce herself demanded it? How do any of you know who was behind it? Ya don’t, but blinded by the hate y’all go after Jay


    Since when do they allow baby camels, to be born in hosiptals.??????

    They should had been at the vet….

    I hope this baby looks nothing like his sister……..

    Beyonce genes, should hopefully balanve it out.. I guess.

  • rep87

    A child is a blessing congrats / but lets not make this out to be earth shattering news because its not

  • $18916246

    Black folks hate each other….period.  The babies name is different but
    it’s their baby. Surprise me me black people and begin to raise your
    kids together? Man and Woman in the same household, It’s not impossible.
    Keep our sons out of jail. Our women are defenseless on this planet and
    often exploited and used against the men. Defend our race from being
    the default poster children for practically everything ignorant on the
    planet. CONGRATULATIONS! JAY & BEYONC’E on your new precious bundle
    of joy. Ignorant black folks walk a short plank, eat bullet
    cereal….hollow is your point!

  • Who What Why When

    i dont buy it. i think they adopted, but god bless em anyway.

  • i wanna marry her and b stay @ home dad

  • blackie_chan

    Does Jay-Z & Beyonce give a damn about you and your children? NO!!! Because if they did, they wouldn’t bomard you and your children with sex, drugs & violence! Quit glorifying them and their kid. Glorify God and take care of your own! Amen!

  • Romia Blue

    Think about it. Blueprint 1, 2, and 3…all successes. SEpt 4th is Bey’s bday, Dec 4th is Jay’z, they were married April 4th. the roman numeral for 4 is IV

    Blue IVy…I’m sorry but the name is nice…