Common vs Drake? Hip-Hop Beef Needs a Funeral and a Proper Burial

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to pay our last respects to a ‘friend’ that has been dear to many musical artists, fans and readers….that ‘friend’ is HIP-HOP BEEF.”

What forward-moving purpose does Hip-Hop beef serve? Can someone please educate me? I was a little thrown aback by the recent beef that spread quickly throughout the Internet and radio shows involving Common and Drake. Frankly, I found it pretty weak for Common, an artist I respect, to engage in such nonsense.

He supposedly took shots at Drake in his song “Sweet” from his newly released album The Dreamer, The Believer. I wasn’t impressed with the song; too much cursing. I wasn’t that impressed with the album either (I’m still listening to it, though, to see if my opinion will change). And now it continues with Drake supposedly clapping back in the song “Rich Forever,” and as expected, Common getting in more lyrical jabs in the song “Stay Schemin.”

No, I’m not siding with Drake. I don’t even listen to him much at all. I got his album along with Nicki Minaj’s just to see what all the hype was about. They didn’t move me. I just think they are doing an excellent job of mastering their moment.

Getting back to the eulogy for Hip-Hop Beef: I love Hip-Hop culture and trust me I’ve enjoyed true lyrical battles in our history, but this mudslinging, name-calling, backbiting, buffoonery, and randomly picking out other artists just for the heck of it has outlived its usefulness and has become a destructive force. The new trend now is grown men and women using Twitter to take shots instead of sitting down in person to solve our problems. I even read where Young Jeezy said one of his friends was killed due to an exchange of words on Twitter.

When it comes to Hip-Hop, I always sit and wonder who calculates when a beef should start? Who should be targeted? How long it should last? What dirt should be unveiled? Do some artists start beef to make up for poor record sales? Are they thirsting that bad for publicity? Is their marketing and lyrical engine that weak that they need to start a beef to save their careers? If an artist has millions already, why waste time attacking people? Is it out of greed? Is there really a winner in a beef?

Nobody in Hip-Hop can deny that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been the most critical in putting an end to a lot of the beef in the genre.

Back in 1997, Min. Farrakhan gathered a group of Hip-Hop artists at his home in Chicago to call a truce between East Coast and West Coast rappers. In attendance included Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Common (his name was Common Sense then), Tha Dogg Pound, Willie D, Fat Joe and more.

In 2001, Min. Farrakhan was the keynote speaker at the Hip-Hop Summit in New York hosted by Russell Simmons.”Every time you use your rap song against another rapper and the magazines publish your words, the people that love you then turn on the people that you have spoken against. Then, the one you spoke against speaks back against you and his group becomes inflamed against you. When you are a rapper and you understand your leadership role, you must understand that, with leadership comes responsibility. You did not ask for it. It is imposed on you, but you now have to accept responsibility that you have never accepted,” Min. Farrakhan said to the packed room.

He added, “Your potential to change reality is so great that, if you learned the skill of words and how to use words; if you learned how to say what it is you want to say, but say it in a way that gains universal respect, then the rap would evolve to an art form that will never be replaced. It will evolve to be that form that will set the stage for the next phase of its evolution.”

In 2003, Min. Farrakhan sat down with Ja Rule in the midst of his heated feud with 50 Cent. In his conversation with Ja Rule, that aired on MTV and BET, Min. Farrakhan told Ja Rule not to give in to the pressure of his listeners who wanted him to keep dissing 50 Cent but rather “teach them that there’s more to life than beef.

“A war is about to come down on the rap community. When you and 50 throw down, it goes all the way down into the streets. The media takes the beef between you and 50 and they play it, they jam it, they keep it going. Why would they keep something going that could produce bloodshed? There is a bigger plot here, Ja, and this is what I want you and 50 and our hip-hop brothers and sisters to see,” said Min. Farrakhan.

Where would Hip-Hop be if they had fully implemented the guidance of this wise man? As for the beef, let’s throw some dirt on the coffin and pay our last respects.

(Brother Jesse Muhammad is a staff writer for The Final Call Newspaper and an award-winning blogger. Follow him on Twitter @BrotherJesse)

  • Nicer Day

    this article was useless and stupid…did not really get any point across 

    • tony harris

      man hiphop was built on the battle. drake has been talking alot of shit in his music. evertime the corny ass rappers get a little dough they become big headed and start talking reckless. im glad common getting in that ass and its need to be more to seperate all this lil wayne pop shit for real hiphop. Im hoping for hiphop revolutionary was to seperate hiphop from all this autotune, singing shit. most of the these rappers say dont ,make sense. and the record,drake dont want no parts of common. nigga is a old school lyricist

    • You must enjoy this Real Housewives Type Hip-Hop then…

  • You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. This is a battle not a beef.

  • Good article.. but your missing the point of real hip hop beef.

  • wow… who is this guy?? this isnt beef…..

  • Corespeaks

    Common Weak As hell for Dissin Drake… With all the Wack Niggas threw out Hip Hop Present and History He disses Drake… When Common Battled Cube Cube came at him first Common called his Bitch ass out n dropped the Bitch in You!!! Drakes turn to pull same Move drop the Bitch in you part 2 and ask common old ass why he even feel the need to speak to him? And this is Coming from a Dude from the Chi thats not a Drake fan at all!!!!

    • $20434212

      True. Everytime Common comes back at him, he looks a little more pathetic, a little more like everyone else rather than a stand up, stand out mc. Drake is just rolling with it for the obvious reason– free (and very good) publicity. He’ be stupid not to take it. But it’s one thing to respond to getting dissed, and another thing to come at someone you don’t even know out of the blue like Common did. I wish he understood this, that his legacy is suffering for it. You’d think he of all people would have the common sense. Pun intended.

      • ramon227

        common made the record sweet about rappers who sing, and for some reason drake heard it as assumed it was about him (cuz no other rapper sings…*sideeyes lil wayne*.right). drake did it to himself, assuming it was about him when it could’ve been about plenty of people in the industry right now.

        and don’t forget that drake also went after kobe’s wife on the same record, and that’s the second time drake got himself in the middle of somethin involvin females..the first bein the lil kim/nicki minaj diss. how does that make him look?

      • If so, why Common didn’t call out names in the song “Sweet”???

      • ramon227

        because only a BITCH MADE man would hear a song like Sweet and think to himself “he must be talkin bout me!!!” lol if he’s gunning anyone specific i’m sure he’d say something, but it was towards those types in i the only one that heard the record?

      • Corespeaks

        Dude he doest even diss anyone on the Sweet Track at all…. And the hook is a sample… He went on the radio and said it was bout drake common a square for that… And whoelse was he talkin to real talk… Thats like sayin Jayz death of autotune could have been about anybody Be Serious Dude

      • ramon227

        direct quote lifted from the mtv website that featured the interview:  

        He opened his mouth and said some things, so if that’s what he want—all that subliminal [talk]…you could do that too, but say it now. The verse is about me but when you hear some of the stuff on the chorus it’s like you can’t help but think about dude and I guess that’s what he felt. So at the end of day he fits in that category, he already embraced it, so wear it.” 

        so what did Common say? Drake took the line as being about him, he “embraced it” so it’s about him now…if someone is talkin about dirty niggas and you said somethin bout it, that means you feel you’re bein talked about.

      • I wouldn’t even explain that…because them screwy niggas just dont understand the message lol….but well put anyways

      • Corespeaks

        Dude Common went on sway show and basically said it was bout him be serious common weak as hell to Me for startin a dumb battle 

    • MrTroyMercy

      you prolly never had p u$$y before and build sand castle for a living or some shyt . You soft just like the walking walking talking cup of suger water you defending . These cats are know as modern day dic ryders . There are nomore freedom riders . You quick to defend a cat who can give two rats pissess about you . Go build sand castles and bake muffins for kitten you soft yellowback herb.

      • Corespeaks

        You Sound Like a Certified Lame and like you got Common Dick Stuck in Your Esophagus…. Im not defending anyone Dumbass this is My Fuckin opinion you Clown and its to Bad you cant Fuckin Understand cause Im talkin some real shit but its over your goofy ass head… So go listen to Electric Circus and be a full time Common Dick Swallower instead of haveing your own Brain… You one of them clowns that dont understand what a rapper is saying but you think its deep so U love that shit and U have no clue what they mean…. Fuckin Lame LMAO

      • MrTroyMercy

        Certified lame yet you on my dyck for speaking how feel right …..hummmmmm… sorry you damn Guppie , I’m a leader not a follower and I speak my mind. It’s nice of a herb such as yourself to take take your day to comment on what I posted – but I hate male groupies so step the hell off . I bet you was listening to Drake’s Take Care and thinking ” Ummmm how can I get some wheel chair jimmy – Jew rapper to treat me like a sex slave but wait this cat MrTroyMercy formerly known as isk or stilliskick dissing my boo over common ? The cat who playing a slave desperato on Hell On Wheels ? Oh hell naw let me take my internet pumps off cause I’m about to spazz on this bytch , don’t do talking about Drake aka coolaid swimmer!!! I got a knife!!!”.

        That’s how your chump azz come across you bytch azz nikka. You soft and you sweet … you damn right , I PERSONALLY think all of COMMON’S album since BE been fire but hey crab I also think that Bey ain’t have no baby .

        You can come here and say all that yada yada but reguardless you sissified lil butt bandit- I’m going to speak my mind .

        Why why why why why you mad at the next man’s opinion ? You salty nikka drink some milk. You just a herb with a keyboard. I don’t dyck ride nobody cause – I live my own life # fact . I get my own money and I’m good on that tip #fact and I can give a fucck less bout you or any apologist who need to fade to obscurity # fact….

        Okay now please drink some bleach lached with demon pisss and killyaself-
        yohu have just been served like Chris Stokes did young Raz B…

        I idolize reality and make my own lane but good at being a dyck
        sucka…that career might take yo lame azz far.

        richard p sickert… now tell me i aint paid!

      • Corespeaks

        LMAO I Dont even have to say anything You do a Perfect Job of Making yourself Look Lame and Dumb LMFAO!!!! And didnt u comment on My Comment u Stupid Face? Shut yo Goofy Ass Up or Keep talkin make yourself look Worst!!!! #LAME

      • MrTroyMercy

        Suck a dead dog’s flea infested left nut sack and hop off mine. #justsayin – now swim in some suger water.

    • what the hell you know. You have no idea of what you’re saying. So eat a dick bitch ass nigga.

  • shawhill

    drake verse was better . But why did he have to diss Drakes mother whats that about?

    • Q.

      LOL. Love the sarcasm! SMH


    Not only is this article written with a BIASED…….
    Overtone. Its clear i think, you are using, the common drake battle,
    As a plateau, to promote minister farrahkhan…..

    1. I going to need you to listen to notorious BIG.
    Track called ” whats beef”.

    Since the begining of hip hop, battling has played a vital role into it.
    Whether it was, break dancing, DJ’ing, rapping, graffti’ing/ tagging,

    A battle is A competetion between two people.
    And at the very core if hip hop roots, it always existed.

    A beef, is totally different, and you might be using the term wrong.
    Or maybe you use it that way, to get your point of the article across.

    Common vs drake rap battle.
    Jay-z vs nas rap battle,
    LL cool j vs canibus rap battle.
    LL cool j vs kool moe dee rap battle.
    Krs-1 vs mc shan rap battle

    Yeah at one time temper might had been flaring,
    Or maybe punches got thrown, between hanger ons,
    Or crews.. But most part is just a rap competetion.

    Dont confuse, these examples. With real life beefs…
    Cause sometimes, the beef has nothing to do with rap initially,
    But started in the streets, and found it way to the rap circles.

    There only been a few legitmate rap beefs.

    There are a lot of rap battles…….

    There a differences….


    • Though you sound intelligent, sorry you ARE WAY OFF in your analysis of this article. First, this is not a REAL lyrical battle. This is
      two men bickering over a WOMAN. That’s not hip-hop…that some Real
      Housewives type stuff. Secondly, dude is not promoting Farrakhan, he’s making a point of how much Hip-hop has not evolved as much as it could had it perhaps listened to this man. I’m no Muslim but Farrakhan dropped some serious jewels in these quotes that you not examining….get over your emotionalism.

      • ramon227

        could you please show where it is explictly said that they are fighting over serena? or did you just regurgitate some juicy gossip you heard from elsewhere?

      • Q.

        LOL Nice rebuttals EL and ramon!

      • EL_BARK

        Nobody in Hip-Hop can deny that The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been the most critical in putting an end to a lot of the beef in the genre.

        Now i ask you, did you not read this line???????

        A lot of hip hop beef….???????

        Yeah okay,……………….

        This the same honorable farahkhan, that said.

        ” what business is it of yours, on how the nation deals with a traitor”
        Savior days 1993…..

        In regards to the late great Malcolm X…………

        Now i suppose to give a damn, cause 4 years later he sat down with rappers,
        After biggie & pac died…..

        If you cant see the hyoocrispy, in using farrahkhan, in the manner which he did.

        I hope you educate your self, You sounded intellingent in your rebutall,

        But your a sheep, lost in the wilderness, with out a sheppard…

        If u was to betrayed the nation, ask the honorable farrahkhan
        How do the nation deal with traitors……….. Bet u wouldnt like the answer.

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  • hiphopteacher

    wack ass article . it obvious u dont know hip hop history, busy bee vs kool moe dee. Cold crush vs Force Md’s, ll cool j vs mc shan. bdp vs jucie crew  nas vs jay -z  and etc  hip hop battles is hip hop . its part of our culture . as long as its in a art form  its harmless . Common had to exprss himself u r not an hip hop  purist  u r a mainstream journalist . learn the culture and stop being soft like what the music has become know smh

    • FreedomThinkers

      How is Brother Jesse bring soft? You ignorant dude. This is not hip-hop,
      this two dudes having a cat fight over Serena Williams. If she wasn’t
      in the picture, this wouldn’t even be going on. Pull down your skirt and re-read the article and learn something. This article is filled with Hip-hop history as it relates to Farrakhan’s role. You’re just as emotional as Drake and Common. BTW, what the heck is a hip hop purist? LOL!

      • ramon227

        who said it’s about serena??? did anyone say her name?? methinks you should click out of the “mediatakeouts” and really ask yourself why two grown men would spit over a female they have no involvement with anymore…really think about your statement you herb.

        secondly common never directed sweet towards drake, he directed it towards rappers who sing…so why would drake feel the need to respond to that? cuz he know he’s a soft rap singer?  or maybe sweet was about wayne (he sings), gucci (he sings) frank ocean (he sings), nicki (she sings!), fab (he sings), diddy (he sings), kanye (he sings) etc etc? how many rappers you know sing a lil bit on their records? and how many responded the same way drake did?

        drake assumed he was being talked about…and pause. before you say “well we all know it was about him”, common specifically called out drake on this remix THE SAME WAY he called out ice cube back in the day on “the bitch in you” so why would he make a subliminal towards drake??? the softie took offense to the record like the self aborbed dummy he is and took shots at common AND vanessa bryant (who by the way regardless of how kobe feels is still his WIFE & MOTHER OF HIS CHILDREN, i would take drake to pump his brakes because that’s entirely messy on his end).

        jesse is under the impression that “beef” goes as far back as 2003 cuz farrakhan had something to say to ja rule about his own with 50 (may i ask where he was when tupac/biggie beefed?). what does he know about battle rapping and it’s roots in hip hop culture? does he know battles go as far back as the 80s? did he have an insightful quote for it then? speaking of, where was he when jay and lil wayne had “beef” last year?

        drake and his ilk claim to be the best rappers alive, so why would anyone let that statement slide and not test his skills in being the best? ludacris went after him and he has yet to respond to that, so i doubt drake will say anything because he doesn’t have much footing against someone of their caliber. 

        this article is a well written n biased piece of toilet tissue. farrakhan has very valid points but in the grander scheme of things most artists these days are charmin soft, especially the mainstream ones who have too much to lose (unlike the situation with jeezy’s friend). farrakhan has nothing to say on hip hop, jus stick to politics. he doesn’t like hip hop obviously, so why ask his opinion on it? 

        please get a grip, because telling someone to “pull their skirt down” is not only misogynistic but aggressively simple minded for a supposed “freedom thinker” 

      • damn freedom thinker just got his freedom revoked lol…..well said ramon

      • MrTroyMercy

        Cause you are a muslim or whatever don’t mean yo ass won’t get ran over . This cat who wrote the article don’t give a damn about you so homie jump off his nuts and let other people have veiws you damn donkey.

  • FreedomThinkers

    Great article Brother Jesse. Seems like the so-called “Hip-Hop scholars” think this is REALLY a lyrical battle. We are confused. Its childish entertainment for consumers just like reality shows. It’s boring. If Common is such a legend, why waste his breath with Drake if he’s so weak? if you have to keep saying you the greatest, may you’re really not. Truth be told, go back and listen to Electric Circus and Common sounds just as “sweet” as Drake does on songs. Common be singing on albums like “Sinatra” too just like he accusing Drake of……At the end of the day, when is Hip-Hop going to evolve beyond this wackness? This is getting old.

    • When have Common been singing on tracks actually listen to a Common……….then answer this why call yourself “Great” if you isn’t willing to prove it?

    • Are you Muslim?  Because I hope not.  Just from this comment shows that you lack ingredients to be intelligent and yet you keep taking out the context of what the song “Sweet” was referring to.  All it takes is listening?  Or are you the consumer who also feeds into reality shows because adding more into the Drake and Common situation than what it should be.  Or you are simply just a drake fan….and there’s nothing wrong with that…i honestly like some of drake’s songs.  It’s a rap battle brotha….you do know what that is. It’s this remarks from “marks” like you that keep hip hop as a whole “WACK”.  It’s supporting this idea that something as simple as a rap battle could be more than what it is.  This is how Big and Pac died.  Your remarks are propaganda at best because it’s you who say this is “beef” (wrong choice of definition for this situation) but yet if common was this or common did that mess???

      I really hope you not Muslim….because if you was I would second guess my choice of becoming one if the Nation of Islam would allow idiots in

      Peace be unto you
      Malcom X

  • BoldSpice

    Common probably trying to get a lil buzz, maybe he wanna finally sell some albums. Taking the 50 Cent route I guess.

  • $11625525

    This is one beef that will never get physical, which it is why it is so intriguing because, for once, we can see whether the new self titled heir to the throne can actually handle one of hip hop’s rightful gatekeepers.

    Common has never been the best but, if Hip Hop had Knight’s, make no mistake… Common would be one! Going to any length to protect his art.

    Also; what’s with rappers running around trying  to smash on each other’s ex’s? That’s just some crab’s in a bucket sh!t And yes I know Common used to hit Erykah Badu but, that’s Erykah’s thing… She like the hip hop version of a “Black Widow Spider” for dope lyricists. LOL

  • $11625525

    Oh, and very rich article mentioning a man whom many (including the vic’s children) believe was responsible for orchestrating the slaying of one Malik El Hajj Shabbaz… What’s Beef eh?

    I guess you guys are branching out from Prison recruitment, or has it dried up?

  • ramon227

    #dead at the “black widow spider” comment LOL very true though!

  • J

    Yea all that’s beautiful but Drake is a joke! Putting a black eye on the whole art of hip hop. And, if he ever had something to say about a real artist such as Common he should get slapped for that. I don’t even understand why sites like this exist. What is hip-hop to you? Lil Wayne??? Obviously this age has never heard or doesn’t get a true gimmick free MC. I don’t consider 90% of what I see on this site actual talent.

    • Q.

      POW! Shots fired!  LOL

  • This is a well written article but hip-hop has always had battles.  This is not beef.  If I feel that someone said something negative about me and I decided to speak my mind, I’m going to speak  my mind.  Common had a right to say something.  It’s called free will.  Drake could have decided not to say anything but he gave up that chance when he laid his verse for “Stay Schemin”.  If he doesn’t say anything after Common’s response, he will still look strong to his die-hard fans, but soft to everyone else.  Again, well written article but I think it misses the mark.  Last I checked, after Ja decided to be the bigger man, he hasn’t had much of a career.  I don’t think anyone from  Murder Inc. has (maybe that’s why they changed the name to The Inc.).  I think he’s seeing that advice as being unneeded as he’s decided to start making comments about 50 and even hinting at a mixtape toward him.  However, I could be wrong and maybe I missed the point.

  • David Daniel

    I dont understand why anyone will say anything negative about Common or ask the question why start rap beef! Common although different to most hiphop artist, he has always respected the culture right. He speaks for the poor and the culture of hiphop. Even if people dont feel his music, they respect him. Rap beef is nothing new in hip-hop and in this culture of urban music you are liable for your actions. You are liable for your remarks you make and most importantly you are a target no matter what you say or do because you are in the public eye. So when a new guy like Drake comes out talking reckless and acting like something he’s not. He becomes a target, and rightfully so. In this culture, we don’t respect the weak and no one gets away with acting tough. So when you ask lets kill hiphop beef are you asking for the hiphop culture to change for the weaker artist? Honestly we dont do that….

    • TheBoxcarHobo

      Well said…well said…

    • Q.

      Hmmmm…one to grow on right there. I like what I’m reading today.

    • church!

  • rep87

    this is not a beef its just a waste of time neither one of these dudes could fight there way out of wet paper bag ! WHY AHH ADDING FUEL TO SOMETHING THATS NEVER GOING TO POP OFF/

  • $20848444

    This is not BEEF, it’s a rap battle. Remember those?? It’s a difference. No one is in the streets looking for the other man. It’s a rap battle. It’s good for hip hop.

  • Booky1987

    I disagree with this article. Rap battles are apart of the genre, or hip hop culture. Not only that, the tradition if battles is as old as the culture itself. Battles and beefs help artist gain new listeners and fans as you stated. And yes, I feel that this is a over the top marketing strategy for up coming tours and other products.However, this beef is different then the average Gucci Mane and Jezzy type beef. These two guys have sense and some-type of after high school education. So this beef to me will be less about gun-play and killing , and will be more about pride and right of passage; not to mention, it will help both artist, mainly Drake, grow lyrically as artist .I feel as if I will enjoy this beef, just as long as no one gets hurt. And I faithfully believe that Common has enough sense to stop feud before it reaches that point.

    • Q.

      I couldn’t agree more!

  • OhmyLawdHeDead

    Drake committed career suicide. If you claim it, you get the title. “Sweet” could have been about any current top 10 rapper but Drake spoke out and claimed it was about him PUBLICLY!!! Common said it wasn’t. By then it was a hot topic so he said if he want it to be about him it is then.Drake jumped out the window and dissed him on a posse track with more credible *cough* “gangstas” for intimidation.Com heard it and did what any real MC tested would do, Respond! But he called out that boy name! Then challenged him with the “say my name” sample! Wow!Drake has been TRIPLE DOGGED DARED TO RESPOND!!!!!!A lot of money has been spent creating you boy, you got word play son, don’t fold, you better show your value or get on the Last Train to Paris and remember the times.Peace!!!P.S. Common was right to put Drake in line for dissing Kobe wife, I’m sure Kobe wouldn’t like Drake referring to the mother of his children as a bitch. Even if he thinks it after that bank account gets lighter. Show some respect Drizzy.”Cant say my name, but rap about a nigg@z wife” Awwww

    • that’s the realest shit said by far on this post ….as i scroll down to read the rest LOL

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  • bs_hater1

    Brother Jesse need to stick to sellin’ bean pies & leave hip hop to the real heads! We don’t need nobody from outside the culture throwin’ his two cents in!

  • fair article not too impressed.  hip hop media folks should consider the words they use.  i have to wonder if it is on purpose they call it beef because they want something to happen, or they don’t realize this is just part of the culture.  this is a battle, it won’t escalate to anything more than that.  since this is a part of hip hop keeping it subliminal was how things used to be done.  but nowadays things are different.  drake publicly acknowledged a subliminal diss being called sweet, that is a loss already.  he should have just kept it subliminal, learn to sharpen your swords.  at this point unless drake comes with something incredible it’s over.  i don’t think his career will be over, maybe becomes a punchline.  as far as the article goes, how about burying calling these events beef.  battles should stay in hip hop, they serve a good purpose.  

  • If it wasn’t for battling, MCinghwould have never developed past “throw your hand in the air” at the basement party.

    Jesse, I respect you, but you apparently don’t understand Hip Hop at it’s core. Saying this should be buried is basically saying Hip Hop should be buried. That’s a no go for Hip Hop heads. 

    The purpose it serves is the continued elevation of the art form that would have never elevated without it. That’s your education. 

    What did Brotha Malcolm say about history: 
    “History is a people’s memory, and without a memory, man is demoted to the lower animals.”

    Yeah, random beef for attention is useless; but beef in general is a natural and inextricable part of the game. As long as it stays on wax, it’s all good. 

    • Q.

      Well said. Brothas are on a roll today!

  • Beef & hip hop battles are 2 different things in 2 different worlds. Beef is where you wanna kill your enemy because they wanna c you dead. Beef doesn’t start on records it starts in the streets & that is why it is approached with a street mentality. A battle is a test of lyrical strengths its like boxing or UFC fighting. In a battle the fight is kept in the “ring” the artists go toe to toe & no one is physically damaged. This is the nature of hip-hop. Maybe we’ve strayed so far from the “real” hip hop that we’ve forgotten this. Good Try but do you really understand the culture of Hip-Hop?

    • Q.

      Another excellent comment. Well done!

  • MrTroyMercy

    I’m going to be blunt … this article was written by a sissified ass nikka. Competition is part of the artform . This lame azz writter calling for peace treaties and ish . I bet you perfer skinny jeans and skateboarding bloods huh ? I bet you perfer dudes kissing ? I swear this site get lamer and lame and I feel lame for keep coming here reading this bullshyt smh. Get off Drake’s nutsack. Hip hop beef is not really beef now and days cause cats ain’t Real but I do know one thing COMMON WON’T BACK DOWN FROM ANYONE . You need a funeral and this site need a proper burial.

    Stupid ass artcle coming from a fagggot who knows nothing about hip hop history.

    • Internet gangsters must be trending on AHH. You sound stupid.

      • MrTroyMercy

        Naw but my dyck in ya mother’s mouth is ..

    • “It’s bigger than Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop, Hip-Hop” -dead prez

      • MrTroyMercy

        Yes Dope, but these new age sissified nikkas don’t understand that… you send that email addy I got some tracks for ya..

        But anyways ijm in the lab now just had to address a feww suckas that’s all!!!

      • MrTroyMercy

        I swear these Internet thirsty sissy will kill cats over Drake and Jay z right now.

        I’m going to holla at the herbs when the paper game up …

      • MrTroyMercy

        FYI TO ALL YOU LAMES DEFENDING DRAKE .. y’all sucka for life cause Drake the wackest cat in the Game period . If YUNG BERG was to get his first entertainment victory it would be against DRAKE . I’m just saying worry about you and not my veiws on Sugerfied nigga.

  • MrTroyMercy

    The homos on this sit ain’t say nothing when Drake was talking about ” oooh lil wayne yum yum he just too good ” or dissing Kobe’s wife or going at Lil Kim…nooooooooo!!! Y’all to busy licking y’all lip to his canadian gay role and old wheel chair jimmy clips . Dude somebody need to smack these payola taking suckas over here that’s why cats left the site be because of sucka articles like this.

    Cats writting about hip hop or music period but knowning shyt about it !! Y’all the SWEET cats COMMON was talking about!

  • This aint no beef this is fuck!ng hip hop!!! this is a rap battle! Check the ego bullsh!t and let them battle it out!

  • Well, it looks like Brother Jesse did exactly what this was design to do. Looks like you all got BEEF w/ Brother Jesse now. LOL! 

    Man, this has the be the MOST ignorant comments ever. Y’all making comments as if battling in Hip-Hop today is the same as it was 20 years ago or even 10 years ago….man, hip-hop as a whole has been diluted so we can’t even use the elements of hiphop when discussing today’s artists, that includes Common because his latest album is not his best so that means he’s not evolving. As for Drake, (*yawns*) he’s doesn’t get any rotation in my ipod.A few other points:1) Common shot that “Sweet” video in HAITI??? How disrespectful is that! Dumb move…the anniversary is coming up and he making videos there. Wack..then he disrespected Maya Angelou too on Track One. In truth, Maya had beef with him over that but the only reason she withdrew her words, in sense, is because she didn’t want the enemy to think they could use a divide and conquer tactic…..y’all should study that.2) If this is a lyrical battle, hip-hop is finished. Neither side is spitting anything of substance…boring.3) That one beef he had with Cube did not make Common a hardcore rapper! Matter of fact, when the White House recently dissed him, he was pleading with the media to take the hardcore rapper label off of him, now all of a sudden he wants to call everyone “MFs”?? GTHOH! Though lyrically better, Common is as sweet as Drake in many of his songs.4) This article is really BIGGER than Hip-Hop. Y’all ignorant folks don’t even consider the history of the modern COINTELPRO in the demise of the culture. Y’all too busy enjoying wack battles when the truth Farrakhan spitting is talking about a bigger picture. That’s the parts of the article y’all totally skipped over because you too emotional.5) Beef can take on many forms and Biggie Smalls did not write the Bible on Beef with that one song. Sorry, this is not a battle.Lastly, if Common was truly doing this in the name of being a “Saviour” for Real Hip-Hop then he should have called out names on the song “Sweet” just like he telling Drake to “Say my name” (BTW, that was sweet/soft as hell too).At the end of the today, as a whole Hip-Hop is flatlinin’, both of these cashmere sweater wearing cats need to sit down somewhere and some of you all need to read a book. I guess I will be called sweet now for having an opinion.

    • cmon man don’t over analyze it. Its just good ole hip hop. Somebody is getting dissed and called out. That’s all. Hip Hop. why we got to over analyze rap battles. When you do then its not as enjoyable. Just relax and lets see what Drake will respond with and enjoy it. remember it’s entertainment. Common is not really going to battle drake.. no guns drawn. chill out dog.

    • not in agreement w/ every last thing, but you raised a lot of good points, musically & historically

    • EL_BARK

      How is faraahkhan goung talk bout coinintel-pro

      When the nation feel victim to it in its self…..

      Wasnt the nation yet infiltrated by the same gov agents…

      Did he to fall victim of thevsame things, he accuses us of..

      Didnt he get jealous of malcolm,???? &
      And spoke of foul things to be done…….

      Did he wish death on malcolm……… All for what????????

      Cause malcolm expose him & elijah for some frauds..

      Cause malcolm spoke out about, him and their cult……

      Honorable my ass…….. Farrahkhan need to sit his old ass in a corner somewhere.

      All the skeletons in his closet…… He sentenced malcolm to death,

      And act like we just suppose to forget about it.

      He a phony a phake and a phraud…………

      I wanted get knowledge from a crooked. I listen to
      The convicts before i listen to him……

    • ramon227

      do you truly honestly think Common and Drake are gonna shoot at each other??


      that that whole whiny paragraph can go to hell.

      and your last sentence…”some of you all..” what? do you know that some and all can’t be together, it’s some or all? maybe you need to read a grade school level english book.

      • Im just getting more pissed when these fake ass muslims making nonsense statements and referring to the Nation of Islam.  All I can say is this-

        -Peace be unto you
        Malcom X lol

  • and no your not sweet for the opinion. Just enjoy it. Hip Hop needs these battles sometimes. And I hate when cats talk about your hating. if I dont like something I dont like. Why is that considered hating. In the 90’s was you feeling PM Dawn…aww nigga then you must of been a hater. See what im saying. People taking the hating shit way to far.

    • I said the same thing in another post about this common and drake shit….nigga takes that hatin’ shit waaaayyyyy out of context

  • adrian gonzalez

    hip hop came from the streets and started in the streets, now these softass skinny jeans wearing sissies wanna act all hard without the consequences. If your gonna talk smack you better be able to back it up, if you think you can rap better than someone else than settle it with a battle and thats how its always been. We need real hip hop not no hip pop B.S.

  • This is not the same Hip-Hop that hosted battles where no one died in the end, so I can understand one wanting to call it quits..i feel rappers are the only ones qualified to call other rappers out, or “regulate” Hip-Hop..let them do their jobs. But all ya’ll emotional on this board got to understand Cointelpro & that Hip-Hop is being used AGAINST the children much more than BY the children.

  •  at Brother Jesse Muhammed:

    What is this. Are you writing about beef or is this an attempt to
    promote your Black Muslim lifetime dictator? Present him as
    the solution for Hip-Hop troubles? He that is beefing with anybody
    who is not agreeing with his agenda? Come on son.
    I do dislike stupid beef in Hip-Hop and it’s killing the culture, but
    NOI is not the solution. If you addressed that for every beef out
    there at least 1 Artists is on Interscope and you have cockroaches
    like Jimmy Iovine just sending his gladiator out to battle so he can
    cash in on it, then I might start listening. But please don’t promote
    Farrakhan and his fake version of Islam. I’m sorry for the great
    leader who achieved nothing for Black People throughout his term
    other than collecting donations that lead to personal enrichment
    rather then to anything constructive, and furthering the divide of our
    people for his own financial gain. But since his main sponsor
    Muammar Khadaffi is gone, his life ain’t that easy anymore so he
    needs some of his weak minded followers to do some marketing.

    Please forget it and do not ever try again.

    And those AHH guys, Grouchy Grinch and the Jigsaw.

    You thought you invite this coon to better your rep?

    Please, get a brain, or at least get yourself some better advisors.


    I Think dude is Confusing what happened with 50 & Ja as Hip Hop…That was Beef! Farrakhan wasn’t able to save Ja’s Career. What happened with Big & Pac was Beef. This drake & Common thing is the Essence of Hip Hop. Competing against each Other. Common set drake up on sweet like he did Cube on I Use to love her. He spoke out against something he ain’t Like in Hip hop & Drake caught feelings. Drake is not going to do nothing to common, Nor are his Young Friends & Common is a Vet who knows how to keep it in the Ring.

    • Q.

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, bro! (APPLAUSE)

      I feel what the writer is saying, BUT Common already stated that this beef is gonna be strictly lyrical. It ain’t like nobody’s life got threatened, so no need to blow things outta proportion like somebody’s life is on the line!

      Oh, and that little subliminal gunplay nonsense Drake was talking on the song AIN’T GONE HAPPEN…Dreidel ain’t bustin nothin but water pistols!  LOL

  • NorthDollasTX

    Brother Jesse Muhammad – sit down and shut the phuck up please.

    Sinister Louis FarraCON is an opportunists, biggot, intelligent hoodlum, and a COLD BLOODED MURDERER (MALCOLM LITTLE, DETROIT RED, MALCOLM X)

  • What significance did hip hop beef have?  The Roxanne wars shot hip hop to a national scale.  This little war of words over a girl is harmless.  They lookin like McCartney and MJ on some Girl is Mine BS.

  • I thought this was a battle of wits and lyrics…Not beef !! This isn’t beef, this is KRS Vs Shan, Kool Moe Dee vs Busy Bee, LL Vs Canibus = A Battle !! No beef just lyrical feud where fans decide which one was hottest. It is what it is. Common & Drake aren’t gonna blast each other if they ran into each other !! Come on. It’s not that serious.

  • Noob Saibot

    Hip-hop is an artform, and just like any other artform, it is interpreted differently by different people.  No art-form should be censored.  With that being said, a battle in hip-hop is no different than two artist that don’t agree on an issue.  When people have a disagreement, they sometimes argue.  That’s all a battle is: Two Rappers arguing through their lyrics.  Name calling, using profanity, and clever lines is how the battle is won.  Hip-hop battles are about who has the best lyrical content and punchlines.  Common hasn’t been involved in one, publicly, in awhile.  He spoke his opinion about where hip-hop is headed, without saying anyone’s name.  Drake took it personal, and responded without saying names.  Then Common put a name on his diss.  Rappers talk about each other all the time, but many of them will not specify who they are talking about in the song.  All Common did, was let it be known who he was talking about.  You gotta respect that.  Drake has been sending shots at a lot of other rappers as well, and now people are starting to fire back.  Ludacris recently made a song about Drake also.  Battles make any music more entertaining.  Remember LL vs Canibus, Nas vs Jay-Z, or  KRS-One vs. MC Shan? 

  • its nothing wrong wit this at all there keeping it all on wax nobodys gonna get hurt over this this not beef this hiphop battling the legends did it it was cool now that its 2012 its wrong? fuckthis article hiphop is competivego listen 2 pop or country music if u dnt like battling @brotherjesse:twitter 

  • hip hop beef is necessary to keep the nucleus of hip hop in tact.  Rap Beef keeps rappers in their lane and allows REAL MC’s to check these clown ass, no bars havin, “rappers” when necessary.  Aubrey has bars…..but he’s not “hip hop” lyrical….he’s VAGINAL.  Aubrey can’t change his image now… he bess just fall back and concede defeat.  He can’t see common on the mic……period.

  • wizefire

    its not beef it is just a battle u r takin it out of context

  • wallace

    I agree with this article… in fact, I think beef has been killing hip-hop in this past decade. I would say one of the major factor that made hip-hop go down was the era of beef that came in the early 2000s and saw its peak reached with the collapse of G-unit. Prior to that, Hip hop was still on top, and We we’re talking of G-unit as one of the biggest thing in hip-hop and music in general. G-unit had something almost no major hip-hop group or artist ever had before. they had the east, South and Westcoast on locked with quality artists (with their respective entourage) such as Game, 50, Buck, Banks and old school cats like Mobb deep & Mase not to mention they were being backed up by heavyweights like Em and Dr. Dre. They were going platinum 4,5+ times like it was nothing. But then, suddenly it wasn’t ok to love both 50 and game… you had to pick a side. The whole G-unot movement started, then young buck left, Dre and Em disappeared off the picture and G-unit is now pretty much irrelevant. I don’t think hip-hop ever really recovered from that era of hatred and beefs, and we are now seeing the repercussions with all these unconventional “hip hop” artists of this new era.

  • CoogiKhalil

    i think there needs to be more beefs to help ppl find out who really is hot now a days even tho hip hop is more diverse nobody really can stand out from one another as an artist i think to myself if i was in the industry everybody who is on now is nt even worth it like who could u actaully see go against one another everybody got this pop element to them we no longer have the streets involed in it there still needs to be an element of street dudes or at least someone lyrcal with the capabilties to stand as an artist i like the hip hop now a days but we are taking a big L to the industry why yall think the street niggas dnt sell and niggas starting to dress like white boys we need to take the game back cause once the industry takes over we lose hip hop it dies like disco and without the battles we would never tell who just rap and who’s really an mc look at artist such as drake big sean and wiz i respect those dudes before they were main stream but if they came out when 50 was poppin and d-block had it locked they wouldn’t have made it it dnt have to be beef but at least a battle because without that element the drakes and big seans could become legends without stepping into proving grounds come on son even LL had to battle… this is a sport no sport is a sport without competition,even cheerleaders compete for real

    coogi khalil harris look me up face book

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    this is why we should get back to the face to face matches … all this sending records back n forth is kind of like inciting or instigating a bigger situation …. MAN UP go face to face and get it over with ….. whens the last time you hear about someone getting killed after a Grind Time battle or Lions Den battle or Smack battle …. sure a few heads got cracked but thats about it …. cause once the shit is done …. its done …. and if you feel you aint done …. you just rematch for another live battle ……. i think thats where it should start going 😉

  • Zino

    actually the problem is Hiphop has went vegan to many tooty fruity in the booty kats, we need more beef the iron and the protein makes hiphop what it is…

  • pablokhan69

    Here’s the problem INDUSTRY..and industry rappers… Beef has always been apart of this culture since Kool Moe D. challenged Busy B.. and the best lyricist won..Common as an Elder eMCee reppin for HIPHOP got at Drizzy a rapper reppin for pop hop for getting out of line.. that happens thus the KRS-one vs Mc Shan, Mc Shan vs LL Cool J, LL Cool J vs Kool Moe D, Ice T, and MC Hammer, also CanIBus, U.T.F.O. vs Roxanne Shante, Doug E. Fresh vs Buff (the human beat box)- yeah they beefed not talked about but was an actual fact.. hey im a NYer original B-Boy since 78′ and its ok.. we are or use to be a group of dudes with high testosterone now i see images of sensitive effeminantes who wanna be subliminal with tight saggin skinny jeans they buy out of the girl section of the store… I am glad Common is doin it.. Mos-Def been calling out Lil Weezy since 2010′ it reminds them that in truth money cant buy you respect it may get you temporary friends and some golddiggers but you wont have peace because this right here real HIPHOP comes from the soul and most of these money makers the sold theirs figuratively and literally… Peace!!!