HEATER OF THE DAY: Bengie B Ft. T.E.C. and Gangsta “Floatin”

[ahh_audio src=/1-9-12/BengieBFt.T.E.C.andGangsta-Floatin.mp3]

  • wtfidk

    dis shit is raw im feelin it

  • Boz

    Bengie B raw on the mic!!! This is a banger all the way!! No Limit!!

  • Mike Herness

    Pretty Decent Song

  • redblue4

    This is a banger

  • wtfidk

    dis joint go hard

  • Gucciboi

    I heard that forget swaggin  we Floatin     we flexin on haters I can smell the money

  • lilgiz

    Like dat yung nigga TEC, Nolimit puttn out heat daily..

  • wow, damn this is the year for “NO LIMIT”!  i wanna hear more P on tracks…. shit just give me a ughhh in the background and it gold!

  • yeah!!!! love it!!!