Hip-Hop Rumors: Common Opens A Lil Can Of Ether On Drake


Now, when “Stay Schemin’” dropped with Rick Ross and Drake, I didn’t say anything. I saw the subliminal from Drake towards Common and decided to let  it slide. Who wants to be a part of a silly beef. But, on the inside, I wanted to see what would come from it. Well, here it is. Common has responded to Drake saying ““Don’t be duckin’ like you never wanted nothin’/ It’s feelin’ like rap changed it was a time it was rugged/ Back when if a n—a reached it was for the weapon/ Nowadays n—as reach just to sell their record.”  Hit the pic to hear the exclusive, s/o MTV RapFix:

Common is back. I guess Drake never heard “The B***h In Yoo.”

Guess he didn’t like Drizzy saying “gods acting like broads,” but Common made it pretty clear he wants no part of a crew beef. He doesn’t really have a crew.

Source: MTV RapFix

  • johnblacksad

     Drake is a veggie… unfortunately, not literally like Com Sense

  • DontKno

    I Think Drake just Retired From Rap to become a R&B Sanger.

  • $20956822

    Drake is wack as hell anyway he don’t rap he sings!!! Common bodied that nigga

  • churchboy2

    Common went in on this one… but you can tell that this verse is just bait.

    • Jizzah!

      Drakes dump enough to fall for it

  • Ryan Cole

    @Illseed–Common doesn’t need a crew.  He told Drake to stop hiding behind ni99as.  He went at the whole Westside Connection on “The B*tch In Yoo”, not just Cube.  That’s a one-on-three battle.  Do you really think Young Dummy could put together two decent lines do dis Common, or anybody for that matter?  Ain’t a lyricist on that whole roster. 

    • Exactly!!!  These youngins dont know that he came  at the west without a crew behind him… Im from NY and majority of the cats here Bow Down when the west started barking.. Thats why Mobb Deep went at J because no one responded when snoop came thru and crush those buildings..   So props to Common!!

      • u never heard LA LA? mobb deep’s and cnn’s responce to ny ny…. or saw the video when they tortured the daz look alike then threw him off of the queens borough bridge…  

      • Ryan Cole

        King Sun also went at Tupac.  And even Fat Joe said something about the “NY NY” video on Rap City back then.  And of course, there was the alleged Biggie phone call to Hot 97 to tell the city that the Dogg Pound and Snoop were somewhere in Manhattan.  Prodigy just says snake sh*t alot of times and it ends up getting him in trouble (see:  My Infamous Life). 

  • Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Drake Dissin’ Common on “Stay Schemin” Track?!

    by Sydney Lace January 7th, 2012 @ 2:27am

    ^^^ Man get off the bullshit Illseed, talkin about you didn’t say anything…you just didn’t use the “Illseed” moniker, that’s all.  Actin like it ain’t still some of us pre-redesign heads around that remember when it was SEVERAL different Illseeds postin bullshit day after day after day.  You might be able to spin these newcomers, but miss me with the goofy shit fam.