Hip-Hop Rumors: Drake’s Right Hand Disses Common, Calls Him “Old Head”

Well, what do we have here?  A battle. Well, I will be the first to say that I have a bit of a conflict here. I’m on Common’s side. I’m just going to say that as a matter of fact so there is not confusion. There’s no love lost for Drake. He’s dope too, but Common is more my Era.


So, now that we have that established…I’m peeping the tweets and I see that Drake’s dude and main producer “40” (not 40…another dude named HUSH) is going in on Common pretty crazy. At the same time, I can’t rock with him. His main points of note are that Common is “old” and he’s just beefing to sell records. I don’t know, but I don’t agree. I don’t know, because this seems to be something unspoken going on that we don’t quite know (ie: Serena). At any rate, Common has never been the type to just go at a cat for no reason. And he’s got a career rappers would kill for…Drake included. So, lets see what 40 is saying. Peep the tweets.

(I’m an idiot…see the tweets below from somebody not named 40.)


  • ladynamor

    Old head? Like Birdman or Busta Rhymes? Or Nicki (pushing 30) and Lil Wayne? Or Jay-Z? Someone nees to tell this clown that since Drake dropped, this has been the most attention he has gotten, fighting Common. Young Kings my ass LOL

    • Keyno Alvarez

      Let me first say that I’m a fan of Drake, But when you going a against Common…it’s over homie!. Season Rap Era against these New Ni**a’s, I saw this coming at some point in time. Yo that producer just needs to stick to producing let the rap battle begin……well I believe Common just ended it. Common has never fell off, he has always been relevant on the mic and on film. He is one underground artist that has shined on the mainstream without compromising his sound. 
      @ovohush:disqus ……just hush! 

      If Drake wanted to respond so he does not seem like a punk, well you did. Now let it die. 

      Common Got You!

  • TheBoxcarHobo

    What is with these dudes? What kind of lame puts the cape on for another n*gga? These delusional little boys think they’re bigger than what they really are. Common less successful than Drake? For real? Where was all this when Luda was steppin in yalls asses? Let Drake fight his own battles and sit ur captain save a n*gga ass down somewhere with ur lame ass.

  • kylars

    Forget who these guys are for a second…. the fact of the matter is, that Common is upset and hurt that Drake smashed Serena. Point. Blank. Final… That is the ONLY reason he went at Drake. He’s saying all this other shit and analyzing his music and using it to diss him, but the fact remains that Common is just mad jealous over the fact Drake hit Serena. Where I’m from, we call that shit soft…

    • NorthDollasTX

      true … but i think COMMON getting so much support cuz he has a proven record in the industry over the years AND he said OUT LOUD what everybody was already thinking about DRAKE anyway

      its lame to see 2 grown men fighting over a female … but when one of the niggahs deserve
      to get skin kicked off his forehead … regardless of HOW LAME the reason – you still gon’ root for that niggah to get what he deserve in the end … a lil humility

  • NorthDollasTX

    when being called an OLD HEAD become a diss …
    thats normal lingo in the county, state, feds, schoolyard, porch, playground, park … thats what every ELDER was called an OLD HEAD, OLD SKOOL, or just SKOOL

    them canada niggahs is DRY lol … shot to the jamaicans, and trinadians up there doe

  • Common is a grown ass man with childish ways. His album just came out and he obviously has high hopes. But even tho his album just released hes hoping to be the topic of discussion but when he turns on the TV(MTV BET FUSE) Radio on looks on the internet who does he see? DRAKE!!! Rick ross dropped Stay schemen who was on it? DRAKE! Who’s album is everyone still singing and rapping? DRAKE! WHOS that guy right now? Drake! Everyone wants to be recognized and common hasn’t been so he goes after someone who is. Grow up ! “Truthfully i wanna be rapping like common sense but i did 5 mill i aint been rappin like common sense”-Jay Z

    • Jizzah!

      Either way u look at it everyone wants to see & hear how this rap battle turns out. That’s just how it is, when ur on top of the rap game. Everyone wants to prove there better then the best at the moment. When Biggie was alive, Biggies album was being played more then Jay-Z and Nas. Reason Biggie was the hottest one out at time. As time goes on there will be more battles and more entertainment.
      Regardless of who has more money and who has this and that the people want too see who has more skills on a mic period. All these rappers that say there the best need to prove it when challenged to rap battle. Remember LL Cool J he made loads of music for the ladies But when it came to a rap challenge he showed and proved he can box word for word with the best of them.
      Bottom line we all want to see how Drake handles a real rap battle against a rap battle rapper Common.
      Plus Commons always been a underground rapper, he’s never really been a mainstream rapper over the years but he always made good music. I like Drakes music myself and he does have great albums so far what he’s dropped, but lets see if he has a long career year after year dropping good music. Not a like few rappers who’s careers are done inless then 5years.

    • TRUMPsuitTONE

      First off, childish ways? going at someone is synonymous with Hip-Hop i.e Battling.  Second, COMMON dropped classics, deep,soulful, thought provoking and not some ignorant pop shit.
      If your gonna quote some one at least get it right “Truthfully I wanna rhyme like common sense but I did 5 mill I aint been rhymin like common since”-Jay Z

      when one of the G.O.A.Ts says he wants to rhyme like you, but he’d rather “dumb down his audience to double his dollars” tell me, how is that a jab? more like paying homage.If it says anything, its that COMMON made it this far without having to conform to commercialism, so pay that man his due.

      Now I’ll let you get back to listening to a spoiled,wealthy raised child actor who played a cripple on degrassi talking about, no wait, SINGING about catching bodies..really?!?!

      • churchboy2

        ^^^ This right here is the truth dot com.

    • R

      Common been in the game for a long time and he don’t need a label to push behind him he got movie money and a following. Drake aint go that yet he still new to the game and he aint gone from struggle to stardom he had the silver spoon. I dont have nothing against drake I like his music, but i think common got this one jit you got some more growing up to do, you’ll get there though!!!

  • 12factoid

    i love hip hop beef!! the problem with hip-hop beef is that sh*T keep your clogged up and you can’t really get the truth out..this has nothing to do with sales, i believe this has something to do with a woman..most hip-hop beef has a women connected to it. As for 40, i know he just sticking up for his team member, but in honsety i really don’t him or his beats like that and if i had to put up money i believe drake would get slaughtered by common. 40 knows like i know when the budget is bigger you sell more. point blank. More spins(paid for by Universal)..more promotion..more marketing = Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy buys PHYSICAL COPIES more to sell to the public.So he really should stop with the sales point!!!! Its a no brainer!!! Of course he sells more units!! Jay-Z sold more units than Nas but it didn’t stop him from getting his @zz broke down to very last compound by NAS..and he did it on New York radio i remember i heard it!                            (ether v/s superugly)These new guys have no respect for veterans, and i predict its that type of disrespect that will be the down-fall of this new generation of rappers..Common has rap carrer that Drake hasn’t attained yet. when he does 10 years plus and prove he has staying power then he can talk that ish. Yes, Drake is winning now, but so was MC Hammer. 40 is epitome of the new generation of young ducks who think they know about hip-hop know. But when he opens his mouth he don’t know sh&T!!! i like some of Drakes stuff..but 40 is the real canada dry.

    • Jizzah!

      Real talk!!!

    • Nuff Said…

    • Q.

      Hear, hear! Excellent points, sir!

  • dubb1515

    but that’s not 40 though…

  • i could of swore at then end of the song common said this is man to man dont hide behind them other niggas ….. looks like your hiding behind 40

    • dayleedumped

       nigga just cuz people are talking about it, doesnt mean hes hiding behind anyone. bet you anything hes trying to write a verse right now or a song TRUST ME, that diss went at drake DIRECTLY

  • Ryan Cole

    I bet Drake didn’t smash Serena.  Probably drunk called her and told her that he wanted to rub her feet after her US Open match, cried & sh*t, and did some more soft sh*t like that. 

  • David Daniel

    Whats the qoute that reads: “Most Young Kings Get Thier Head Cut Off.” Drake talks reckless and gets disses twice and his crew has to come in and help but honestly all that does is make Drake look softer. He is not Jay-Z and will never be. Jay doesn’t respond because he is clearly regarded and respected as one of the best MC’s so he wont respond to someone lower then him. Drake in the other hand is hot right now with the kids and women but he is not respected from true hiphop fans like Common is. Everyone knows that!!! Fact

  • niggas SCARED to do anything but boast and hide behind their fame…so what jay said that shit jay actually got striped though…jay went through the fire and its tried & TRU so he cant do that he EARNED the right…nigga drake still aint did nothing yet to act so cocky…but this is typical and its exactly what I thought they would do…hide…

    • realkillaC

      how has drake not done anything? who holds the number one spot for best album? drake does.  check your facts first bra

      • That’s the problem, though. What does Drake’s spot on the Billboard have to do with this battle between MCs? Nothin’. If Drake didn’t want to battle, he should’ve just kept his mouth shut and stayed in the pop lane. Since he did respond, this is the outcome.

  • Ah Vent Tuna

    man we all see the bitch in DRAKE…fuck record sales go in on the mic! really though COMMON  will mass murda DRAKE lyrically i mean really 

  • While everyone bitches back and forth about hes better and who shouldn’t respond…I as a fan of hiphop sit here with popcorn waiting for the responses because beefs honestly bring the best out of MC’s so I hope there is plenty more.  And if Drake has it in him I really really really he goes in like diss Common on the WW3 instrumental, shit would be sick if he comes hard.

    • real talk bro, let just have fun and see who wins

  • Just to be clear, selling records does not mean that you can duck a battle on the basis of “I’m above that.” . . Common is not making the competition about records sales or commercial success. Drake stepped into the artistic battle when he dropped the stay schemin verse, now his dude wanna act like Drakes above responding to Common. FOH. Drop sumthin and show why your such a great artist, THIS IS HIP HOP

  • Why they in battle? What Drake did to Common for this stupid battle. Me i’m with Drake but that’s crazy

    • Drake hit his soon to be wife lol now ol boy mad about the base of this beef lame as hell

      • BBE

        No…Common and Serena been over. This aint about Serena.

        Common doesn’t like the current state of hip hop and wants to battle to shake things up. Drake took offense to Sweet and started running his mouth. He took the bait.

  • yahemi!whoafieldz

    Drake gotta pop back at Common. And ASAP!!!! Or they gonna write him off!! He cant let dat shit ryde. Even if he lose, he cant subliminal a nigga like Common and think its finna be cool. Dat will open da flood gates for these other cats to start plucking feathers. And for da record……WHODAT!!!!!!!

  • Q.

    I think this cornball NOAH SHEBIB needs to sit down and enjoy a cold 2-Liter of that new drink called SHUTDAFUCKUP!!!

    You make a few beats, all of a sudden you’re a RAP EXPERT??? FOH
    Just tend to your girlfriend Aubrey’s wounds quietly, okay?

    The nerve of these niggas. SMH

    • onechamp1023

      Hush Moula is an artist thats not 40! 40s twitter is @ovo40 

      • Q.

        In the article, it says 40 was talking…? Either way, all these lil Drake affiliates need to call a team huddle and hit the showers on this one. If they escalate the beef, it’s gonna get progressively WORSE for them.

        It’s a “rap” for Drizzle!!! (PUN INTENDED)

  • churchboy2

    So much for not hiding behind your boys…

  • $20434212

    The Serena angle on this is very thin and weak. I love Common, he’s more my generation, too. “Resurrection” is one of my favorite albums of the 90s, easily. That said, I think he took the low road dissing Drake, and Drake, by contrast, is playing it fairly cool. Whatever. At the end of the day, Drake is murdering it way harder than Common. Not much Common can do about it, except get the old heads up in a tizzy over it. 

  • David Sentongo

    this is a wierd move for 40. well, shyt maybe i didn’t know 40 like i thought. 
    He seems like the mastermind behind the scenes. never anticipated him callin someone out. 

    David Sentongo
    Twitter: @davesentongo:twitter 

    • onechamp1023

      its not 40

  • onechamp1023


  • Sequex

    Drake has to flow over ( Ol` Time Killin` ) beat to Either common before retiring him!!!!!!!!

    • churchboy2

      You get respect for just mentioning Ol’ Time Killin’ – most of these cats don’t know…

      (But no respect for thinking that anyone in the game can retire Common’s mic… that MC has not been built yet.)

  • Hush Moula? Who’s he? Drake’s bitch? Drake doesn’t want to get into it with Common. Ask Cube what happens. DONE

  • rep87

    Its really hard to see these two soft azz dudes fighting and fighting for what now drake got one of his punk azz freinds talking shit this is what lil teenage girls do/ AHH you cant even hype this YAWN

  • Morty

    niggaz gotta remember the essence of hip hop…competition. drake is talented but aint earn no true stripes. selling records to women and teeny boppers aint true mc qualifications. i understand rap beef have become corny but only because the quality of diss have decreased common just jump started the rap beef with out breakin a sweat.



    *•.¸ *•.¸ *•.¸ ¸.•* ¸.•* ¸.•*


    .•* ¸.•* ¸.•* *•.¸ *•.¸ *•

  • bs_hater1

    Old heads? Less successful? It’s funny how some cats have to divert everyone’s attention away from what the real issues are! Drake’s boy know he can’t defend him with anything else. Drake don’t wanna match his skills against Common because he CAN’T & his boy know it! Younger cats hate the fact that the rules to this shyt ain’t changed, its still all about SKILLS!

  • who is this clown sum irrelevant dumb mf

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  • Dayenny De Jesus

    Lmfao. This is great. I’m a woman, and I can’t stand drake. Honestly, he needs to sit down. He reads rhymes from his blackberry, he hides behind his crew, he can’t battle, he acts hard but stays quiet, and he does not have years of work and success to show. BEING ON THE TOP OF THE CHARTS DOES NOT MAKE YOU GREAT. It means you can appeal to the mass crowd. Drake will be an “old head” someday, but unlike Common, he’ll be a TALENTLESS/IRRELEVANT old head. Drake who? lol. He is not lyrically up to parr with common. Common IS successful because he’s been around for years and clearly hip hop fans still got his back. He’s talented, and spits. His rhymes have substance and he has more skill in his pinky than drake has in all his albums. #success.

  • Alotta Common riders thinking he bout to 50 cent someone …..negative but if Drake as weak as i hear why is Common so mad and Drake chilling on the issue…….it sounds like homey hit his girl and Common took it to heart or something cus he did do the first official diss either way the basis is lame this aint a real beef this is one nigga mad soooooo i might as well say something type situation lol

  • Lmaoo, come on yaw  this dudes name is Aubrey, and he said he was “from Degrasi” before the notorious  black berry freestyle…..!  Common ate this boy alive. He needs to stay lyrical and stay off that off brand street persona hes trying to feed us. WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU AUBREY!  Every time somebody gets fired off on it’s always somebody saying that sales ish….When you had Cool J vs. KOOL Moe , it was not about sales it was about skills and nobody cried they just went in! Stop all this crybaby ish and let your lyrics speak for you. Common did not even really respond when O’Reilly and the rest of the Fox was going in on him. He’s not a media whore like these other weirdo’s Hip Hop is a mans sport. Be Emcees and stop acting like Pop Divas……

  • Common is so lame for this…and he has dissed for no reason before.  He dissed UGK and 3-6 in 2000 and Bun and Middl Fangaz responded.  Common didn’t come to Texas for years

  • TDH23

    Some of you are so damn dumb. Drake makes hype music for hoes with all that singing…. Common understands this is HIP-HOP and Common is a legend with an amazing career in music and acting. I like Drake but I like MCs more. And Drake didn’t learn shit form Jay-Z. Jay-Z didn’t really fight 100% of his own battles.

  • TDH23

    I do like Drake but the singing shit is gettting old. You can’t call yourself the best and say you killing everybody when you aren’t rapping like you should be.

  • Music wise I can respect drake.. Thas about it… His actions recently have been bitch made though, all these gay ass subliminals aint to cool neither.. You got something to say then take care of it face to face…. 

  • Sid_AK

    I’ve got respect for both emcees. Common has done a lot for the game though. Ah, and I doubt that any of you has heard Hush, also known as ‘Young Tony’, spit. He stopped rapping a while back, but he was near-legendary in underground circles. Look him up on YouTube.

    “100 Strong Arm” – Califate, Young Tony, Aristo, C4, and Mayhem Morearty
    “Tales From The Hood” – Young Tony
    “Radio Freestylez” – Young Tony
    “East Meets West” – Aristo feat. Blits & Young Tony

    Check him out.