Jay-Z Ft. Blue Ivy Carter “Glory” Prod. By Pharrell

[ahh_audio src=/1-9-12/Jay-Z-Gloryft.BlueIvyCarterProd.Pharrell.mp3]

  • Boss


    • Apollo Showtime

      Yes 1st, that shit about a son is/was a hoax. Hov is too much of a family man, and has too much money to leave a spitting image of his own grandeur on his own. “Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.”

  • Boss

    But on tha real, this is cool a dedication to his 1st born.

  • well isnt that sweet….

    hope u aint leave ur girl in a wheelchair with a newborn to hit the booth though.

    • I’m sure Jay already had this song in the stash.Cool.Congrats.Song is cool

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  • Sexy_Sabe

    Aaww now that was precious! I’m sure this will be the first of many songs that mention his baby girl, she is  truly one lucky lil  girl.

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  • David Daniel

    Pure class!


    Is dat beyonce @ da end


    She is a Lucky Lil Princess..Nice Dedication Song!

  • churchboy2

    Props to Jay on this one. A great moment immortalized in the booth.

    (LOL, I wonder if Jay left to record this thinking that her name was Blue Glory? Comes back to the hospital like, “Ivy?!? I just dropped a song with another name…”)

    • Apollo Showtime

      I get the odd feeling that Hov and B like to keep things to themselves so they give us “Blue IV” Carter, but for them and the birth certificate it probably says Glory “Blue Ivy” Carter. I get the feeling Blue Ivy is her middle name.

      • churchboy2

        Good theory.

  • deemoney2k12

    Lets start by saying ok another way to make money suck it up suckers ok B when is the book coming out my 9 months with Blue Ivy Carter.Anyway Congrats!

  • $18916246

    This is LOVE! Black father’s we on the map again…Now heed the momentum let us all love our children more. Be better fathers and better husbands to our women. Single brothers be more responsible, prepare yourself for this role as we know this day will come, Your woman is a reflection of you black man. Black man lead and she will follow. Be gone with baby mama and baby daddy ism’s. Black woman and man let’s do more to respect each other so that we may build families and not nomadic offspring that fill jails and cemetery’s. Thank You, JAY & BEYONC’E and all black people maintaining hetero relations, for being such great now a day role models less than perfect you are so no other black person has an excuse to not follow in your simple example of family. BLACK LOVE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  • Its fucked up his son didnt get a dedication song…AHP! OH WELL!

    • Apollo Showtime

      I think that was a hoax.

    • polokid4life

      wow son.. you talking to loud, it sounds like RIGHT!

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  • Asia Clayborne

    How can anyone not like this, the proud feeling of being a father alone, aww man the ending got me! Good Job Hov!